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    Thread How to reset battery stats on S9+

    Hi I would like to reset the battery stats on my S9+ because I have seen it live drop istantly from 14% to 4% , I'm not rooted but I have seen this procedure here: Method 1 Discharge your phone fully until it turns itself off. Turn it on again and let it turn itself off. Plug your phone into...
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    Thread Buying generic charges that will survive our current phone

    Hi I currently have a Samsung S9 Plus with Exynos and I need to buy both a wall charger and a car charger. Today there are many charging standard so this is particolary difficoult but I would like to buy 2 generic chargers that will last after that I'll change my S9 plus so I'm talking about...
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    Thread Anker wireless quick charger with Samsung wall charger

    Hi there I would like to buy a fast wireless charger for my Samsung S9 Plus, which is a european version and come with a wall charger from samsung, the adaptive fast charging. The wall charger from samsung has this output specs: 9.0V and 1.67A or 5.0V and 2.0 A Meanwhile the wireless charger...
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    Thread Ok I have done it, Samsung S9+ after 10 years of HTC ..shocked!

    Hi there Some days ago I have sadly changed my HTC One M9 Plus after 3 and half years of service, the last of a 10 years experience with HTC from the HD2...what a sad situation about the brand. Anyway I have bought a Samsung S9 Plus which seems not bad at all but I have some questions about...
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    Thread HTC like keyboard

    Hi there I have an HTC M9 Plus and I wlll soon change it because it's reaching the end of its life sadly. What is more sadly is that I probably won't buy an HTC after i don't know 10 years or something like that. Really sad about the situation with HTC hey are realising very few phones, they...
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    Thread Car Bluetooth connection not working

    Hi there! I have an HTC One M9+ and yes I apologize because I'm writing in the wrong section, this is the M9 section but the M9+ is not owned by many people also I think that I may have a software problem with Android. That said, I use to connect my HTC One M9+ to my car infotanment system...
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    Thread Connect and Android Box to the exsting touch interface of the Car

    Hi there! I have an Alfa Romeo Giulietta which has the Uconnect 6.5 Nav interface, which isn't that up-to-date as it doesn't have Android Auto support. I have seen the video of this guy here: https://youtu.be/elnbOo6eSMY?t=391 Which basically seem to have attach an ARM hardware box running...
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    Thread HTC internet browser dismantled from play store

    This is a very sad news, the play store reports that the HTC Internet Browser will be removed on November 30. This has been my internet Browser since always and I can't believe it's going away. It was the best. It seems that HTC it's so money lacking right now that it's basically removing all...
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    Thread htc sense 260 may update

    Hi there! I have an M9+ and today I have just received the sense home update v. 8.11.759606 , I have noted that now the blinkfeed has all the news framed of the color of the blinkfeed theme, I actually like it more before this change. Anyway to work this araound?
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    Thread HTC trasfer tool program

    Hi there I have recently switch my old HTC One S with an HTC One M9+ Supreme camera edition and I have used the HTC transfer tool program (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.htc.dnatransfer.legacy&hl=it) to send my old data on the One S to the One M9+ SC. Anyway it seem to me...
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    Thread How magnetic support staff for cars works?

    Hi there I would like to know if anyone has experience with a magnetic support staff for cars, in particular I would know if the staff is able to properly gold the phone during GPS navigation and if the magnetic field of the magnet could in some way disturb the signals (GPS, 3g, 4g etc.)...
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    Thread How to sync facebook profiles on contact information on HTC sense?

    Hi there! I have an HTC One M9+ with android 5 and sense 7.0, I haven't get how to connect the facebook profile with a contact tab.... If I select the "connect" option and then I open messanger the list is empty and I don't know why...
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    Thread HTC app on sense 8...where are they?

    Hi there! As far as U have seen, HTC 10 is a hyge hardware device but it comes with only standard Google apps pre-installed. So HTC Sense interface is basically disappeared from the phone. Considering how much better HTC apps are compared to Google standard apps, it's a huge shame having such a...
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    Thread Discover the network operator brand

    Hi there I have recently purchased an HTC One M9+ Supreme Camera edition phone which is imported from taiwan as I do live in Italy. I have contacted HTC support and they have told me that the phone is branded under a network operator from Taiwan and this will, of course affect the update...
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    Thread HTC One M9 plus supreme camera edition, does it worth to bother looking for it?

