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    Thread How to recover data from phone with broken screen (samsung galaxy note 4)

    My Note 4 recently broke and now I'm left with a black non-responsive screen. I don't have a custom recovery installed or USB debugging turned on. Is there anything I can do to recover data? I have lots of pics in Viber and Whatsapp folders that didn't save to SD, I really want to get them...
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    Thread Disappointed with S2 Tab TV Out/MHL performance -can anyone help?

    So I got a Galaxy S2 tab for Christmas and while it's pretty good on thing has been a huge letdown. One of the main things I wanted from it was to be able to connect it to the TV via a cable to watch films and TV shows .However with the tablet it will display the screen on the TV for me but the...
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    Thread Problem using MHL cable to connect S2tab to the TV

    I've been trying to hook my Samsung S2 Tab up to my tv via MHL . The cable works ,however the video is displayed inside a black box on the screen and doesn't go anywhere near filling the tv screen as my phone does when it's hooked up in the same manner. Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone...