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    Post [OP7TPRO TMO 5G][OOS 10.0.42 HD61CB] Unbrick tool to restore your device to OxygenOS

    no matter which version i use i get error 258 the start of super.img triedd anything you can think of 4 hours spent on a phone i just bought and now its useless. if theres just a way to clear the corruption thing on boot that would be super helpful
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    Post [ROM][11.0_r43][OFFICIAL] Evolution X 5.9.2 - Sanctuary [09/19/2021]

    thanks for informing me. there were a few q roms that worked with the q vendor then out of nowhere none i tested worked
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    Post Verizon MMS won't download

    had issues on verizon using most pie and q roms. so far havoc pie, aex, evox rom, stock work with little to no issues, on q im using evo x with no issues. havoc q does not even detect a sim, i havent tried omni.
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    Post [ROM][11.0_r43][OFFICIAL] Evolution X 5.9.2 - Sanctuary [09/19/2021]

    im curious why oos 10 vendor doesnt work, it either throws me to fastboot or back to recovery with a /data error. my guess is crypto errors or the rom doesnt support oos 10 vendors yet. 9.0.17 works flawlessly amazing rom i think ill be using for some time
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    Post [ROM][11.0_r43][OFFICIAL] Evolution X 5.9.2 - Sanctuary [09/19/2021]

    After a few days of use with latest magisk, BusyBox, magisk props to pass safety net, debloater and ytvanced. It's stable as can be. No kernel settings have been tweaked. Even the most demanding games run fine. Battery of course drains. Sot seems ok, of course there are still optimizations to be...
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    Post Please help me to rollback my oneplus 6t to Pie froma stable Android 10

    you will need to unlock the bootloader and use the aio tool from somewhere on the one plus fourms. allow oem unlock in dev options. note in the process you will be formatting the internal storage
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    Post [ROM][11.0_r43][OFFICIAL] Evolution X 5.9.2 - Sanctuary [09/19/2021]

    sms, ims, volte visual vm works on verizon
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    i was able to re partition and test a samsung one ui port but no boot. i kinda expected it. i used msmdownload tool to re set all partitions, which was super easy. this wa one hellva learning experience. i wouldnt mind being able to open up tz and see the files so i could do over clocking. i...
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    im looking to re partition my oneplus 6t to flash just about any rom or gsi i want. i realize im gonna need to basically brick my phone to re partition the entire thing. i believe i need to just change the system part, and the data part. but if im wron im glad to take advice. i cant seem to find...
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    Post Roms with FULL Verizon wireless support.

    I didn't know aosip worked, I haven't tried Omni since I had to make a call to tier 2 support. So that call could have fixed it for me. I haven't heard of treskmod. Havoc isn't bad.
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    Post Roms with FULL Verizon wireless support.

    Some Roms don't have the ability to send/receive mms ( pictures and group texts). Some Roms can't even receive texts or calls.
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    Thread Roms with FULL Verizon wireless support.

    I want this to be a thread for us Verizon people using custom Roms. As of right now there are several Roms that have partial support. There is one ROM I know of that has full support. Havoc os. Sky dragon, liquid remix l, Luis ROM collection has partial support. Some Roms have no support.
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    Post Verizon APN Not Showing Up

    ive had issues on stock and custom roms with this. you may have to wipe user dat, try a diffrent rom, if you do custom software, ive called verizon now a few diffrent times and try telling them about cdma-less feature, or feature code #83856
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    Post [RECOVERY][3.4.0-11][fajita]Official/Unofficial TWRP recovery for OnePlus 6T (Stable)

    Any way to fix decryption not working with a lock screen on stock oos? Besides removing lock pin or pattern. Or disabling encryption?
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    Post Verizon MMS won't download

    i cant receive mms messages on any rom so far but i can send sometimes as of august and September builds i havent tested omni yet. apn stuff doesnt seem to work as of yet. THE SEARCH CONTINUES lol
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    Post [ROM][OP6/OP6T] SkyDragon OS [9.x][09.14]

    I can get aod, I tried several ways, Is there a add on?
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    Post OnePlus 6T on Verizon

