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    Post Paranoid Android Quartz 3 Beta - Oneplus 8 Pro

    Hi, I followed all the instructions but with "fastboot -w" i got "error: Cannot generate image for userdata" Why ? How to fix it ?
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    Post [ROM][9.0][OnePlus6] Pixel Experience[OFFICIAL] [AOSP/Plus][2019/09/06]

    Hi guys, When i try to boot on blu spark TWRP, i'm stuck on fastboot mode logo...
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    Post [ROM][8.1]LiquidRemix[v9.1.5][OFFICIAL][09/15/18]

    Hi, I try to install this rom on my op6, but after i flashed the Rom, twrp says when i want to reboot, no os installed. I tried to ignore, but the phone Boots in bootloader mode
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    Post [ROM][8.1][H870][UNOFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix v6.1.0 [21.07.2018]

    I tried to root, but i always have error 1 with TWRP (Melina). I tried supersu 2.82, supersu 2.82 R5, and magisk. How to ?
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    Post Testpoint for bricked p9

    Nobody can help me ?
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    Thread Testpoint for bricked p9

    Hi, Can somebody tell me where are testpoint on p9 ?
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    Post P9 Hard Bricked - No recovery, no fastboot

    Could somebody find firmware with testpoint for eva-l09 ?
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][7.1.2]Dirty Unicorns 11.6[US997] [H870] [08.16.2017]

    It's not in a hurry, don't worry ! Good luck for the hurricane
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][7.1.2]Dirty Unicorns 11.6[US997] [H870] [08.16.2017]

    I can confirm, no NFC. Also, i can't read video of snapchat stories. LG G6 H870
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    Post P9 Hard Bricked - No recovery, no fastboot

    Hi, After hours of search, i found a python program for honor 4C. This program can communicate with p9 with usb serial port. So, i got Linux on my pc, tried to be familiar with python. Now, i need some information: startframe headframe bootheadaddress bootdownloadaddress If...
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    Thread Adress Boot.img

    Hi, i would like to know what is the adresse (like 0x80202020) of boot.img. The reason is i have a bricked p9 and i want to use python hisi-idt.py program (for honor 4c) and modify it for p9.
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    Post P9 Hard Bricked - No recovery, no fastboot

    I already tried DC phoenix, but my phone isn't recognized so i can't use it
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    Post P9 Hard Bricked - No recovery, no fastboot

    No, i found nothing...
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    Post P9 Hard Bricked - No recovery, no fastboot

    Yes, i have a computer. I tried to insert usb cable with vol down, but my phone is always recognized as USB SER
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][capricorn][7.1] LineageOS 14.1

    I had the same problem. To solve it, i downloaded and installed 7.7.6, booted it. Then, back to twrp. No wipe, i installed LOS directly. Then, wipe data factory reset. Installed gapps and i rebooted Direct link for 7.7.6: http://bigota.d.miui.com/7.7.6/miui_MI5S_7.7.6_0b8f5161e5_7.0.zip
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    Post P9 Hard Bricked - No recovery, no fastboot

    Yes, nothing happens
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    Post P9 Hard Bricked - No recovery, no fastboot

    I don't have access to fastboot or recovery. I have black screen, when i try all combinations. When it's plugged, it's only recognized as " USB SER "
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    Post P9 Hard Bricked - No recovery, no fastboot

    My phone is charged. I tried your solution, but didn't work..
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    Thread P9 Hard Bricked - No recovery, no fastboot

    Hi, First i'm sorry for my bad english. I've a P9, and i tried to update to Nougat. But something went wrong, and now, i can't boot my phone, no recovery no fastboot. When i plug it on my pc, my phone is recognize as "USB SER". How to unbricked ?
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    Post [ROM] [7.1.2] [UNOFFICIAL] ViperOS [v2.0] [Capricorn] [11.Jul]

    (Poste en anglais la prochaine fois sinon personne ne te répondra ;) ) Mets à jour le modem en installant miui nougat puis full wipe et installe cette ROM Update your phone with miui nougat then full wipe and install this ROM
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    Post P9-Lite bricked, stuck in a bootloop,can't access twrp recovery mode or fastboot mode

    Hi, I have a problem with my p9 too. I can't access fastboot or recovery mode. The phone stays on black screen, no led. When i pluged it on usb, he is detected but as "USB SER". How can i do to reflash ?
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    Post [Q&A] Help thread. Ask away! (Noob friendly)

    Ok, i got it working again. I followed the thread back to stock 100%, first with CM11S, then i download official COS12 rom, i installed it like an update in stock recovery, then i installed a modified kernel for the touchscreen, and now my proximity sensor works ! I'll use this rom a couple of...
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    Post [Q&A] Help thread. Ask away! (Noob friendly)

