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  1. litetaker

    Thread Question What us the safest way to de-bloat Stock ROM?

    Hi all, I was wondering if there is a safe way to de-bloat stock ROM? Can I remove useless system apps and can I remove ads somehow from Stock MIUI?
  2. litetaker

    Thread How do I change build.props for only 1 app?

    I am wondering if it is possible to change build.props so that only 1 app can see this modified build.props and everything else sees the default props. Is that possible?
  3. litetaker

    Thread Question AOSP vs MIUI based ROMs

    I tried searching this forum before asking, so forgive me if someone has already asked this before. I want opinions from users who tried both AOSP and MIUI based ROMs. I wanted to know which is more stable/feature rich and better. If you hate or are strongly against MIUI and hence will never use...
  4. litetaker

    Thread Question How to enable 960 fps slow motion in Gcam?

    I am able to use slow motion feature in Gcam. But I know that the stock MIUI app can record at upto 960 fps in slow motion at 720p. But I am only able to record at 240 fps at most in Gcam. Is there any way to make Gcam run at 960 fps? Also, is it possible for Gcam to use the full 48 Megapixels...
  5. litetaker

    Thread NOW TV app detects root and does not work: hiding magisk did not fix it!

    Hi all, I am trying to get NOW TV app to work but I cannot get it to work. I am on latest Magisk (v. 23) and on latest NOW TV app (v. 19.0.0). And I hid magisk and renamed the package, hid magisk from NOW TV app as well, even installed the liboemcrypto disabler module. But it does not work! NOW...
  6. litetaker

    Thread Question Can someone explain to me how to root this phone using ArrowOS ROM?

    Hi all, I am very confused. I am trying to figure out how to root this phone. I read the instructions for magisk and attempted to patch the boot.img file linked in the ArrowOS post (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o-4T4hfEtxECIss-DVSSYAM1Kvy2iDN9/view?usp=sharing) But whenever I flash that...
  7. litetaker

    Thread Question Is stock MIUI good or is it better to install a custom ROM?

    Hi all, I'm coming from a Pixel phone. This is my first Xiaomi phone with MIUI on it. I just got the phone today and I've been playing around with it. So far the MIUI experience is not too bad. It's not too heavy handed and feels relatively stock. And it comes with some useful apps like a decent...
  8. litetaker

    Thread Question Do I have no option but to wait for 168 hours (7 days) to unlock my phone's bootloader?

    Hi all, I just received my brand new POCO F3 phone today and I was hoping to unlock the bootloader and install a custom ROM. But when I tried to do that I got this message in the miui unlock software saying that I have to wait for 168 hours (7 days) and try again! Do I have to wait for that...
  9. litetaker

    Thread Question What is the best and most stable AOSP ROM?

    Hi all! I just got my brand new POCO F3 phone and I am very excited! Overall I feel like it is a pretty good phone. I want to flash a custom ROM on it and I wanted to know what is the best AOSP ROM available? What is the most stable, has the best features and most supported? I feel like trying...
  10. litetaker

    Thread Question Thinking of buying this phone in UK, is battery life, camera quality, fingerprint sensor and vibration motor good quality?

    Hi all, I am thinking of finally upgrading my Google Pixel 2 with a new phone. I am looking into this phone along with the Nord 2. I am curious how good this phone is. I am really pleased that there are tons of custom ROMs available for this compared to nothing for the Nord 2 so that is a huge...
  11. litetaker

    Thread Question Are the haptics good quality and is under screen fingerprint sensor reliable?

    Hi all, I still have a Google Pixel 2 and I am looking to upgrade my phone for a long time! I tried the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G earlier this year. But unfortunately, it had a few issues such as: (1) under screen optical fingerprint sensor was very unreliable and often did not register my...
  12. litetaker

    Thread Question A52 5G ear speaker stops working after a day and I need to reboot to make it work again! How to fix?

    Hi all, I got this phone a few weeks ago and overall it is very nice phone. But I started noticing an issue with the ear speaker (the top speaker) for the last 3-4 days. I think after about a day of use the ear speaker stops working completely! So when I answer a phone call I cannot hear the...
  13. litetaker

    Thread Are there any battery cases currently available for the Pixel 2?

