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    Thread My Galaxy S4 broke, need recommendations

    I am looking for something that performs at least as well as it. I had it on a custom rom. I was looking at the ZenFone 3, does that phone match the GS4 at least? Any other recommendations? I don't want an expensive phone.
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    Thread Disabling touch on a Wacom tablet connected to my Nexus 10

    The tablet works really well via OTG, it has pressure sensitivity. The only issue is that my hand can move the cursor too. It's not a huge deal because your hand won't draw, and once the pen gets close, the tablet responds to it, but it would still be nice to disable touch completely. Is this...
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    Thread Connecting Dual Shock 4 controller via bluetooth?

    I'm on a marshmallow rom. I can connect via OTG but not bluetooth. The controller seems to pair but it doesn't work at all, it's like it's off. I try turning it on but nope. Sixaxis app does not work, it gives me errors about not being able to modifiy bluetooth settings or something like that.
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    Thread How to install a new ROM in the current state of my phone?

    I want to install a ROM of the latest android version. I installed a custom ROM a long time ago, I honestly don't remember what I did. I think I used "wug's tool" or something like that. Here's what my phone says: Where it says GT-I9505G, I don't think it said that originally, when I got this...
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    Thread Can't cast using the Windows 10 feature, anyone able to do it?

    When I right click on a pic or vid it gives me the option to "cast to device", but it never finds the Chromecast. Everything that's supposed to see my Chromecast sees it, except this. Anyone get this to work?
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    Thread Help to prevent update.

    I have a 4.4.4 ROM and I'm getting a 5.0 OTA upgrade notification today after I factory reset. I don't see the same things on Titanium Backup I used to freeze to prevent the OTA, they must be different on 4.4.4. I can't find anything on Google. Can anyone tell me what to freeze? I don't want...
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    Thread Can't Flash ROMs

    Wugs tool never detects my Nexus 10, I tried everything (it did when I first rooted it). I'm on 4.2.2 but for some reason I can't update to the newer versions via OTA, it always fails. I'm rooted. I tried flashing a clean 4.2.2, which I got directly from Google, TWRP fails every time, even after...
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    Thread Want to root on 4.2.2 MDL

    A long time ago I sent my phone in for repairs (screen). I factory reset it and lost root. I don't even remember how I rooted it, it was an automated tool. After it came back from repairs, it still had 4.2.2 and MDL (it was a repair shop not Samsung). Whenever I reset/turn phone off and back...
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    Thread Best method to root on 4.2.2?

    My phone was rooted and I did a factory reset to send it to have the screen repaired. I lost root and I get the message "com.android.phone not responding" all the time if I restart the phone but it works fine. Someone told me to use Odin to wipe the phone and get rid of that message. After I do...
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    Thread Lost root + other problems after factory reset

    I factory reset my phone because I'm sending it for repairs (screen). I noticed that I lost root and 4G is not connecting. I received a text message so that and calls seem to work. What's going on? I'll try to re-root after I send it and get it back but it's just strange that 4G isn't working...
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    Thread Need advice. Sell current broken phone or replace screen?

    My GS4's screen cracked. Digitizer works. It seems like repairing just the glass is very difficult. You can lose touch or have all sorts of problem. Super cheap to repair but dangerous. So, should I just get the digitizer plus screen which is much easier to put on but costs 200 or sell the phone...
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    Thread Broken screen. Need your advice please

    I just got home from work and my phone dropped a short distance. It landed flat on the screen. It has a case, a spigen one, to be honest, it was more for looks, it hardly protects and the yellow surrounding part broke a while back (weak case). It landed so flat that I thought even such a thin...
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    Thread Force keyboard?

    There are certain fields that won't make the keyboard show up (some java applets). The cursor is blinking but no keyboard. If I could force it to show I would probably be able to type. Seems simple enough, is there a way? I have to do homework for some classes through a website and everything...
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    Thread Stream to tablet?

    I can do it over wi-fi with samba or DLNA but I'm wondering if doing it via hotspot will consume data. I doubt it but I'm not sure. With the Inspire I could turn off mobile internet and still use hotspot, with the sgs4 I must connect to the Internet to use the hotspot.
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    Thread AOSP Browser and Chrome constantly crashing. Keyboard not coming up.

