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  1. jt3

    Thread Google Home Hub Issues

    Got the new Home Hub. Already have two issues. I'm curious if others have found a solution: 1. The screen get TOO dark at night. Even though I have the screen timout setting turned off, and the Auto-Brightness Offset setting to max brightness, the screen still shuts (almost) completely off...
  2. jt3

    Post side-loading with normal unlock on bootloader

    What do you mean by sideloading? If you're sideloading an OTA then TWRP isn't necessary. You can simply sideload by following instructions on the Google OTA page. The critical unlock is used to root your phone. This allows you to install TWRP, and flash a factory image, or other boot image...
  3. jt3

    Post November OTA

    That really sounds like your ADB is out of date. Make sure you have the latest version. By the way, for those who downloaded this update primarily to get the KRACK fix: Apparently, this update doesn't actually include the KRACK fix. That only comes with builds dated on or after Nov. 6...
  4. jt3

    Post Did you use Google "data transfer tool"? problems with apps?

    I used it twice. Once from my Nexus 6P to the P2XL, and again when I had to swap my first P2XL out for another (For some reason, my Fi pre-order somehow got fulfilled through the Google Store, so they couldn't activate Device Protection... and no, neither Fi nor I have any idea how that...
  5. jt3

    Post Should we unlock the Bootloader if no root planned

    That really falls under the heading of "Someone finds a way to make it work." Eventually though, an update will come when Magisk doesn't work, then I have to relock the bootloader (which will wipe the device) to get AP to work again, or do without until a different fix is found. Sure, it's a...
  6. jt3

    Post Should we unlock the Bootloader if no root planned

    Unlocking the bootloader was always the very first thing I did when I got a new phone. However, I use Android Pay all the time, and Google seems very determined to break AP for unlocked bootloaders with every new patch. Sure, someone usually finds a way to get it working again, but that...
  7. jt3

    Post Do it have Stereo Mic recording (for video recording) ??

    According to this video: https://youtu.be/0Mp5Y3UTWH8?t=704 ...it only records in mono.
  8. jt3

    Post Question about screen protector and squeeze feature?

    Someone will surely correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you actually squeeze the body of the phone, meaning, the sides don't actually compress. What you're doing by squeezing the phone is really squeezing your fingertips (and the base of your palm area), so that your skin makes contact...
  9. jt3

    Post Pixel 2 HDR Support

    There is that possibility. Maybe the LG-made P2XL supports it, but not the HTC-made P2, and Google doesn't want to draw attention to that. However, if that's the case, they may never actually enable it on the XL, so that they can keep the two phones on the same level. Remember, they've made a...
  10. jt3

    Post Pixel 2 HDR Support

    My guess is: No. If the screen itself supported HDR, they almost surely would have touted it, even if it weren't enabled software-wise. It's always possible, of course, but my guess is that it's a hardware limitation. EDIT: To answer the post above me... There's more to HDR than just...
  11. jt3

    Post Google pixel 2 XL shipping

    Ordered a Just Black XL (128GB) version through Fi (which really just handed me over to the Google Store) a couple hours after the announcement (on the 4th). Got an estimated delivery of Oct 23-25.
  12. jt3

    Post Why I AM getting the Pixel 2 XL (coming from a 6P)

    LIke you, I'm upgrading from my 6P. While I was interested in the original Pixel, there just wasn't enough to justify upgrading. It wasn't the price either. Had they offered the PXL for $399, I still doubt I'd have bought it. There simply wasn't enough to draw me from my 6P, which has been...
  13. jt3

    Post Your next phone after the 6p?

    I was a bit sad to see that the new pixels don't have wireless charging, but I've been having serious battery issues with my 6P, so I was torn between buying a P2XL, or using my Fi insurance, and probably getting a Pixel XL (for the $99 deductible). Ultimately, between the camera (OIS+EIS...
  14. jt3

    Post Chances of Pixel 2 XL selling out?