    I cannot find any battery cases for Google Pixel 2! I can still find it for Pixel 2 XL on both ebay and Amazon and for newer pixels. I don't understand why this phone is not as loved. It needs a battery case even more desperately than 2 XL. Anyone have a link for a battery case still in sale...
  14. litetaker

    Thread So I guess my battery is dying right? I get some very crap battery life now

    I got this phone in January 2018. So, at this point it is almost 3 years old (just over 2 years and 9 months) and the battery life is pretty appalling now. I get perhaps half a day with a full charge. The main issue seems to be turning on WiFi/Data. As long as the WiFi is off which is usually in...
  15. litetaker

    Thread Will Indian version work in UK?

    This may seem silly because OnePlus Nord is sold in UK as well so there is no need to buy it from India. But there is a bit of a price difference that makes it around £80 cheaper to buy in India and I can purchase it there when I visit soon (all precautions taken during travel of course, given...
  16. litetaker

    Thread Can I use the Samsung Galaxy M30s/M31 on a UK network?

    Hi, given that the Galaxy M31 does not yet have a forum on XDA and since it is so similar in specs to its predecessor, the M30s, I thought of asking this question here. I am very interested in this phone model (M31 specifically) and I am curious if this phone is compatible with the cellular...
  17. litetaker

    Thread Compatible game controllers for Fire TV stick 4K?

    Hi, I was looking into what game controllers are compatible with the Fire TV stick 4K and I found a lot of confusing and conflicting information. I have a Dualshock 4 (v1) controller that sadly does not work. I also have a Dualshock 3 controller that is unlikely to work either. What controllers...
  18. litetaker

    Thread Can I safely use Pixel 2 to take pics at Niagara falls where it is very wet?

    I have a proper DSLR camera but it isn't weather proofed and I don't want to risk damaging it for photos on my trip to Niagara falls on the US side. I was thinking of using my phone for pictures while I'm on the boat ride and the Cave of the Winds pavilion, where it can get soaking wet due to...
  19. litetaker

    Thread Garmin Vivoactive 3 or Amazfit Stratos?

    I am a little conflicted here so if someone can throw light on the two that would be great. I am mostly inclined towards the Garmin, even if it is a more expensive device for the following reasons + A reputed brand in the fitness tracking arena, you can be sure they will do this well. + A ton...
  20. litetaker

    Thread What is your battery life experience?

    This is the second full day of usage that I am getting out of my Pixel 2 and the first day of moderate-to-heavy usage. The previous day I was at home, so I did not use it as much and I noticed that the battery life was not too bad. But given that I did not use it intensely, I cannot tell for...
  21. litetaker

    Thread How to disable proximity sensor in rooted phone?

    So it appears that my proximity sensor is faulty because of which it always thinks there is something close to it. Due to this issue, whenever I make a phone call the screen is always off as the proximity sensor thinks my ear is close to the phone, even when I remove the phone from my face...
  22. litetaker

    Thread Does LG Nexus 5X LG-H791 work with Indian carriers?

    I'm planning to buy the international version of the Nexus 5X from Amazon in the US. The model number is stated to be LG Nexus 5X LG-H791. Does this version work with carriers in India such as Airtel? Can someone verify the model number used in the Indian market so that I can ensure that my...
  23. litetaker

    Thread Stuttering and freezing of some apps. Help!

    I just got the Nexus 5X some 2-3 weeks ago. First week or two was smooth sailing after setting up the phone as a brand new phone in the initial setup process. I did not restore a backup from a previous phone. Since then, I've had occasional freezing of apps like the homescreen freezes...
  24. litetaker

    Thread Moto X like Ambient display?

    I have a Moto X 2013. It doesn't have all the fancy features of the Moto X (2014) or even the Nexus 6, but I believe it made use of its sole proximity sensor to perform a really slick implementation of Moto Display. It used the proximity sensor to identify when you are picking up the phone or...
  25. litetaker

    Thread Does the open camera app provide video stabilization?