    I use the a6010 which is the international one. I used it on Verizon. It's a 4g only device on verizon.
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    Post Over Clocking Kernel

    This is interesting. I want to look. Into tz and see what I can find
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    Post [ROM][OP6/OP6T] SkyDragon OS [9.x][09.14]

    Settings->Display->ambient Display-> always on
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    Post [ROM][OP6/OP6T] SkyDragon OS [9.x][09.14]

    How did you get fingerprint to work on aod? I can't seem to figure it out, device specific features triggers a fc. Any suggestions? thomas.raines
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    Post Getting Google's Project Fi To Work On OnePlus 6T

    Is it possible to get Sprint and usc to work yet? Or is it a IMEI thing. I'm hoping we can try to screw around with the build props or something
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    Post [KERNEL] SmurfKernel 2.0.78 [GPU OC / UC] [OOS / CUSTOM UNIFIED] [4.9.193]

    getting ready to try your kernel with my 6t thanks for making such a feature packed kernel,if you have any cool test builds or ideas im always up to try new things!!
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    Post [KERNEL] CleanSlate 🚀 v3.7.9 |FlashLight|KCal|WireGuard|Battery [25Jul]

    hey there i see we have the same device again remember me from the good ol htc 10 days?? glad to see your still doing your thing i have always loved the kernels you have made.
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    Post LG G6 development phone / prototype, LGM-G600L

    Check to see if you have a snapdragon 835. LG made a few protos, of a 835 until Samsung bought ALL of the 835 chips in a douchebag move, which forced LG to use a 821 in the g6
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    Post [RECOVERY][OFFICIAL][US997-H870-H872]OrangeFox Recovery Project [R10.0]

    I'll try and post here with a update Edit: I couldn't make it work.
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    Post [KDZ][H870][US997] LG Firmware Updates as KDZ

    Hello, i have a us997 and im trying to get the verizon radio on my phone so i can have better support for verizon but im nervous about flashing the whole kdz to my phone in fear of a brick or locking my bootloader. Ive looked at the verizon fourms with no luck
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    Post [9.0][GSI] Havoc-OS [v2.4][Unofficial][ARM64-A/AB][April 2019]

    I doubt it will happen. The sim detection was an issue on Oreo to. If he wanted or cared to fix it he would have by now. He has other bigger things.
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    Post [Kernel][9.0] NSFW-kernel R25

    I'm sad I want a working over clocked kernel. I don't like all the eas stuff I like raw power and customisability
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    Post [9.0][GSI] Havoc-OS [v2.4][Unofficial][ARM64-A/AB][April 2019]

    No Sim detection but everything else seems good EDIT: phh's github says its a issue with all pixel/pixel xl's. I'm curious why but it will fixed eventually.
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    Post Frp unlock bypass with all tools online updated expoits

    I was also thinking how in fiddle f*ck is this legal.
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    Post [ROM][9.0]LiquidRemix[v10.0.11][OFFICIAL][08/24/2019]

    That's hilarious ?. That pretty much as equal as what the other guy said about ads. I actually had to re read what he said.
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    Post [9.0][GSI] Havoc-OS [v2.4][Unofficial][ARM64-A/AB][April 2019]

    I used a only image I'll try again with ab image. I only used a only because I have used a only till I started using treble based Roms. In fact the pixel xl is my first treble device.
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    Post [9.0][GSI] Havoc-OS [v2.4][Unofficial][ARM64-A/AB][April 2019]

    I have a pixel xl. when I come from the official liquid remix rom, I obviously wipe all besides a internal storage wipe cause I'd lose the gsi image file. But I can flash open gaps is says I'm using Oreo( api 27 ) when the rom is api 28 also it boot loops I have decrypted internal storage I even...
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    Thread new bootloader unlock method for verizon pixel xl and MAYBE pixel

    LISTEN AND LISTEN WELL. i dont take responsibility for paper weights i just stumbled across this while trying to unlock my pixel xl 128 GB on verizon cid update to the latest OFFICIAL version of pie. then use this tool credit goes to this awesome guy for the tool...
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    Post Successfully installed US997 over VS988 (removed V* bloatware)