    I'm a bit confused. I pre-ordered my P2XL 128 (Black) yesterday, a bit after the show, and it says "Ships 10/23." Others (who ordered DURING the show) are seeing shipping dates even earlier. Why, then, are all of the tech sites claiming that only the P2 is being released on 10/19, and that...
  15. jt3

    Post android 8.0 oreo OTA

    Since they haven't released the TMo/Fi build yet, it will likely have a newer build number, so using ADB, you'll be able to sideload the OTA update just fine. The only reason you wouldn't is if the TMo/Fi build has a LOWER build number. I think, even equal build numbers still work using ADB...
  16. jt3

    Post android 8.0 oreo OTA

    Because it hasn't "officially" been released yet. It's only been released to the Beta program. Think of it more as a "Release Candidate" than an actual release. Once it has "officially" been released to the public, it'll be available here for OTAs, or here for Factory Images.
  17. jt3

    Post android 8.0 oreo OTA

    Oh! Hehe. I guess I never knew about that -- or I forgot. At any rate thanks! Since it will undoubtedly wipe my BT pairings, I'll likely hold off until the weekend, when I have time to repair everything. Still, thanks!
  18. jt3

    Post android 8.0 oreo OTA

    How exactly did you do that? I'm not sure what you mean. ...and that fixed the Wifi issue?
  19. jt3

    Post android 8.0 oreo OTA

    I"m one of the people who (re)joined the beta to get the update and only got DP4. Wifi after rebooting was normal. Then, I upgraded to OPR6 (Thanks ALUOp!), and I definitely see this same thing. Wifi shuts off after every reboot. Very annoying. (Luckily, I normally don't have to reboot...
  20. jt3

    Post android 8.0 oreo OTA

    You are my hero! :victory: :highfive: I can finally give Google's update servers a rest from my constant "Check for Update" button mashing! :laugh:
  21. jt3

    Post android 8.0 oreo OTA

    No upgrade for me either. Still on DP4. From what I hear, the persistent "running in the background" notification is still there in OPR6.
  22. jt3

    Post android 8.0 oreo OTA

  23. jt3

    Post android 8.0 oreo OTA

    I just re-joined the beta this morning, and immediately got the 1GB OTA, but it's the DP4 version (OPP4.170623.014), with the July 5th security patch. No luck getting the OPR6 version yet. (Not sure if it matters, but I also never got the Aug. security patch for Nougat, even though I've...
  24. jt3

    Post Now available: Android 7.1 Developer Preview

    Actually, that's a SafetyNet issue, not related to 7.1. I was having the problem the day BEFORE the 7.1.1 DP came out. A SafetyNet check will now fail with an unlocked bootloader, regardless of version. (Well... with 7.0 at least... I don't know anyone with an unlocked bootloader still on...
  25. jt3

    Post Watch vibrates even after call is answered

    I'm a bit new to the Huawei watch, but this happened periodically on my Moto 360. I never found a solution, but when it happened, I found I could stop the vibration by covering the screen with my hand (as if I were turning off the display).
  26. jt3

    Post One Plus USB Type C Cables - Apply for refunds

    Yes, thanks for this. I have 6 total cables purchased for my Nexus 6P and my wife's Nexus 5X. I will certainly repurchase the updated cables, and appreciate the refund for these. I just hope they use the refund information to contact us when the new cables are available.
  27. jt3

    Post Nexus 6P Shipping Waiting Room

    I was so excited when my 128 Graphite changed to Processing Tuesday night. Not so happy that it's *STILL* at processing on Friday. How long does it take to process, sheesh! EDIT: Heh! Post #12345. lol
  28. jt3

    Post Nexus 6P Shipping Waiting Room

    I also ordered my 128 Graphite on 9/29, but from the Fi website, which was scheduled to leave the warehouse by today. I got an email on Friday about a delay. According to it, the expected DELIVERY dates have been pushed back to November 7-14. From what I've heard, this is the case with all...
  29. jt3

    Post Android pay yes or no and why?

    Just as I used Google Wallet everywhere I could, I will use AP. There are several reasons I do so: More secure than Credit Cards. Sick of changing cards (often not my choice, but the bank's) every time some retailer get hacked. I know EMV cards will help with this, but they're not working...
  30. jt3

    Post "Cheap" USB A to USB C Cables to work with your old chargers

    The best thing about the One Plus cables are that the Type-A end is reversible too! They're a little more expensive than some of the other cables listed in this thread, but that convenience alone made it worthwhile to me.
  31. jt3

    Post Charging Dock

    Source? That's counter to what I've heard, but then, I'm not in a position to know. Bastards! Oh well, I guess if I have to choose between Quick Charge and Exploding Battery, I do tend to favor my batteries to be of the non-detonating variety.
  32. jt3

    Post Charging Dock

    Hmm... I hadn't seen that, but I just looked, and you're right. That seems insane to me, and probably was done simply to avoid Qualcomm's QC2 licensing fee. People complained about QC2 generating more heat, when in fact, it probably generated less, since the current was lower. By pushing 3A...
  33. jt3

