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  1. LGaljo

    Thread Bad YouTube audio quality over headphones

    Hey, I'm asking if anyone noticed that audio from youtube over headphones is worse compared to example music player. Sound is tinny, quieter, less rich. I have some music from youtube downloaded to play offline and it is much better quality. I'm using latest DevBase rom which super close to...
  2. LGaljo

    Thread Cant enter fastboot & recovery

    Hello, When I want to enter fastboot with vol down + plug usb in, phone goes to offline charging (light grey battery appears then goes to charging animation) Here is what I did: - Unlocked fastboot - Fastboot flashed latest recovery from twrp: twrp-3.1.1-0-grace.img and now I cant enter...
  3. LGaljo

    Thread Snapchat issue

    I have problem with viewing snapchat videos from people who own huawei honor devices. In particular these are Honor 8 and Honor 7c. On first I can see first frame with sound, on the other one I see black screen with audio. Videos from honor 8 can be seen on story but not on private chat. This...
  4. LGaljo

    Thread Youtube + equalizer

    Does anyone know how to get YouTube's sound through equalizer (Viper4Android). Playing music files on phone on any player works fine, sound gets equalized. But in YouTube sound is still the same, no matter what I set in Viper4Android app.
  5. LGaljo

    Thread Compiling TWRP

    Hello! I'm trying to compile TWRP 3.0.3 recovery from omnirom's github First I downloaded whole LOS 14.1 source and cloned twrp's source into /bootable/recovery. Then I cherry-picked two commits from haggertk's klte-common repo. Then I tried to compile recovery, but received an error: "ninja...
  6. LGaljo

    Thread 60fps fullHD video in CM13

    Hello guys! I'm new to GS5 and it is amazing phone. I'm wondering if you are able to capture 60 fps in CM13 or not, there is an option, but it doesn't work for me. I have set fullHD and 60 fps, but after I watch video in MX player I see that the video is only 30fps. Thanks for replies in advance.
  7. LGaljo

    Thread [ROM]Motion ROM LL[TW][5.1.1][PORT TW][BETA]

    Introduction As Samsung was not giving any statements updates to our devices, which would hint us about the upcoming updates to devices. So we decided to port it to our msm8226 samsung. Overview Touchwiz Android 5.1.1 for MSM8226 Samsung devices Ported from Galaxy S5 mini DUOS De-KNOXed...
  8. LGaljo

    Thread [KERNEL] LGaljo kernel

    /! Flash it at your own Risk /! /! By flashing this Kernel you void your warranty /! /! I don't take any responsibility for any Damage /! Proudly presenting LGaljo kernel! This is the first time I have built kernel only and worked in first try ;) It is a stock kernel built from Samsung...
  9. LGaljo

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] Ubuntu style bootanimation

    Few days ago, I was reading forums and someone asked for Ubuntu bootanimation. So I decided to make one for our phone. A preview: How to install it? + copy it to /system/media + rename to bootanimation.zip + set right permissions (rw-r--r-- or 644) + reboot to see what...
  10. LGaljo

    Thread Torch app

    I am interested if there is any torch app that can control brightness of camera flash. I know that Arararagi's customized ROM has it, but it is odexed and I failed to deodex it.
  11. LGaljo

    Thread IO R/Wspeed

    I have I question for more experienced folks. In last days I was making tests with Androbench. What I noticed that that the result of sequential/random write is faster than sequential/random read. I think it is obviously that read speed is higher than writing speed, because while reading it...
  12. LGaljo

    Thread Compiling cm11

    Hello, I don't want to ask how to build ROM. I am new to building and compiling. I followed tutorial here on xda. I installed everything crucial, then I do "repo init" ( repo init -u https://github.com/P880-dev/android.git -b cm-11.0) and then "repo sync". Source has downloaded. Then I do...
  13. LGaljo

    Thread Lastest nightly CM 10.2 - little size of file

    Is that good that latest nightly has only 171 MB? Does it works good? I want to go back to 10.2 again. Thanks
  14. LGaljo

    Thread [MOD] Camera Hack - for better photos (CM10.1 compatible)

    I was looking at this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1855818 and I noticed that I can do sth. similar for CM10.1 too. So it took camera.tegra.so and libnvmm_camera.so from cm10.1 and modified them. So the denoise filter is disabled. The pictures now looks much sharper...
  15. LGaljo

    Thread Back from CM to stock

    I want to go back from CM to stock 20a. But I don't know which guide to follow :( Can you help me :confused:
  16. LGaljo

    Thread Capture FullHD lag free

    Does anyone know how to capture at higher frame rate :confused: Because when I'm capturing fullHD video I noticed lags. Even if I overclock CPU to 1700 MHz, GPU to 564 MHz and set interactive governor. I'm on Werewolf kernel.
  17. LGaljo

    Thread Using only single core in games

    I install app PerfMon to check how much cores its uses when playing games. I am noob and I dont know what is the reason of that, could anyone explain it? So this is my result: :confused: I was playing Wingsuit This is in Antutu: All cores uses 100% but they are rated at 1300 Mhz constantly...
  18. LGaljo

    Thread [THEME] Jelly Bean bootanimation by me

    Hello, I made custom bootanimation for CM10.1. *1 Download the boot animation from here: https://mega.co.nz/#!LghwmKKA!OFtk_QX7iYz4oKqt6KRNdjTPuVNAw9XHiA-YG8oy-vg *2 COPY it to your SDCARD *3 Use root explorer to paste this file in System/media folder (remember to mount as r/w) *4 reboot...