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    Post [Help Thread][Atoto A6 Pro] Ask Any Question, Noob Friendly

    Anyone suggest how to keep it from killing my battery. im working only a few days a week, and it seems i need to jump my car every time. the unit does go into standby when i pull the key out the ignition. But the bottom left button that has a little power icon doesnt really turn it off...
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    Thread Question of Atoto and bluetooth controls

    I was wondering if anyone tried using any bluetooth steering wheel controls/remote with atoto units. most are BLE devices, and i cant find anything that mentions the atoto supporting ble. id think so because its just android tablet but... just wondering if anyone knows
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    Post [ROM] [sailfish] [8.1] [LOS-based] **crDroid**OMS**v4.7 (10/12/18)

    so does the camera work as well as stock? as quick and robust? also, is this as smooth and quick as stock?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix v6.0 [Android 8.1][05/07/18]

    first rom i flashed since stock... seems a bit more hiccupy, and choppy. scrolling seems to drop frames. otherwise, seemed solid enough. but buttery smooth pixel is the most desireable feature next to stablity
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    Post Is LG USA doing out of warranty bootloop repairs on the 5X?

    lg customer service is balls. i had literally 1 week left on my warranty, and was moving across the country in the next few days. they said id have to send it in and id have it back within 3 weeks. they were simply dumb bots who wouldnt help expedite the process. I called google, and they put...
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    Post USB keyboard, mouse and charging together?

    im pretty sure this is a you can have your cake but cant eat it too. seems everyone would love to use USB OTG adapter and charge simulateously but its not possible on most devices.
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    Post [APP][Android 7 Nougat][Quick Settings][Nexus 5X] QuickTile - Android 7 QuickSettings

    nice. gonna check this out..... anyway to imprt an icon, ? i cannot for the life of me find a little celltower looking thing with 2g, 3g, or 4g/lte in the corner of the icon!
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    Thread Quick unlock after PIN/Password lockscreen

    Any suggestions as to how i can add the option how to do the Quick Unlock when pin/password is entered? i just want to bypass pressing enter... looking around, i noticed i found stuff pertinent to older android versions, but nothing regarding this phone. by the way, im running 7.0 stock rooted.
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    Post [ROM] [ m7spr ] Resurrection Remix M v5.7.3- MM 6.0.1_r61

    dude, as much as id love to be rockin marshmallow roms on the m7, its just no good. im doing the 5.1 lollipop build and its pretty lovely. no issues once i fixed the apn problems.
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    Post Rom test - Dirty unicorns- Unofficial - mashmallow 6.0 - m7spr

    i tried it.... no sound. also, im on ringplus, and once i got data working with apn switchery shenanigans, i had the same problem as all 6 marshmallow roms. no outgoing SMS
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    Post CM13 no sim card, Stock works fine + TIP Ringplus free 3GB LTE

    i dont think its possible dude. have you had any luck? ive been plugging away with apns and everything. most i got is everything except outgoing text going.
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    Post [ROM][6.0][CM13] Marsh M7SPR 2.0.2 19/7

    are you saying try the thing i suggest in the post before this? i did leave out one step, it was downloading some application in the play store that copied and stored all the apn configuration settings.... after you do that, then you proceed to flash the cm13 and the text data should work...
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    Post [ROM][6.0][CM13] Marsh M7SPR 2.0.2 19/7

    dang, was hoping the marshmallow builds would fix the data and texting problems... i read something that you can flash a cm12 and the apns are written differently then the cm13's, so people had success flashing cm12, and dirty flash a cm13 on top of that and it seems to fix the texting and data...
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    Post [ROM][6.0][CM13] Marsh M7SPR 2.0.2 19/7

    so does this suffer from the usual bugs like camera force close, also the data, texting problems?
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][MM]CandySiX|beta2|m7spr|OFFICIAL|

    does any of these cm13s work with ringplus? last I tried resurrection remix and texts and data were wonky
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    Post [ROM] [ m7spr ] Resurrection Remix M v5.7.3- MM 6.0.1_r61

    wish I knew what was up with data/texts. I found some slayer.zip floating around that is supposed to fix data/call/texts for the mvnos like virgin mobile, ringplus, etc.... however, I'm having data and sending texts problems... before I flashed the zip, nothing really was working. went...
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    Post Install & run Android Marshmallow on the M7 - VanirAOSP ROM - UPDATED 4/24/16

    so there is a bunch of stuff like buzbeemvno, and mvnoslayer.... the slayer worked for me, i have riungplus, however, it seems everything works except outgoing text... data and lte is fine. i recieve texts fine as well.
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    Post [ROM] Bad Boyz Sprint ONE ROMz | 5.0.2 | 6.23.651.10 | Deodexed | *Updated 11/23/15*

