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  1. DerGriechisch

    Thread Theme Store on EU rom

    Theme Store is unavailable on EU variants. Anyone knows how to make it available again?
  2. DerGriechisch

    Post [ROM][11.0_r43][OFFICIAL][STABLE] ShapeShiftOS for realme 7 pro [RMX2170]

    How did you manage to make the rom since realme hasn't released the source code?
  3. DerGriechisch

    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (All QCOM Variants)

    Gt-i9506 is missing these arent all s4 variants
  4. DerGriechisch

    Post Evolution X 5.9.2[OFFICIAL] for Ginkgo/Willow

    Use this TWRP it looks weird but it solves your problem https://www.mediafire.com/file/ma34dbgir2hbnvi/twrp_ginkgo-willow_3.4A9_23-12-2020_BL.img/file
  5. DerGriechisch

    Post [ROM][GT-I9506][ks01ltexx] LineageOS 18.1 UNOFFICIAL for the Galaxy S4 LTE-A

    What do you mean I have los 18.1 and there isnt a stock email app, i use gmail If it exists 99% you will be able to install it on your new phone
  6. DerGriechisch

    Post Quick Charge, Power Delivery and USB charging for Realme 7 Pro

    Generally, all fast charges will drop ther voltage when the connected phone doesn't support it. With lower voltage you wont have any problems other than the speed of charging, which will obviously decrease Standard 5V chargers will work just fine Normal laptop usb will work just fine, in fact...
  7. DerGriechisch

    Post [ROM][10.0][RMX1971] Pixel Experience [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    You are right but unofficials dont have built in OTA updates while officials do
  8. DerGriechisch

    Thread Custom Rom Fast Charging Support

    Do custom roms support the proprietary VOOC fast charging?
  9. DerGriechisch

    Post [11][OFFICIAL] Havoc-OS 4.1 [ARM64/ARM/A64][A/AB/AB-VNDKLITE][GApps/Vanilla]

    Is this going to work on any device provided that the appropriate version for each processor type is installed?
  10. DerGriechisch

    Post Official HavocOSv3 Android 10

    Has the support officially ended or are there going to be updates?
  11. DerGriechisch

    Post [ROM][GT-I9506][ks01ltexx] LineageOS 18.1 UNOFFICIAL for the Galaxy S4 LTE-A

    Kyasu man you make excellent lineage os roms why arent you the official maintainer for gti9506?