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    Thread From beta to stable

    Hi, I have a mi8 International (global rom and locked bootloader). I have installed the global beta 8.9.20, is it possible to flash the last global stable ( ???
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    Thread Can't update to MIUI Global Developer

    Hi, I have a mi8 International (global and locked bootloader) updated to, i want to update to global developer rom through the updater app, but I get the following error Can someone help me solve this? thanks
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    Thread [S812][HELP]Best rom Pufangda

    Hi, I have an old android tv box M8S pufangda_s812 with stock android 4.4.2 It's very slow and laggy, which is the best rom for this box? Thank you
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    Thread Huge battery drain

    Hi, i'm using InsertCoin 7.1.3 with ElementalX kernel 22.4. I have a huge battery drain because of the Google Play services. How can i fix this?
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    Thread Kernel MM

    Hi, I need a kernel for marshmallow with fast charge enabled, where can i found it?
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    Thread [Help]Auto Reboot

    Hi, my device is stock (no unlocked bootloader or s-off) and when i turn it on after 30 seconds it just reboot :( I've already tried to perform a factory reset (from recovery), but I have this error: Then I reboot the phone and nothing is changed :( How can I solve this? Unlocking the...
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    Thread [Q]APM on android 5.1

    Hi, is there a way to have apm on 5.1 update?
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    Thread [Q]Stock photo

    Hi, i'm searching the stock photo(that beautiful landscapes) that comes with the htc one m7, someone has them?
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    Thread S-Off on 4.4.2 update

    I've just bought a htc one (m7) and i'm trying to gain s-off with the firewater metod, but I failed... M7_UL PVT SHIP S-ON RH HBOOT-1.56.0000 android 4.4.2(latest update) any advice? (without using htcdev unlock)
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    Thread [Q]Error updating to KRT16S

    Hi, I'm trying to update mi nexus 7 wifi (through ADB sideload) to the KRT16S 4.4 update, but i get this error: how can I solve?
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    Thread [Q]SENSE 5 theme

    Hi, there is a way to personalize a sense 3.6 based rom (arhd 7.3) in a sense5 style? (theme+icons+lockring) Sent from my HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio using Tapatalk 4 Beta
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    Thread [help]Problem with micro-sd

    My microsd slot doesn't keep in the microsd :(, so I have to bring the phone to service... How do i restore the phone? (I'm s-off with supercid) :(
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    Thread [Q]Kernel cleaner

    How can i clean kernel files to switch from a kernel to another on a clean base?
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    Thread wp

    Hi all, there is a way to try on our phone wp7 (or above)? not just a launcher, but a true porting? more info are appreciated (also via pm ;) ) thanks
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    Thread [Q] Base ROM differences

    What is the difference between a rom based on HTC Ville RUU (1.11.401.110) and on HTC VilleC2 RUU (2.15.401.100)?
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    Thread Launcher priority

    Hi, i've installed the rcmix smart Droid 2.2 with sense 4, and i've a problem with the sense launcher. When i open an app and then go back to home the launcher restart...that make me crazy, every time i go back to home i have to wait... Inviato dal mio Sensation Z710e con Tapatalk 2
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    Thread [Q]NoMoarPowah!

    i've found on market this app that works only for samsung devices...there is something similar for htc devices?
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    Thread [Q]Classic videocall

    hi, there is an app to make CLASSIC video calls? if not, is possible to extract it from galaxy s/sII????
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    Thread [Q]ARHD v3.6.1 and mail

    Hi, i have a problem with mail application....I'm not able to modify in settings the "mail format" from "normal text" to "HTML text". How can I solve??
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    Thread Exchange ActiveSync and Hotmail

    hi, if i set the hotmail account with exchange activesync and go into settings, the option "message format" is grey and i can't change it into "HTML version"... any suggestions? p.s. ANDROID REVOLUTION HD v3.6.1
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    Thread 2430mah battery

    Has anyone tried it? GBP 12,95 Img: h**p://i.ebayimg.com/00/$(KGrHqEOKn!E43OeNv!ZBO(Nw4grpw~~60_1.JPG Description: Manufactured in Japan, this premium ultra-high capacity replacement Gold battery is designed & tested to ensure performance and quality. Engineered from professional cutting-edge...
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    Thread 2.3.4 update with s-off

    Hi, i have an unbranded italian versione of HTC Sensation with gingerbread 2.3.3, and i want to update to the official 2.3.4 , but i want to know: -if i update via OTA can i do the s-off in the new update??? -if not, there is a modified version for that???