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  1. fhc

    Post [EOL][ROM][STABLE][LOLLIPOP][5.1.1] CyanogenMod 12.1 - 25.08.2016

    Hmm On a transition in a webapp from the adb logcat [ 04-02 22:31:09.931 11380:11380 F/chromium ] [FATAL:gles2_implementation.cc(3487)] Check failed: query->CheckResultsAvailable(helper_). [ 04-02 22:31:09.936 11380:11380 F/libc ] Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 in tid 11380
  2. fhc

    Post Slickwraps Skins/Wraps for the Google Nexus 6

    Leather series wraps/skins for nexus 6 I wanted something, the back is way to slippery I wanted something to add texture/grip. So, i thought to try slickwraps, even though I there is a lot of negative in this thread, most of that centred on delivery time I'm in Europe and ever so often order...
  3. fhc

    Post [Q&A] [ROM] Cyanogenmod 12.1 (Unofficial)

    Screenshot I seem to be unable to make a screenshot. I know in the first message it writes volume-down + power. Unfortunately this doesn't appear to work. At least when I try it I have no indication a screenshot has been made, nor can I find any in the gallery. Somebody any hint?
  4. fhc

    Post [ROM] [4.4.2 Official XXUFND3][Dr. Ketan V3] [Deodexed Prerooted Deknoxed]

    Google Search not updating There have been several updates to google now/search but market shows no updates.Manually installing an updated apk for version worked but still no further updates show up in the market.
  5. fhc

    Post [APP][CAM][NEMESIS] CyanogenMod Focal: unofficial build

    Crashes about 10 seconds after starting on my note II stock
  6. fhc

    Post [rom] Unofficial CyanogenMod 10 for many AllWinner A10 tablets

    zram.ko I'm generally very happy with this rom, but could you please include zram.ko in your next build. Memory is *very* tight on a tablet with 512m of Ram. I know zram can make a substantial difference. Thanks
  7. fhc

    Post [ROM][MOVED] ICS 4.0.4 BCM RC4.1U2 GSM/CDMA <2012-07-03> (Bravo CM9 HWA)

    Will you , when it gets stable enough try to merge your changes back to CM?
  8. fhc

    Post [ROM][MOVED] ICS 4.0.4 BCM RC4.1U2 GSM/CDMA <2012-07-03> (Bravo CM9 HWA)

    3.6u1 boot failure After succesfulle running 3.4 for some time I tried 3.5u1 and it would not boot (at all not even the logo just the green HTC letters) but before I had the time to really look into it 3.6u1 was there. So I installed 3.6u1. I chose default rom install. First boot it would...
  9. fhc

    Thread [Q] apparently random screen wake-ups

    Off late my desire wakes up for no apparent reason and shows the lock screen. When I touch the power button the screen will blank. It is very irregular sometimes my phone wakes up several times a minute, sometimes the screen will stay blank for hours. It is probably an app, but is there any...
  10. fhc

    Post Images in Gmail account.

    Not only the gmail app, mail and k9 also Not only the gmail app, mail and k9 also show a small blue square with an ? in it.
  11. fhc

    Post Your average Tmobile Bill (USA)

    You Americans get screwed An $100+ (~ € 75) bill for just one line sound really, really, really expensive. Here in the Netherlands on T-Mobile I've got 5 lines and pay €11,25 (~$15) per line per month on a 2 year contract with free phones, unlimited data, and "unlimited" calling among our own...
  12. fhc

    Post NEW WM6 PRO Business V7 VIDEOCALL (Old build see other)

    excel in locale with decimal , creates file it cannot read Excel in locale with decimal , creates file it cannot read Steps to reproduce, chose a locale with a decimal , (for example Dutch) and softreset. Create a excel sheet and put in one cell a formula. "=1,1*1,1" save the file and then...
  13. fhc

    Post [DECOMMISSIONED] Midget_1990 v1.0

    I can confirm this.
  14. fhc

    Post IMAP E-mail client

    Now I have, they contain howeven no information. I know how to configure poutlook for IMAP and I personaly have not tried nPOP because i'm loking for an IMAP-client not a modified pop client who tries to download everything again each time in the FAQ of the page you linked to <a...
  15. fhc

    Thread IMAP E-mail client

    Wat I would love to have is an IMAP E-mail client for my MDA II. I've seen lots (and lots and then some) of POP3 E-mail clients somewhat modified to speak IMAP; but i have so far not seen an IMAP E-mail client. One that scans a folder when you select it and then stay connected instead of...
  16. fhc

    Post Announcing XDA-developers Special Edition ROM v1.1

    Acrobat reader Looks very nice, will try to build it in the next few days. One adition I would like is adobe Acrobat reader..