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  1. akhnatenor

    Thread [Q] Stock rom on Safestrap enabled?

    Can someone tell me how to install the stock 211 image with Safestrap enabled? I want to flash the stock rom similar to how I would the Black Widow ROM. My goal is to have a stock rom that I can heavily modify and not worry about screwing up. I would prefer to use the OTA Blur_Version...zip...
  2. akhnatenor

    Thread [Q] Verizon G-Nex on AT&T?

    Will the G-Nex from Verizon be able to fully utilize AT&T's network if it is rooted and a new radio and rom flashed to it? i.e. is it capable of jumping the CDMA/GSM divide with software updates? Thanks, Akh
  3. akhnatenor

    Thread [Q] twitter comments

    I see that articles now have Twitter based comments. However, all I see are what looks like a bunch of re-tweets. I rarely see any real comments and they are hard to spot through all the re-tweets. Do I need a twitter account to see the actual comments? Is there anything I am doing wrong...