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    Thread Orange Hue on Screen Recordings - with all Apps - Help?

    I came across a weird issue: No matter what App I'm trying, all screen recordings have an orange hue. I've tested with DU Recorder, AZ Screen Recorder and Game Screen Recorder. The results I'm getting are all like this (recorded the play store - you know, that should be white and green)...
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    Thread Can't update or download Apps - help needed

    Hi there, for days I'm having the issue, that I can't update apps already installed or download new apps from the playstore to my G2. (Auto-Updates are generally turned off for apps since I want control over what updates when.) I just deleted Cache of the playstore and when that didn't help, I...
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    Thread Battery Drainage from Mobile Network Signal - Although Turned OFF!?

    Ok, I'm completely lost with this and have no idea how this can be a thing in the first place: Last night I got home and noticed that my state of charge on my Axon 7 had quite changed. Checking the battery consumption I've noticed, that for some reason my phone had consumed quite some of its...
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    Thread LG G2 apps on other phones

    After all the years of using the G2 I really came to like its app, especially the Calendar and the Memo apps. I already got all the G2 apps (apk and odex) but when I tried to install the two before mentioned apps on my new phone (Axon 7) the installation process failed. I'm wondering if it...
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    Thread Bluetooth issues - how to solve them?

    My new A2017G B08 has no problem finding and connecting with my old LG G2 - but when trying to connect it with my trusty Bluetooth speaker, the Axon doesn't even see it. And while I can find the Axon within just 1-2 seconds from my PC with a BT-Stick, the other way around the Axon doesn't see...