    I'm on a us997 and I want volte do I just flash the Verizon radio? Also is there a way to do it from recovery? I don't want to do it by PC unless I need to
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    Post Root n900v 5.0 of1 one click

    I got it fixed awhile back but I still have issues with Verizon on custom Roms, but Verizon has always had issues with custom roms and root access.
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    Post [ROM][NXTeam][6.0.1][N7/N8/S8 Port][09.Apr.2018] MagMa-NX VX PCE

    Look everywhere you want but AOD wont ever work effectively on our note 3. We have a snapdragon 800 soc. AOD was designed for snapdragon 820+ socs. The reason is a hardware limitation. Our soc can't do into "deep sleep" state with the screen on. Even with AOD. No matter what you do you will...
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    Post One Ui for galaxy note 3 ?

    I saw it to. I dont expect a link to go up. Its probably bs to get publicity. Also i just dont see one ui working very well, AT ALL. The way the note 3 was running was to smooth.
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    Post [CLANG 13]Lolz-Kernel v16[Android 9/10/11][STABLE]

    I'm siding with you here. Ive yet to have an issue with dirty flashing. But if I do, I clean flash. So, its up to really anyones preferences. Oddly all of jprimes kernels and roms i dont have issues dirty flashing. Every other developer, i have to clean flash.
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0_r47] Havoc-OS 2.9 [FINAL][STABLE][OFFICIAL][HLTE/CHN/KOR/TMO]

    Its weird, i can use it for... Maybe a hour or two? Bjt when i need to switch 3G to 4G. It hangs I sometimes have to force it.... It SOMETIMES works. Yes i hardware acceleration in Dev options disabled. (Same issue existed on my HTC 10). So im from now on keeping logs, ON BOOT. sorry if i post...
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0_r47] Havoc-OS 2.9 [FINAL][STABLE][OFFICIAL][HLTE/CHN/KOR/TMO]

    This is something ive battled with on most, if not all aosp pie/Oreo. IM NOT CRAPPING ON YOUR AMAZING WORK BY ANY MEANS. I also pmed you jprimero15. with some questions. I have no idea on whats happening. I have hltetmo havoc os 3-08 build, with lolz hltetmo 7.0/latest. I use Verizon here in...
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    Post [CLANG 13]Lolz-Kernel v16[Android 9/10/11][STABLE]

    I kinda had a feeling sultans boost tweaks wouldnt work to well for our phone considering I used sultans boost tweaks on my one plus 3 before it broke. But i didnt want to speak out of turn and disrespect you.
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    Post [CLANG 13]Lolz-Kernel v16[Android 9/10/11][STABLE]

    this old note 3 isnt my first rodeo lol, ive overclocked every android based phone or tablet ive put a custom os on, I also dont just max crap out and hope for the best, theres a strategy to it. Id say its a alot harder on gaming PCs though. jprimero15 Im curious about open cl. I see there is no...
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    Post [CLANG 13]Lolz-Kernel v16[Android 9/10/11][STABLE]

    I've been researching into old kernels, I've seen and experienced and messed with old software it seems the old 2.8 GHz oc works. Why didn't you do that with this kernel did it get to unstable? I saw some kernels go to 3.0 GHz. I doubt a 700-800 MHz oc is stable. I'm curious about the GPU? I...
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    Post Root n900v 5.0 of1 one click

    I'm very confused. I'm in a unique situation and I'm deeply confused. I have a Cid 15 verizon note 3. I already unlocked the bootloader. I was having issues with getting service on all aosp and stock based Roms, it was very weird to me. Sim was detected, the base band was detected and it read my...
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    Post [ROM] [9.0.0] LineageOS 16.0 UNOFFICIAL Builds (pme)

    As far as I know I NEVER got my HTC 10 to get VOLTE on at&t because their was never a device specific fw. Only reason I get it now is cause I switched to Verizon.
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    Post Note 3 can't get SIM to detect unless flashing stock ROM (various bootloader/modems)

    Ive had the issue to with even the touch wiz variants of arya mod and others I'm in the united states though and I have to do tmo variants of aosp. Im using a emmc brick bug unlocked note 3. I'm on vzw btw. Im worried to do a full flash because ive seen mixed things on doing a full Odin update...