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    Thread cm11 on i9192 possible?

    i have root nad crw. in poossible to install cm11 from i9190 to 9192? i don't needed 2sim. can i brick a phone? anyone traying?
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    Thread [Search] Notification center in notification area

    I search some combo app to display many information in notification area: -next events in calendar (choising how many days) -next alarm -weather -tasks from gmail Top wanted app for calendar. I used status agenda but don't refresh automaticly, only in chosen refresh time. Android 4.1.2
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    Thread [req] apk from android market

    plz i need apk from android makrket: app name in google play market: Cyman Mark 2 proggramer: Ugobel it is "uncompatybile" with my phone... but i think it isent. please help me my device is motorola defy on android 2.3.7
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    Thread need help with miui locker theme

    i can't do 1 thint. i need add do my lockscreen clickable icon to my programs. anyone help? some source code added button.png ckikable run programs? i have only: <Image y="#screen_height-60" x="#screen_width-70" src="wylacz.png"/> apps i wan run...