    Yesterday, and it's happened before, I was trying to use the Internet and both Chrome and the AOSP browser kept crashing. Also, and this is much more common, the keyboard refuses to come up sometimes, when it finally decides to show up, it disappears again when I try typing. It's happened quite...
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    Thread DLNA not working right.

    DLNA used to work perfectly with my Vizio TV using my HTC Inspire. The built in DLNA is bad from what I've seen, I can't get the videos to play or even show errors, it does nothing (and I must have the files on the internal storage it seems, plus, they have to be in the video, music, etc...
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    Thread 64GB is online only?

    No stores seem to have it :S
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    Thread Be able to browse files on HDD through OTG?

    Nexus Media Importer works but it will not let me play an ISO file. I know the ISO plays fine because I've tried it with VLC player before on the Nexus 10 via streaming. I'm trying to read from the HDD through APPs like ES Explorer since it lets me pick VLC if I want. Tried stickmount and it...
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    Thread Full screen flash?

    I have flash working but full screen always fails, the screen goes black. Is there a fix? I've tried every browser, boat, firefox, AOSP, ocean, etc. EDIT: It's working on firefox right now but there's no seek bar, no controls. Grr.
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    Thread 64GB Micro SDXC = 3.5 mb/s transfer speeds

    I'm using this card on my HTC Inspire 4G and it's pretty slow, why? Bought it from Amazon and I'm sure it's a class 10.
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    Thread Any apps that let you transcode video streamed via DLNA to another device?

    I have several low res videos that I would like to watch on my PS3 without having to convert them all (they are just too many). I have successfully streamed video through different apps from my phone or tablet to my PS3, including HD stuff, but of course, none do any transcoding. The videos I...
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    Thread Any hope of the HDMI being fixed?

    It works but those black bars on the sides plus the bar at the bottom just kill the experience. I really hope they give us different options. The Infinity did HDMI out perfectly (well, except for one thing, problems with fullscreen browser videos unless we used iPad user agent).
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    Thread Hotspot video streaming

    I can stream video from my phone flawlessly using hotstop (without using data) samba and es file explorer. But now I'm having issues with VLC. Yesterday, VLC worked the best, it loaded the video instantly. The other video players have a small buffering time before playing the video after which...
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    Thread The different material in the back, where the camera lens is...

    Looking at the back of the nexus, i have flexing on the right side of this area. If you look carefuly, you can see a hole where you can stick your nail in as if to pull that material out. It's bothering me because I dont want it to cause problems later on, the actual flexing doesnt really bother...
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    Thread Is it possible to connect a phone as "storage" for the Nexus 10?

    I'm planning on getting a 64 GB HTC One X + OR a Samsung Galaxy S3. Is it possible to stream movies (good quality blu ray rips) from the phone to the tablet via OTG? Is it possible some way via wi-fi or bluetooth? Also what's better for OTG, MicroSD adapter or flash drive? For movies...
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    Thread Last day to return my tf700, should I?

    I was wondering if I should return it to Best Buy and wait for the Nexus 10. Only now after hearing about the I/O thing have I been observing the browser performance and I'm starting to agree, it's sort of sluggish for such an expensive device. But I'm not that unhappy, I started noticing that...
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    Thread Reflow text

    I can't get anything to reflow the text like my Inspire does. My Inspire always fits the text to the screen no matter how much I zoom in, I can't get that with the tf700. I think i've tried reflow options (opera) but I don't see anything happening. Anyway to get this on both opera and the...
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    Thread Prime dock is not locking properly

    I recently exchanged my Prime for an Infinity and I'm noticing that the latch is not locking all the way. Damn it Asus! haha. Always something wrong. The latch locks partially and then I can slide it all the way to the right, if I don't, it can come off. I expect a 500 dollar device to get this...
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    Thread Full screen browser videos = black screen, again

    I got my Infinity on Saturday, did the Best Buy exchange. This very annoying problem is still present, although not in every site I believe. Any way to fix it? I've checked the forums before and the solution I found is to use ICS browser+ and use the iPad user agent but there are some...