    Hi there! I'm about to change my old HTC One S and I would like to buy an HTC One M9 but I'm not that happy with the camera, I have seen that there the M9 Plus Supreme camera edition which should have a better camera with optical stabilizer and laser focus, also a different sensor. I have seen...
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    Thread Gaining super User privileges on stock rom

    Hi there! I have recently come back to the HTC stock rom on my htc One S. Now I do have a stock rom One S with S-OFF . I would like to have super user privileges on the stock rom so I can unistall some unuseful apps...how can I do that?
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    Thread Officials HTC apps update

    I have recently revert my HTC One S to the Stock official JB ROM, something like 2 weeks ago. This evening I have received an update message for 3 apps with my surprice as I was thinking that the One S was without update from years.... Are there new updates or just old ones that I have just...
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    Thread Is there a stock rom zip to be flashed with custom recovery?

    As the title said I'm looking for a stock ROM (of course with radio and kernel) zip with sense 4.1 that can be flashed with custom recovery. I actually have an European HTC one S with super CID and S-OFF. Sent from my HTC One S using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread How to replace vibration, microphone module

    Hi there! I think that I need to replace the internal module of the vibrator/microphone of mine htc One S because in the last period people do hear me at very very low volume when I call them. I have managed to see where it is but I haven't understood if the module is actually glued to the...
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    Thread Microphone capture very low voice during calls

    Hi there! I have and HTC One S [S4] with viper 2.2.0 and briked kernel ( version 170700 ) and I have open recovery twrp 2.6.3 ( also I'm still S-ON ), I have recently changed the battery of the phone with a 2100 mah battery ( from the One x+ ). [B]I don't know if this started immediadly after...
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    Thread Virtual keyboard lag and reader app writing on the surface pro

    Hi there!! I have a surface PRO and I use it to take notes on top of pdf with onenote. I think that is a very great machine with 360° capabilities. Anyway I have 2 problems with it: 1) I have lag on virtual keaybord, mostly when the keyboard shows up and I instalty start writing, letters...
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    Thread Best Recovery around right now!

    Hi there! I'm about to wipe completely my HTC One S as I have had some lag and troubles with it in the last period, anyway has been a lot of times since I unlocked it and I don't even remember what I did! I would which is the best recovery around right now! By the way the last time I cannot...
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    Thread One S memory partitions

    HI there! We all know that our HTC One S has been sold with 16gb of memory but this is not fully available in one piece! There are indeed 2 partitions on the phone, one of 9,93GB which is marked as Phone memory or like an sd-card if you wish and one of 6,07GB which is marked as internal memory...
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    Thread [Q] Having the 3d scroll on sense 5.0

    Hi there! I was looking at the new sense 5.0 and I think that it's a shame that HTC has removed a lot of widget from it and even the 3d slide effect ( which basically has been copied from all the others competitors: samsung, LG, Sony etc ). Now you have the 2d slinding effect of sense 2.0...
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    Thread is there an RSS widget from HTC for the One S?

    As the title say I'm looking for the HTC Rss widget, I remember that old sense version has this news/rss widget that now is gone. Is there a way to add it again?
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    Thread Car panel auto with others gps software

    Hi there! I would know if there is a way to lanch car panel with another gps software which is not google maps, I have sygic installed and I would like that the car panel lanuch sygic instead of google maps, is there a way to make this possible??
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    Thread Micro usb pen drive

    I was wondering if a micro usb pen drive exist, so we could attach it directly to our one s and expand memory!! Anyone?? Sent from my HTC One S using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Let's try to fix Jelly bean official ROM bugs !!!

    Hi there! I have an HTC One S S4 and like all of you I have updated to jelly bean but I have been kind of disappointed because of some bugs/removed features that I have encountered in the use of the new ROM, here are some of the one I have found: 1) the new keyboard is laggy expecially...
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    Thread Sim suddendly isn't reconized from the phone

    Hi ! My Htc one S sometimes show the advice that indicate that there is no SIM inserted, even if the sim is there and even if the phone is already power on, it shows the message after some times it's on. Any suggest?
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    Thread background wallpaper on sense 4+

    Is that true that on sense 4.1 the background on the home isn't moving anymore while sliding through the pages? I think that it would be very disappointing in the case..
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    Thread Red light of the proximity sensor remain active

    Hi there!! I don't know if this is a know thing anyway, on the right of the HTC logo there is the proximity sensor that shut down the display during a call. When it's on a you can see a red light from it. It should be turned on only during call. In the last days I have noted that the light...
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    Thread Id Simeone working on a way to unlock the one S without htcdev?

    Hi there! I really would like to unlock my one S but I don't want to loose the warranty, I have seen this thread regarding the work that is under development for the one X http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1604300 and I was wondering if something like this exist here too Sent...
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    Thread Chrome pinch to zoom text render.

