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    Thread Is your Pixel 5 able to access 4G Network?

    It seems my Pixel 5 (unlocked) is stuck between LTE and 5G. Well, LTE most of the time and occasionally 5G when around town. If I understand correctly, P5 is backward compatible with 4G, but it never picks up 4G signal even when I am at my home where my P4XL would always have 4 bars for 4G...
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    Thread VZW System Apps

    Not familiar with the following apps, are those ok to remove/freeze? Already froze My Verizon without any problem. Android 8.1 rooted, using Titanium Backup. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Thread (Trade-in) Delivery Attempt Limbo

    Shipped my Pixel XL back on time with 8 days in hand. It took 4 days to reach the local USPS. Now its in a Delivery Attempt limbo for the past couple days. Leaving me with only 3 days in hand to meet the 30 day mark. Looks like the company responsible for trade-in verification, Apto Solution is...
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    Thread Can I trade-in rooted phone?

    Just got my trade-in kit in the mail today. It does not have any in-depth information, neither does any of the emails I received in regards to trade-ins. Just curious, can I turn in my unlocked+rooted XL? Or do I have to unroot/lock it prior to sending it in? I successfully traded in a rooted...
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    Thread Stuck at bouncing dots [SOLVED and ROOTED]

    ORIGINAL PROBLEM: Pixel XL 128gb VS, received this morning with 63L. 1) Enabled debugging and OEM unlock. 2) Took the update as everyone said 63V is ok. But it turned out to be 63X(?) (I am on VZW network but phone purchased directly from google). 3) Used adb to get into bootloader mode and...