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  1. bilatche

    Thread BT issue after reset, how to fix?

    Hi everyone, I have a reset to my phone (Motorola one xt1941 Android 10) and After BT was constantly crashing. I cleared cache and data in BT app but BT still crashing.... So I made a reset Factory from recovery mode to fix, and BT still crashing... Any method to fix it? Thanks
  2. bilatche

    Thread how to remove discover icon from google search widget?

    Hi everyone, does anyone knows how to remove the discover icon from the google search widget please? thanks,
  3. bilatche

    Thread where to find mi A3 wallpaper?

    Does anyone knows where to find the mi A3 wallpaper? Thanks,
  4. bilatche

    Thread light/dark theme problems....

    Hi, Can anyone help me? 1. How to recover the white Google search widget? 2. How to put the Google calendar un dark theme? (Agenda is on dark theme). This widget was Black only 1 Time. Thanks
  5. bilatche

    Thread how to recouvrer the white Google widget?

    Hello, How to recover the white Google search widget? The widget has become black alone, and impossible to recover the white one, Aldo with customisation options, and whatever my phone (Motorola one) is on dark mode or not....... Thanks.
  6. bilatche

    Thread tempered glass protection

    Does somebody knows where to find a good tempered glass protection which doesn't make air bubbles on the left and right sides? Thanks.
  7. bilatche

    Thread A40 : how to be visually warned about notifications?

    hi everyone, How to be visually warned about notifications on the Galaxy A40? (notification led? Always on display?) Is it planned by samsung an update to enable a solution? thanks,
  8. bilatche

    Thread pixel 3 launcher pie?

    Is that possible to install stock pixel 3 launcher pie (the one without n'avons buttons)? Hi Hanks,
  9. bilatche

    Thread led notification?

    Hi everyone, does the moto one have a led notification? thanks,
  10. bilatche

    Thread possible to customize moto display notifications?

    hi everyone, Is it possible to customize moto display notofications? for example to remove battery indicator? thanks
  11. bilatche

    Thread how to fully reset redmi 6 before sell it?

    Hi, I am selling my redmi 6. I wiped data from recovery. but when it boot, it says "this device is locked" and needs to login... how to fully reset the phone? thanks,
  12. bilatche

    Thread no pie update

    Hi everyone My moto one doesn't receive pie update notification. (Tried in settings/system...) Any method to receive it? Thanks,
  13. bilatche

    Thread redmi 6 (mtk helio p22) which rom???

    Hi everyone. I have a redmi 6 (proc mtk helio p22) treble compatible (A/B). Which rom Can I choose to have the most things working ? ( Boot ok, Calls, cameras, lte, fingerprint, ...) Thanks,
  14. bilatche

    Thread BLOD + scratchy noise touchscreen + laguy interface only when boot

    hi everyone, can somebody help me please? after a battery replacement, two weeks og goof usage, and phone went into bootloop... here is my problem; - phone needs to be ho be hot to run (or BLOD) - touch screen very laguy - scratch noise when I use touchscreen video link...
  15. bilatche

    Thread gapps for treble

    Is it ok if I use gapps from https://opengapps.org with a treble rom or there is other gapps to use? Thanks,
  16. bilatche

    Thread lineageos rom for redmi 6?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone knows if an android stock rom (lineageos, mokee, other...) is planned for this phone? thanks.
  17. bilatche

    Thread notification icons in status bar

    Hi every one, Is it possible to have the real stock white icons in tne notification bar like on AOSP instead of the colored ones used in MIUI? thanks.
  18. bilatche

    Thread square icons without white background

    Hi every one, How to change the icon's background appearance? now I have this, with white background on several apps: http://imagehost.cc/images/2018/09/04/Screenshot_2018-09-04-16-15-01-646_com.miui.home.png I would like same squared icons but without white background (chrome, whattsap...
  19. bilatche

    Thread double tap to wake?

    hi everyone, does the 6a have the "double tap to wake" feature? thanks.
  20. bilatche

    Thread nexus 6p speakers grill mesh

    hi every one, does one of you where to find the nexus 6P's speakers grill? one of mines has fallen..... I have found this: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1rWRem6uhSKJjSspjq6Ai8VXaz/For-Motorola-Nexus-6-XT1100-XT1103-Earpiece-Ear-Speaker-Mesh-Cover.jpg_220x220.jpg but it's for nexus 6...
  21. bilatche

    Thread does battery replacement fix lifetime/shutdown issues?

    Hi Every one, I've got the battery issue on my 6p 8.1. (fast drain and shutdown at 40 or 60%...) I have found a shop who Can replace it with a new one. Does the replacement fix this lifetime/fix this issue? thanks,
  22. bilatche

    Thread Vernee thor E - android one launcher - package conflict

    Hi everyone, Does someone know how to install the android one launcher apk? https://www.xda-developers.com/download-android-one-launcher-xiaomi-mi-a1/ When I try, it's said that there is a confict with a package with the same name (the roiginal launcher is also called launcher3) how to do it...
  23. bilatche

    Thread disable proximity on Oreo

    Hi S4 GT-i9505, rooted, on LOS 15.1 with proximity sensor issue (black screen during and after calls) how to disable it? - On nougat (LOS 14.1), I had found there an dialer mod apk mod with proximity disabled but doesn't work on oreo...
  24. bilatche

    Thread how to use my S4 as a remote of my H96 pro plus tv box?

    Hi, I have bought a TV box H96 pro plus. https://fr.gearbest.com/tv-box-mini-pc/pp_503488.html?wid=132&currency=EUR&vip=2591227&gclid=CjwKCAiAqIHTBRAVEiwA6TgJw44WOkulV7Dej6Fp2XJg3PiTRQKb4tsooW3SGNL9zvw1wAhEZszxyhoCYZoQAvD_BwE I would like to use my galaxy S4 9505 (lineageOS 14.1) as a remote...
  25. bilatche

    Thread bad responsive touchscreen after flashing LP rom

    Can somebody help me? I have re-flashed with Odin my S4 GT-i9505 with the last official Rom Stock TW lollipop. One more time, the touchscreen is bad responsive ( missed letters on keyboard, bad swipes, hard navigation) like everytime I flash a LP rom - whatever it's a one or four files (and...
  26. bilatche

    Thread light screen problem.

    Hi, My screen is always dark with light automatic or manual... And my screen stays black during/after a call. I have to put the light manual with high level to have a readable screen. Which sensor is in cause? Light sensor or proximity sensor? Thanks.
  27. bilatche

    Thread which rom for keeping the phone cold?

    I'm actually on official LOS14.1 on my GT-i9505. and the phone comes quicly very hot. What is the best rom to keep the phone cold? thanks.
  28. bilatche

    Thread home/launcher with 4 icons dock?

    hi everybody, does it exist a good home/launcher with 4 customisable big icons like touchwiz? the launchers with 4 icons dock i found were very ugly, slow, and uncostumisable... (rolle, touchwiz-30.apk,..) the perfect thing would be like any good launcher lp, go, adw) but with only 4 big icons...