    Post Charging Dock

    That really depends on what Google means by Fast Charging. If they mean that it's simply utilizing a 5V/3A charger, then you're right, the data connections are irrelevant. However, it's much easier on the battery to use a higher voltage and lower current to charge at the same power (wattage)...
  34. jt3

    Post Charging Dock

    That's a very good point. Fast charging requires the data ports too, so if the dock uses a charge only cable (inside the dock itself), it won't support fast-charging. However, assuming it uses a data cable for the dock, then it will utilize the capabilities of whatever adapter you plug into...
  35. jt3

    Post How do they assign the account the $50 Play credit?

    Typically, they send a redemption code to the email associated with the account. If they do this, as they have in the past, then you can actually use that code on any account.
  36. jt3

    Post Nexus 6P Shipping Survey

    I think we can also safely assume that the ones "shipping" in early October, were really supposed to be early November, especially since three "latest" date orders are before any "earliest" dates.
  37. jt3

    Post Nexus 6P with Project Fi !

    Using dialer codes, you can lock your Fi signal to a single carrier (Sprint or T-Mo), which is essentially the same as choosing GSM (T-Mo) or CDMA (Sprint) from Ting, plus you have the added benefit of Wi-Fi usage where available. So, you *can* avoid the carrier switching issues, while...
  38. jt3

    Post Likelihood of screen burn in?

    Historically, yes. Even more certain if you get Nexus Protect.
  39. jt3

    Post Nexus 6P with Project Fi !

    I've been on Fi for a couple of months now with my N6 daily driver. You must remember that any carrier's service is highly subjective, varying greatly due to location, the layout and construction of any enclosure (building, car, etc.), a specific device's reception capabilities, and about a...
  40. jt3

    Post Charging Dock

    If they make a version of that N6 Dock for the N6P and N5X, I'd probably buy a couple of each (N6P for me, N5X for my wife) so that my wife and I could have one for home and work. That N6 dock looks fantastic!
  41. jt3

    Post Nexus 6P - Bender (Futurama) Phone Wrap/Skin

    Even if you could, I'm thinking it would be difficult to do something that wouldn't interfere with camera, flash, or IR Focus.
  42. jt3

    Post USB C Retractable Cables - Anyone?

    There's always the option of getting a Micro-USB to Type-C converter, and using your existing retractable cables.
  43. jt3

    Post Are you going to keep or cancel your 6P pre-order?

    The leaks on this device were more geysers than drips. In other words, everyone already knew everything, and the presentation was just confirmation. Even then, you had nearly an hour (from the time they stopped talking about Nexus) before you could really pre-order, giving everyone plenty of...
  44. jt3

    Post [Q&A] Noob -Friendly Q&A Help Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    That answer is partially correct. The N5X and N6P chargers are Type-C. Charging cables are Type-C to Type-C, meaning that they do not have a standard Type-A connector to plug into your old chargers. In the case of the N6P, it will come with a Type-A to Type-C cable, but from what we know at...
  45. jt3

    Post Charging Dock

  46. jt3

    Post Topic for the week: Week 1 ❀Camera protrusion❀

    Totally, completely, utterly... don't care about it. To me, it looks fine. If anything, it gives this phone some identity. I'm the kind of person that needed a case for the N6 (so damn slippery!), but didn't want one that hid the Nexus name. This bar will stand out, and scream Nexus like...
  47. jt3

    Post Charging Dock

    Ditto. Anyone finds one, please post it here!
  48. jt3

    Post Anybody Else Going Naked?

    For me, it all depends on the feel. I've never used a case on my phones, and I've never had an issue with scratches or damage. However the N6 felt so slippery and unstable in my hand when pulling it out of my pocket that I had to put something on it - just to give it some grip. I'm hoping...
  49. jt3

    Post Google fi

    If you have a Nexus 6, its sim won't work in the new 6P (or 5X). If you ordered your 6P from Fi, you'll get a new sim card with it. If you ordered it through the GS, you'll need to order a new sim from Fi. If you order a sim from Fi right now, it will likely show delivery in the last week of...
  50. jt3

    Post Where are the reviews?

    My guess is that review units haven't been sent out yet. We got a wave of "hands on" reviews, but those were simply by people attending the conference. Google is probably wrapping up the final touches on Marshmallow, then review units will probably start shipping in a week or two, timed so...