    Was there any mod or a kernel available for this of 5.0.2 for doubletap2wake or something?
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    Post [5.0.2] Lollipop | Unofficial CM12 | HTC One M7spr | Android 5.0.2 [03-01-15]

    this latest one is smooth as balls, but no cell service :( another thing i notice with ALL these lollipop/aosp builds, it always says no sim card on lockscreen. does that relate to me having no service?
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    Post [ROM] Bad Boyz Sprint ONE ROMz | 5.0.2 | 6.23.651.10 | Deodexed | *Updated 11/23/15*

    thanks maybe i screwed something up during the unlock process then. thanks.... Cant wait for this new lollipop rom!
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    Post [ROM] Bad Boyz Sprint ONE ROMz | 5.0.2 | 6.23.651.10 | Deodexed | *Updated 11/23/15*

    quick question, when people are talking about this working on gsm, are they indirectly saying it works on tmobile? i "think" i unlocked my phone properly, and switched to gsm/wcdma and i cant establish a connection and only says emergency calls only. this probably isnt the thread for this...
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    Post [ROM][STOCK]Sprint One Stock 1.31.651.2 Rooted / Deodexed / Unrooted / Firmware

    im trying to flash this and it says it flashes successfully. im trying to unlock my phone for domestic use. it hangs at the htc one beats audiop white screen. any suggestions if i gotta change hboot or firmware or anything?
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    Post [Complete guide] to SIM unlock your HTC One Sprint for free

    hey guys. i dont know if i understand number one in OP, but it says no network in non sense rom, does that mean if i use this unlocker, the network wont work unless im using a sense rom? also, i called sprint yesterday to unlock my device, cause i plan on going to tmobile. is the...
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    Post [APP][v1.2][9.11.13]Sprint HTC One SIM Unlock Helper

    so if i just had sprint "unlock" my phone (by the way, i talked to them and didnt do any number codes or anything, just about, settings and uicc unlock) is this unlock the same thing as they just did for me? im about to switch to tmobile i just really dont want to buy a phone with the new...
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    Post [Guide][Rescue] Fix HTC EVO 4G LTE after OS wipe | Updated 10-30-2013

    i think this guide would be helpful if it was taken a step further. my phone right now is a paper weight i believe because somehow internal storage is shown as 0 mb and i cant flash anything cause it says unable to mount /data . i think something is jacked with my partition and i have no...
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    Post [Q] Can't flash ROM

    i have his same problem and screen. i flashed newest cptb twrp, and it cant mount /data. i tried like all 4 of his recoveries and it cant mount data, so i cant flash any rom. the newest twrp cptb just goes on and off and on and off... the older ones will at least boot, but i cant flash...
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    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL] [5.1.1] Dirty Unicorns v9.7

    flashed the rom, and stayed at lollipop unicorn loading screen indefinitely. so i flashed cptb twrp, and now twrp is saying unable to mount /data there goes my night. flashed tried flashing all 4 and now i cant even do factory reset or anything. now i have to screw around with this...
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    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL] [5.1.1] Dirty Unicorns v9.7

    dude, the "sense" camera has proprietary code in it, thats why in the sense kernels, the camera seemingly works 10x better and more accurate and more quickly then a non-sense rom. its the same across the board for all HTC devices... If the camera is your focus, you need to be on a sense rom...
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    Post [ROM][Sprint] ViperOne 9.0.0 • Tweaks, HUB, Themes, Icons, OTAs and more

    yeah dude i had to retry 3 times, third time i let it sit almost 3 minutes... just as i was about to hold power to try again, i noticed it went from formatting system to formatting cache. win!
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    Post [ROM] Dirty Unicorns 4.4.4 {Jewel} v8.2 [Final KitKat Version]

    this is seriously best rom to date for my evo lte. i got sprint to lower me and my fiancee bill to 80 bucks (albeit 4 jiggabytes of data) but whatever.... this will treat me well until the new htc is out. unfortunately, i threw DU on her M7 and its a bug-ridden mess, unlike this build. I...
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    Post [ROM] Dirty Unicorns 4.4.4 {m7gsm and m7spr} v8.2 [Final KitKat Version]

    so, i put this on my girls phone. seems ok. she keeps complaining the that voicemail notification keeps popping back up even though her voicemail box is empty - sidenote- does visual voicemail work without google voice, or the sprint 1.99 subscription? ill see if i can mess with her phone to...
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    Post [ROM] Dirty Unicorns 4.4.4 {Jewel} v8.2 [Final KitKat Version]

    ahh its ok. I still cant figure out why since the jump to 4.4.4 DU wont boot. i am in twrp and go into wipe menu and i put a checkbox next to the following, dalvikcache, cache, data, internal storage, system, and android secure. that should a full wipe, but i get no success... perhaps...
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    Post [ROM] Dirty Unicorns 4.4.4 {Jewel} v8.2 [Final KitKat Version]