    Thx for your reply. I tried to install Exodus ROM but no changes. I will try AK kernel I don't think it's an hardware issue, because my P.S works with KitKat
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    Post [Q&A] Help thread. Ask away! (Noob friendly)

    Yes, i flashed bacon firmware 05.15.2015
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    Post [Q&A] Help thread. Ask away! (Noob friendly)

    Proximity Sensor doesn't work I've updated my oneplus from KitKat to lolipop, and now, my proximity sensor doesn't work anymore with all 5.1 or 5.0.2 ROM custom or stock I tried to downgrade in 4.4.4, but i have touchscreen issue...
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    Post Can't install ROM

    I will try this after work. Thanks for your help ! Sent from my XT1052 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread Can't install ROM

    Hi, I recently received my new moto x. I unlocked the bootloader and I rooted it, and I also installed TWRP But every time I try to install a ROM (cm11, slimkat) I get an error with updater script do you have a solution? Sent from my XT1052 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Post [POLL] CPU Binning

    3 = FASTER ? Sent from my Nexus 4 using xda app-developers app
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    Post [AOKP][JB] Xperia S/SL - KangXperiaProject - [Milestone 1 - R3]

    For me, I re-flash the official ICS rom, then I flashed recovery nozomi then wipe data / factory reset, wipe cache wipe dalvik cache then I flashed the rom and gapps
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    Post [Q] CM10 - Brightness Problem on LT26ii

    I tried your app and it works perfectly! Sent from my Xperia S using xda app-developers app
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    Post Google now ROM PAC

    Ok I put my phone in english language and google now works perfectly with cards ! Thanks you ! Sent from my Xperia S using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Google now ROM PAC

    Hello everybody ! I'm french ans i search how to launch google now with a command like "google". But there isn't option to do this Sent from my Xperia S using xda app-developers app
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    Thread [Q] Mods CM10

    hello all! I recently installed CM10 on my xperia s and I would like to install many mods and more with the help of Pimp My Rom apk. But when I restart my xs, I get stuck on the boot animation. I installed it with PMR: -init.d support -gps configuration -optimize sqlite3 Databases -ext4 file...
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    Thread [Q] Big PROBLEM !!!

    Today i wanted to flash CM10 148 so i extracted the boot.img and i flashed it on my xs. But i get a failed with fastboot and my phone doesn't restart and i don't have led red blue or green ! Have you got any idea to fix it ?
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    Thread KA 19 installation

    Hi everybody, i want to install KA 19 xperia sspeed but when i finished to reboot, i have many errors like "select app to usb connection" and i can't use my phone because the error stays on the screen. So i reboot with power+vol up but the error stays. Anny idea ?
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    Thread Boot manager

    Hello everybody, i recently installed boot manager v0.4 but i want to change and i want to uninstall it to remplace it with ka xperia
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    Post [Q] Play store doesn't work

    Thanks for your answer, but it doesn't work..
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    Thread [Q] Play store doesn't work

    The play store doesn't work in my phone, after flashing FXP138.. He shows "Server errors" Any idea ?
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    Post [Q] Problem FXP137

    Someone to help me ?
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    Post [Q] Problem FXP137

    So i tried with ics15.elf kernel, i flashed the zip file and i reflashed boot.img but the lockscreen doesn't work
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    Post [Q] Problem FXP137

    Yes And Yes I extract boot.img from the zip file and i put it into fastboot folder. I flashed it. I booted into recovery, i flash nozomi.zip file and gapps. I rebooted the system and the lockscreen don't work
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    Post [Q] Problem FXP137

    With toogle. And after disable animation, nothing has changed
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    Thread [Q] Problem FXP137

    Hi all, I have a problem after installing FXP137. When I LOCK my phone, it hangs and I have to force a restart. An idea?
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    Thread Stock Rom for XS ?

    Hello, i search stock rom ics for xperia s
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    Post Statusbar installation ?

    Thanks for your answer ! Can you give me the links of the tutorial to root without unlock bootloader ?
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    Thread Statusbar installation ?

    Hello,and sorry for my bad english.. I have a question maybe stupid to ask ... I have a Sony Xperia S with ICS 4.0 and I would like to know if it is possible to install one of these status bar (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1583288) without CWM. I don't want to unlock my...
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    Thread [Q] Problem with KA09 Xperia SSpeed !

    I have a problem. I follow all the instructions that are described as a new user, but when I finished to install KA09 Xperia SSpeed​​, I haven't got notification bar :(. Could anyone help me please ?
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    Post S on new Rom

    What is the version of your Hboot ? Your operator and your Rom ?