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  1. J

    Thread Lg v30+ H930ds received android pie?

    Has anyone using the LG V30+ H930ds Indian variant received the android pie(9) software update OTA? If so please do let us know. If not do you guys have any idea when it will reach the phone? Thanks
  2. J

    Thread Did H930DS Indian version receive android pie?

    It seems that lg has released the official pie update to Europe and other countries like its home country and the US. Did anyone receive the update for the Indian phone version? (H930DS) Because the v40 has received the update on 2nd aug 2019. If anyone has gotten the update and is using the...
  3. J

    Thread Any news on the Android pie update for the H930DS

    Hey guys just want to find out whether if anyone of you have received the android Pie update for the LG V30+ H930DS model. Mines currently running software version V20f-IND version. And when do you guys think LG will send it to this version? My hopes telling me atleast it will take until end of...
  4. J

    Thread Lg H930ds Indian version did anyone receive any security update after the 1stAug 2018

    Did anyone receive any security patch update after the 1st Aug 2018. Current Software version is V20b-IND-XX. This is the 1st Aug 2018 update. If anyone received an update after this pls to let us know. And do you guys think the next update will directly be an android pie update due to the huge...
  5. J

    Thread Indian oreo update has no Q lens but has AI cam?

    The Indian oreo update reveived today has the AI CAM but no Q lens. Even though it boots up saying lgV30+ thinq. Is this the same with everyone else? Help
  6. J

    Thread Lgv30+ oreo update Indian vetsion gets thinq

    The oreo update gets a thinq software as well. Size is around 1.5gb.
  7. J

    Thread LG v30+(Indian version h930ds) to receive oreo update by 1st or 2nd week of july 2018

    I contacted the lg customer care executive and they told me that the oreo update will reach us by the 1st or 2nd week of July 2018. They didn't mention about monthly or 2monthly security updates. Just the oreo update. I hope u guys found this useful.
  8. J

    Thread Lg v30+ India oreo update with thinq update?

    Hey guys just wanting to know whether the Indian version of v30+ h930ds has received the oreo update and whether it will receive only the oreo update or both the oreo and the thinq update for the cam. Currently im running on 1st March security patch and and software version V10f. Please reply...
  9. J

    Thread LG v30+ Indian versions getting oreo update and when? Need help.

    Guys do you know when the lg v30+ Indian phone versions will get the oreo update? If so pls reply. Thanks.