    Hi there!! I have started to use chrome as my main browser because it's faster than the stock one anyway it has 2 annoying bug, one is that you can't have the opton "show desktop site" permanently activated ( but there is an app to fix that ) the other problem is that when you pinch to zoom (...
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    Thread No signal at phone's start

    Hi there!! I have noted that since I have updated the phone with the last firmware 2.31, very often I turn on the phone and it doesn't get phone signal. I have no signal at all and even if I manually try to connect it I cannot do nothing. The only solution is reboot the phone. Anyone else is...
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    Thread Meteo live background problems

    Hi there! As the title say I would know who have the metro live background from HTC up and running because on my device it is bugged since day one and even now that I have 2.31 update. The animation stuck itself after a few seconds. Sent from my HTC One S using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Differences between 2.21 and 2.31

    Hi there! Today HTC realesed updates 2.31 via ota , anyway the ones who install the officially RUU 2.21 ( like me ) are not able to install the new ota update. Now I was wondering what's change between the two because I'm having the fealing that 2.31 it's just 2.21 on the automatic updated...
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    Thread news widget missing on sense 4.0

    Hi there! I would know if there is a way to install htc news widget on sense 4.0 on our ONE S because it's missing. Also I underline that I'm on stock rom !
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    Thread virus ask me to renew internet subscription

    Hi there! As the title say I have taken a virun on my HTC ONE S which ask me to renew my internet subscription with my operator H3G every time I try to open a web page. Also there is no internet with every apps, and even with wifi I got the same results. What can I do to remove this virus?
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    Thread htc not realesing anymore updates for the one S [S4]

    Hi there ! I have an EURO S4 htc one S and since there are 2 version of this phone ( the S4 cpu and the S3 cpu ) I'm starting to be a little concerned about updates as it's been a while since the last one. Actually I'm still on 1.78 because 1.84 cames out just for the US t-mobile version and...
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    Thread Difference between HTC one s European amd T-Mobile version

    As the title say I would like to know which differences there are between the T-Mobile and the European version of the HTC one s with the S4 CPU. Because as for now we already need to pay attention before flashing a Rom if it is for S3 or for S4 CPU and I don't now if a Rom for T-Mobile can be...
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    Thread Soundhound crash after update

    Hi there!! I have updated soundhoud from the market but after the update the app starts crashing every time I start it. Sent from my HTC One S using XDA
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    Thread [REQ]sense 4.0 slider mod!!

    Hi there! I'm a long time fans of htc sense interface and I have seen/used more or less all of its variant. I have just bought an htc one s which of course has sense 4.0, the last version of sense and I have noted this: we have pass from this situation on sense 3.5 on slider inside htc's...
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    Thread lanching car panel with a custom gps navigation software

    Hi there! Anyone know if there is a way to integrate the car panel with another gps navigation software which is not location from htc or google maps ? I'm actually using sygic!
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    Thread Slider icon on sense 4.0

    Hi there! I'm a long time fans of htc sense interface and I have seen/used more or less all of its variant. I have just bought an htc one s which of course has sense 4.0, the last version of sense and I have noted this: we have pass from this situation on sense 3.5 on slider inside htc's...
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    Thread Sense 4.0 all app background image

    Hi there! One of the thing that I'm struggling with HTC is the fact that from the moment the have moved to android they have always put the black background on the all apps menu which isn't so beautiful. Is there anyway here who know if it could be possible to have, at least, the same...
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    Thread Expand memory

    Hi there! I'm looking to Thu phone to change my old hd2, anyway the fact of non micro sd slot is a bad point. Is anyone find out if the internal memory is obtained with a hidden sd inside the phone that could be changed somehow by disassembly the phone?? Sent from my HTC HD2 using XDA
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    Thread Haret support for New kernels

    Hi all! I'm a user of boxmax's rom on SD side of Android development. Anyway regarding sense 3.5 and gingergread, sadly we have arrived at a dead point because of kernels. Some new kernels have been out recently ( sbryan and mark ) which bring glitches fix with hardware acceleration enable and...
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    Thread [Q] Adding more pages to sense home interface

    Hi! It would be nice to have more than 7 pages avaible on the sense interface, considering all the widget that htc has made it's shame to use only a few of them expecially the full window one. I had already opened a thread here...
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    Thread having more pages on home

    Hi ! I was wondering if this could be possible because with all widget fromhtc avaible it's a shame to have only 7 pages ...
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    Thread New sense 3.0 gallery and music from pyramid

    Hi all ! I was locking for a fix to install new music and gallery app from sense 3.0 no the hd2 ! Currently I'm suing boxmax and mc rom's on SD side but boxmax has told me that if include those 2 new widget on the rom they show all white ( they are bugged ) he says that he found a fix for that...