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    Thread Crackling or static like noise in MIUI Beta 7.0 ROMs : SOLVED

    I don't know if this has been answered anywhere and I am sincerely sorry if it has been. I am faced with a peculiar problem with my 18K Mi Mix. The phone came with When no updates were forthcoming I decided to root and install a custom ROM. Everything went fine and the phone booted up...
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    Thread Unable to connect Sprint Flex to PC

    My Sprint Flex is unable to connect to PC. I am only able to browse files through wireless storage mode. However, the phone charges fine when connected to the PC. I am on ZV6 rooted firmware presently. Do you think this could be a software or a hardware problem? Please help me out with your...
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    Thread Need help. Sprint Activation.

    Immediately after the release of the Sprint update, I tried flashing Insertcoin's ROM which asked for activation of the phone. I am in India intend to use my phone on GSM so, the process could not complete. I switched to Renovate 7.0. The problem is, now I am unable to flash any Sprint specific...
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    Thread Cannot boot into CWM recovery to install custom ROMS

    Pardon me if this is a noob question. I am new to Android. I have recently restored back my Razr to stock using RSD lite. After that I used EternityProject's EasyRootICS package to root my Razr. The rooting went fine and I checked thereafter with Root Checker and found that my Razr was rooted...
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    Thread Razr Frequent restart problems

    Hi I am absolutely new to the world of Android and its related processes. Recently I got hold of a second hand Motorola Razr (Indian Version) which was on stock ROM that is GB 2.3.6. After playing with it for a few days I decided to search for an OTA update of the firmware. There was one...
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    Thread Help : Audio Problems

    I am new to this forum of wonderful people, wizards and cooks. I have a problem. I just flashed my X1 with the Phoenix ROM. Everything seems to run just fine. However the only problem is that the moment the device goes into standby or the screen completely turns off, the media player simply...