    bah... the weeklies seem to boot fine, but this official build wont boot. just hangs at black screen even though twrp says it flashed successfully. i did a full wipe. and even wiped internal sd and the micro sd. any suggestions? even more weird, when i did a full wipe, when i connect my...
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    Post [ROM] Dirty Unicorns 4.4.4 {Jewel} v8.2 [Final KitKat Version]

    so, blur lockscreen is something i cannot get working for the life of me.... any suggestions on fixing that, as well as pointing me in the direction where i can change the governors, and clock speed etc? i cannot find the setting anywhere.
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    Post [ROM] Dirty Unicorns 4.4.4 {Jewel} v8.2 [Final KitKat Version]

    this is seriously the best thing to come to my evolte in quite some time. i did notice i couldnt get the blur lockscreen working... any suggestions? also, i did notice when i try toggling the quick settings bar, i would have to reboot to fix the looping FC's
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    Post Viper4G 4.0.0 | Sense 5.5 | Android 4.3 | March 25th

    Excellent work! been waiting to see this! is there a reliable way to ditch the sense lockscreen and go with aosp
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    Post [ROM] ViperOne 9.0.0 ◦ Sense 7 | Tweaks, HUB, Themes, Icons, OTAs ◦ All variants

    Seems when I switch to aosp lock screen and have unlock when pin entered it doesn't work... I still have to hit enter when it's entered properly Sent from my EVO using xda app-developers app
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    Post MMS not working on 00001 prl

    dude, its pretty useful here in PA. since i moved from chicago last march, I been dealing with crap coverage, getting into fights with my girlfriend etc cause my phone never works in my house. and sprint wont give me a airrave. anyway http://cdmagurus.com/prls/Other%20misc%20and%20hybrid/...
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    Thread MMS not working on 00001 prl

    Hey guys, quick question. I know it probably isnt going to be solved, or cant be solved, but i just threw 00001 prl on my evo lte, and everything works great except, MMS. I was wondering if anyone knew any work around to get mms working while on the 00001 prl?
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    Post [ROM] Sense 5 4.2.2 port Build 4[Fully Working][Zoe]

    is this rom capable of dialer codes etc so i can flash a verizon PRL?
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    Post Haunted Kernel, Haunted Carbon ROM & SofaKing ROM

    im using decks 10 29 build with that latest kernel, and when the screen is off, i notice it vibrates when i try s2w, but nothing happens other then vibration feedback. any suggestions?
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    Post Change SwiftKey Key press sound

    id also like to know... as the OP said, I tried it as well, and had problems.
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    Post [8-18-13][ROM] CM10.2 for the evoLTE (jewel)

    captain_throwback, after you suggesting the 10.2 build is usable as a dailydriver, i checked it out. im pretty impressed performance wise, and still seeing how the battery life is going. either way, thanks for encouraging the use of this 10.2 build, and thanks for discouraging the use of an...
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    Post [Kernel][JB][aosp] [USBHOST] [sweep2wake] Komodo (5/15 /13)

    so what rom of decks can i use that uses this kernel? i used a nightly of 10.1 from august and it doesnt work, screen is black. the patchmonkey kernel has alot of issues with launchers, and games with alot of graphical glitches and nasty blinking and tearing. i miss using this komodo kernel.
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    Post [Kernel][JB][aosp] [USBHOST] [sweep2wake] Komodo (5/15 /13)

    this doesnt work with 10.1? i flashed this, kernel and it doesnt seem to work with decks 10.1 latest nightly. just black when booting.
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP][3.4.11] Patch_Monkey 0.02 [7-24-13][LOTK]

    seems the screen has this black "point" thing that appears and disappears in most games i try with this kernel
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    Post I think the internal is corrupt and screwed

    when i mount it, it can be read in windows. thing is, if i try to delete move copy anything, it looks like it wants to start, but it will just stay there. it doesnt seem to do anything so inevitably i have to disconnect and pull the plug because it locks up windows until i restart. i...
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    Thread I think the internal is corrupt and screwed

    hey guys, few days ago, my girlfriends evo lte was jacked up while she was on a trip. she told me she kept having FC's and all kinds of errors and stopped in a sprint store and they couldnt do anything, so she picked up an htc one. i scooped up her evo lte. it had twrp and cm 10. i...
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    Post [KEXEC][CM9][AOKP] Update PRL and Calibrate Sensors for CM9 and AOKP

    so the errors the people are having with the fc09 bootable isnt with the file itself or folder. it seems to only work in cwm and not twrp. so far from what i see.
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    Post Cannot boot into fc09 sd image

    i have the entirwe multiboot folder on the root of the sd card... twrp can be messing with it. and the nitest kernel also has a version with use of the regular epic modem, as well as the ns4g modem