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    Thread Urgent help needed for deaf person

    after trying to flash to a newer version something has gone completely wrong. is there anyone in holland who can do a COMPLETE "re-install" for my handicaped brother..? The XDA seems to "hang" in a grey screen. done reset a few times, but it said : "updating ROM " when nothing was happening...
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    Thread explorer error

    HOW do i find out what version of explorer i use, and where can i update it ? keep getting : MICROSOFT jsCRIPT RUNTIME ERROR line : xx, char : and so on.... after pressing ok the page still loads fine...
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    Thread error

    :cry: after installing the powerpoint program ( add-on ) from the o2 cd additional software verzion 1.0, i get an error message after performing a soft reset .. AELock.exe Cannot find AELock ( or one of it´s components ) bla. bla.. i have figured out that i now no longer have the Action...
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    Thread Rotterdam

    :?: are there any "rotterdammers" here, who have the cable to unlock ? :oops: lazy as i am, i feel little for building my own cable, if one of you has a working one....
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    Thread HOW TO :

    :idea: this is the mother of all how-to´s. :!: each time one of the magicians in the developers circle has a good update or tweak or trick, we will try to get them to translate this into stupid-users language... :roll: :evil: This means a whole lot of work for them, :evil: so check here...
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    Thread what media player ?

    wich is the best program and why ? should i keep my original windows-media player wich wont play mp3 or is there a better one out there .....???
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    Thread HOW TO (for newbees)

    can the data experts please post some how-to's on this site ? perhaps a thread with only HOW-TO information ? :idea: i would like a :D - how to do a rom update thread. - how to browse registry thread. - how to use tracelogger thread - how to...
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    Thread Terminal services client

    i have been searching for a good terminal server, to install on my HOME PC ( or any other terminal server, so i can try the client... ) :arrow: i havnen't been able to connect it to anything..... :x I'm asuming it looks for port 23 on the server.... :?: anyone ever used it yet ...
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    Thread Tracelogger

    :?: My XDA has an aplication in "windows" calles Tracelogger... when activated it askes me for a password... anyone know what it is ?