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    Thread Bluetooth audio problem

    Hi all, I have MI 10T and recently I bought xiaomi's TWS 2S headphones. I noticed that when screen is locked, audio becomes very bad on Spotify (ie). Same thing happens sometimes even if not in locked screen. Output is distorted, and generally is a bad experience. On the other hand I've tested...
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    Thread Flash notifications

    Hi, I'm wondering if there's any way to enable flash notifications for all notifications rather than just incoming calls and text messages. I'd like to use it for emails and messenger. Any ideas?
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    Thread HOX no IMEI

    Hi to all. I was wondering if anyone had any experience simiral to my problem. in bootloader when I "fastboot getvar all" I can see phone's IMEI but in whatever Rom/kernel I've flashed I can't get signal and phone is stucked at airplane mode with "unknown" number at IMEI field. When I'm trying...
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    Thread Touch to wake?

    Hi, I've been a galaxy s3 user for long,and recently swapped for a hox. (always a HTC fanboy). Anyway, does anyone know if there's a kernel with touch2wake feature after screen is off? I generally read a lot and is quite useful mod. I don't mean slide to wake (=to lockscreen) but while you're...