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    Thread ROM Index

    The following list is a list of ROMs available on the "Lenovo P2 ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries, & Other Development" forum, structured as follows: ROM name (linked to the corresponding thread), developer (no link to avoid spamming), android version, ROM version, and date of the latest update I...
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    Thread Battery drain / no deep sleep

    Long story short, I have been experiencing a severe battery drain with any ROM I try for the last month or so. Some ROMs seemed not to have it until first reboot, then the drain showed up. Installing BetterBatteryStats showed me there was a "fingerprint wakelock" active 100% of the time. This...
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    Thread What's the most lightweight ROM?

    I recently installed a game that requires me to do stuff fast, and realized the P2 isn't responding as fast as it should. So I'd like to know which might be the most lightweight ROM for P2, in order to get the most out of it. Android version doesn't matter much. Thanks in advance for any opinions.
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    Thread Incorrect battery percentage

    Ever since I got this device I've had issues with it being unable to correctly detect the battery level. Very often the phone discharges completely and shuts down, and upon a restart it shows 20% battery left. I've tried calibrating the battery, but I'm either doing it wrong or it's not...
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    Thread Not so bricked P2...

    I just experienced a strange issue with my P2, and I'd like to hear some opinions/solutions. I've been running the deodexed S244 ROM for a while now (unlocked bootloader, TWRP, root), no problems. However, AEX 4.6 (Nougat) intrigued me, so I decided to try it and flashed it. I made a TWRP backup...
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    Thread Help setting up new device

    I recently ordered a Lenovo P2 from banggood, and expect to get it still this week or the next. Meanwhile I have a few doubts, and I thought this is the best place to ask, so please bear with me... 1 - On the description, banggood says it's multilanguage (includes screenshots), but I can see no...
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    Thread RN2 to get CM14?!

    According to this listing (http://www.rootupdate.com/2016/09/cm14-cyanogenmod-14-update-list-download-rom.html?m=1), our device is confirmed to get CM14 :eek: My question is, how can that be? How trustworthy is this info?
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    Thread Help downloading from pan.baidu

    I was wandering through the ROMs available for the Redmi Note 2 on ydss.cn, and found one posted today that triggered my curiousity because of the supposed long battery life (from the little I understand, after google translates it). Unfortunately, I can't download anything from the pan.baidu...
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    Thread MIUI 7 (5.10.15) for Newman K1S -BETA-

    So I finally managed to port MIUI 7 to my device, but I'm facing a few issues, and I hope someone here can help me. Maybe I should have posted this on the ROMs section, but since it's not yet finished... First of all, here's the link to the ROM, if anyone has this device and wants to try it, or...
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    Thread [noob questions] ROM/Kernel - building/porting

    I’ll start by admiting that, in the arts of cooking/building/porting android innards, I’m closer to being a complete noob than na intermediate user. I own a Newman K1S, JB 4.2.2, MT6592, 2Gb/16Gb, 720p, and, sadly for me, it looks like the manufacturer (Newman Mobile, or Newsmy, who knows)...
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    Thread [HELP!] Chinese recovery?!

    Yesterday, instead of pressing Volume Up + Power to enter CWM Recovery, I pressed Volume Down + Power, and it took me to this screen, which is, supposedly, the “factory mode” boot. When trying to exit it, I seem to have selected some unknown option that restored some of my ROM’s settings (I’m...
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    Thread [Q] No sound on 4.4.2 rom

    I own a Newman K1S phone, and have been using the "K1s SuPeR AOSP" rom (4.2.2), by baldos81, available on needrom. Last month a 4.4.2 stock rom was made available, and although it's marked as official, when flashed on the phone, it plays no sound at all. Any hints as to what may be causing this...
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    Thread [Q] How to flash stock ROM through CWM Recovery

    I'd like to install a modded stock ROM with better internal storage partitioning (CWM STOCK ROM v1.0 EBR-7.0 GB.rar, available on needrom, under "Newman » Newman K1S"), but I wanted to do it through CWM recovery. Is it possible? Will it replace the EBR files and grant me the space without...