    The Open camera app from the Google Play Store has a curious little feature called "Video Stabilization" among its various options. I tried it and I cannot tell for sure if the output is indeed more stabilized than otherwise. I wanted to ask if you folks have observed anything in this regard.
  26. litetaker

    Thread Charger making an audible hissing sound when charging

    Hey guys, so I just got my brand new Nexus 5X today in the mail. I set it up and started charging the phone with the provided charger. And oddly, I can hear the charger making a faint hissing sound when charging. When I disconnect the phone from the charger, the sound disappears. But this is odd...
  27. litetaker

    Thread [Q] Potential Nexus 5X owner... Any big red flags?

    Hi! This is gonna be my first Nexus phone, and I have been hoping for a Nexus for a LONG time! I had a Moto X which was close enough but it is having hardware issues and so wanna upgrade. Are there any major red flags to the Nexus 5X that I should be aware of before buying it? Any major...
  28. litetaker

    Thread [Q] Random reboot and non functioning WiFi/Bluetooth issue with Stock AT&T 5.1 Moto X

    [Q] Random reboot and non functioning WiFi/Bluetooth issue with Stock AT&T 5.1 Moto X So recently, I have been having issues with my Moto X. It is completely stock, locked bootloader, running the latest OTA update (Android 5.1) on AT&T. My phone used to work absolutely fine without a hitch...
  29. litetaker

    Thread How to develop an accessibility feature that overlays info on the Android launcher?

    I am not sure which sub-forum to post this question in Android Dev and Hacking, so I posted it here. If there is a better place to post this, please let me know. So, I got this idea to develop an accessibility feature for Android. Sometimes people may forget what an app does on their phone...
  30. litetaker

    Thread I am back, how y'all!?

    Hey guys, I am not sure if many over here know me, or if those that knew me are still around. But it'd be cool to see a few familiar faces again. I am back, after a long time. Not saying I will be checking in regularly, as I got busy IRL, but it'd be nice to see some familiar names there...
  31. litetaker

    Thread eff Motorola - Got invitation for Motorola Feedback Network survey for older phones

    I just got a MFN survey for their older Moto phone users I guess. It has been more than a year since I unceremoniously ditched Motorola Droid X2 and went for a much better phone the Dinc2 and now I am on the Dinc4G LTE. I don't need this s#$t anymore. But what should I do? It is very tempting to...
  32. litetaker

    Thread Can't insert Voice memo with custom background S-note!

    Please bear with my several threads I am posting here. I am new to the Note 8 and the whole Note family and I am facing a bunch of issues. Now, in the S-note app, I put a different background by going through the menus and choosing an image as the background. Great. Now, I noticed that after...
  33. litetaker

    Thread Netflix looks pixelated (N5110, stock 4.2.2)

    Why does Netflix look crappy on the Note 8? Many times it looks pixelated. I need to constantly seek the video to make it reload it and then it looks normal. It looked fine on my previous 10 inch tablet, and it looks fine on my PC. :/ Help!
  34. litetaker

    Thread Can I root Note 8 (N5110) and still get stock updates?

    I want to know if I will forever lose the ability to install stock updates once I root my device. Can I "unroot" it in the future to seamlessly install stock updates? I don't want to mess with this too much as I want to rely on it for notes.
  35. litetaker

    Thread Capacitive buttons light up in Netflix! Help.

    How can I disable the capacitive button backlight in Netflix in stock ROM? It is highly distracting. Strange for a tablet to have capacitive buttons though. Sent from my GT-N5110 using XDA Premium HD app Any response? Does no one face this problem with NetFlix?
  36. litetaker

    Thread Best S-pen replacement for long writing sessions?

    What is the best S-pen replacement for long writing sessions? I did a good test drive with the S-pen today in a lecture, and while it was good, my little finger is cramped! I don't think this is a good thing in the long run. So, any suggestions on replacements. I'd like it if it is fairly...
  37. litetaker

    Thread [Q] What is a reasonable price to sell the TFP for?

    Hi guys, I am finally parting ways with the ill-fated transformer prime... Now given the age of the device, what price should I expect to sell the tablet for? Is $150 too low, just for the Tablet with charger and a cover? Or is $175-$200 more reasonable?
  38. litetaker

    Thread Should I buy Galaxy Note 8 or the upcoming 10.1 (2014)?

