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    Thread [Q] RDC type app to access remote Android platform

    There is a RDC app for android to access Windows. I want the level of remote control efficiency & level of control RDC does in the case of accessing windows desktops BUT for accessing and controlling Android. The VNC Android clients are ok but would like something that transmits the click and...
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    Thread VNC or remote w volume and drag

    I've been using a vnc viewer and droid vnc server using an s4 to remotely control an s1 galaxy I'm using as an audio player in another room. Problem is I can't click and drag the cursor, the screen doesn't perfectly size to the s4 vnc view screen and I can't send a volume up or down command...
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    Thread s4 to pc media pause / play

    How can I send a pause or play or any other keystroke commands to my PC from my s4 Android, any ideas?? Please exclude the possible use of VNC.
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    Thread p2p transfer folder directly from s4 to an android or iphone

    What's the best way / options to transfer 500mb folder from an S4 galaxy to another Android or iphone?
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    Thread share gallery photos

    I just got a used s4 and the previous owner needs me to send them the gallery photos on the phone. I know I can put them on my computer, zip and email them but how can I package them so they sync or install on their current android phone's gallery either via a tool or their Google account...
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    Thread phone and sim contact selection export

    I just got a used s4 that has a ton of various contact types, google, sim, phone. The previous owner of the phone needs the the sim and phone contacts and I would like to export them to a file without having to select them one by one.
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    Thread locked in Flight mode after media scan

    On random occasion, all things being equal, the phone works perfectly for a couple days then on some other days it boots up, gets signal as normal (signal bars, voice mail indicator & 3g arrows show) then immediately after the 1st media scan, radio icons disappear (signal bars, voice mail...
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    Thread android inet radio while overseas

    I ran across a post here that shows you how to use pandora outside of the US. Currently I'm out of the US and want a streaming radio app / svc I can use and imagine if pandora blocks outside US use others likely do the same not to mention I'm pretty sure having to use a proxy will be taxing on...
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    Thread T-mobile TV app streaming

    The T-mobile tv application won't allow you to view programming with TV-out activated. I guess VNC-ing to the handset would allow me to remotely watch the handset screen from my larger monitor. Is there any application that will activate TV-out without it being detectable with the T-mobile...
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    Thread rom suggest cognition w camera

    Cognition 5 rom seems like the best but there are people with camera and other issues, I just rooted and unlocked my captivate, here are specifics as is: firmware 2.1-update1 baseband I897UCJH7 kernel 2.6.29 [email protected] #2 build GINGERBREAD.VUVKJ6 build ECLAIR.UCJH7 I don't...
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    Thread improved Rom

    I just updated my vibrant from stock froyo to stock gb via kies factory upgrade. Here are specifics as is: firmware 2.3.6 baseband t959VUVKJ6 kernel build GINGERBREAD.VUVKJ6 I went through hell today to root and unlock the sim of this phone as its my first day...
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    Thread [Q] tethering, hdri & brand

    I previously used to do upgrades and roms to get tethering to work w WM so I'm assuming w Android u have to root device / find a compatible rom. *Since I see HTC as the brand with most leaked and icreamsandwich roms I assumed getting an HTC would mean having more ease with hack/root support...
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    Thread Android presentation remote

    clicker hardware: I want a remote to control an android phone via a device like the targus bluetooth laser for mac. So far I've only seen software to control a pc via an android. click for screen capture software: So far I read screenshot er, picme, dropcap2 and ShootMe are screen capture...
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    Thread how reliable is your mobil wifi

    I have a HTC touch pro (wm6.1) and even if I'm very close to my wifi router it has to reconnect frequently. I even set the wifi settings in the phone to better performance and still no difference. I'm using sip softphone over wifi and wondering if anyone has or has not the same issue with...
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    Thread SMS over sip?

    Any applications out there for SMS over SIP on mobile device?
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    Thread sip w hold & transfer for wm6.1

    I want a windows mobile 6.1 sip client that works well and has a hold and transfer button. I tried sjlabs but its old and audio comes out of speaker.
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    Thread SIM clone / 4g sharing

    I want to use a single internet 4g/3g account without having to carry a portable router (like sprint overdrive or clear's mobile router.. its another device 2 carry and battery that will drain). There are several posts on the internet about how you can and can not clone a sim. If for example...
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    Thread android sip voip quality

    Read a post in the evo forum that the voip-sip quality is terrible on the evo. Poster didnt mention codec used, network bandwidth nor carrier I'd like to hear how well or how bad voip has worked out on the andriod for others, thanks!