    Hi all, I am looking into buying a Samsung Galaxy Note series tablet, as a key feature for me is the ability to take hand written notes with the S-pen. So clearly, I have two choices, if I want to stick with the current hardware cycle: Galaxy Note 8 or the upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014...
  39. litetaker

    Thread [Q] How good is the S-pen for taking notes?

    Hi all, I am looking into buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition when it does finally show up (I hope it is real soon). I have been looking into the old Note 10.1 to get a sense of how good the S-pen is for taking handwritten notes. I know an acquaintance who uses it to take a lot of...
  40. litetaker

    Thread Android KitKat (version 4.4)

    Well blow me down. I thought we got the next one right, with Android KeyLimePie... Turns out Google went with a stranger choice: Android KitKat! :confused: KitKat is a proprietary brand name... hmm... so they are getting product placement in the name of their product? Weird. At least on the...
  41. litetaker

    Thread Verizon vs Nexus - Have we crossed the end of the line?

    So I believe there will probably not be a Nexus on Verizon ever again? Thanks to their dickishness (that's a new word!) and their ineptitude of pushing out vetted firmware from El Goog in a timely fashion with the Galaxy Nexus, I think Google has gone in a direction where they have 100% control...
  42. litetaker

    Thread Does Google Play Music have Gapless playback on CM 4.2.x ROMs?

    So the one thing I really love to do on my phone nowadays is play music while doing many other errands. I have some favorite albums that lend themselves very well for gapless playback, that is the songs play without a pause in between. I recently read that the latest versions of Google Play...
  43. litetaker

    Thread Ubuntu for Phones!!!

    Source: http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/02/ubuntu-for-smartphones/ Ahh, soon we can experience a brand new form of linux on our devices! Canonical has announced Ubuntu for phones and it looks awesome! There you have it, I shall purchase the first one of these bad boys on market. I hope...
  44. litetaker

    Thread [HOW-TO] Revert your phone back to working state from lost Network Connectivity

    So looks like people using CDMA i.e. Verizon and running the pre-alpha version of MIUI are having trouble accessing Verizon network. Then, even after reflashing a nandroid they are having trouble. If you are in this situation, then fear not! I have a foolproof solution. Step 1. Install the...
  45. litetaker

    Thread Unable to connect to Verizon network!

    I am unable to connect to verizon wireless network anymore! :( This started happening after I was trying to port MIUI onto the Dinc4G. Now, I have a small triangle over the signal bars. Somehow, I managed to get 3G data, but I am unable to place or receive calls. I am unable to activate phone...
  46. litetaker

    Thread [ROM][discontinued][MIUI.us v4 2.11.30] Team Fireballas MIUI.us [VERY ALPHA!]

    Hi guys, This is litetaker here! And with some great news!! I ported HTC One S's MIUI onto the Droid Incredible 4G LTE. It is super alpha, and is a very rough port. Video is HERE!! JL9-I2XvVBI (link to full video: Dinc4G running MIUI) Cheers! UPDATE: Fixed touch screen issue. Still very...
  47. litetaker

    Thread Project AOSP! Let's do it!

    Hi gang. Here is an idea brewing in my head. I know it will spin your head. I am embarking on a mission to bring AOSP to this forsaken land... Fair warning. As you see, there is no "recognized developer" tag underneath my name and for a good reason, I am not one! :p An average newb here as far...
  48. litetaker

    Thread [Review] Dinc4G in comparison with the Dinc2

    There are somethings that just blew my mind away, when it came to Dinc4G over the Dinc2 and I was very happy with the new phone. Then, there are some things that I find a bit annoying in comparison with the Dinc2 and I feel there were several design issues. The performance is exceptional, with...
  49. litetaker

    Thread No vibration on vibration mode!?

    Hi guys, My phone refuses to vibrate in vibration mode on receiving a call. Any help? Sent from my ADR6410LVW using xda app-developers app
  50. litetaker

    Thread JUST bought a Dinc4G!!! :eek: :D

    Against my own advice of buying a Nexus I am about to buy a Dinc4G off contract and simply because I broke my Dinc2 screen two times in a row... How is the Dinc4G? Any issues (software or hardware glitches)? I want to ensure that it is a good phone. I know it has great specs, but that is half...