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  1. J

    Thread Cannot use internal storage

    Hello, since today I cannot use/see my internal storage. But in TWRP it is usable. I get all the time this error: ndroid.database.sqlite.SQLiteCantOpenDatabaseException: Cannot open database '/data/user/0/com.android.providers.media.module/databases/external.db': File...
  2. J

    Thread Can't install apps after reinstalled xiaomi.eu weekly

    Hello there, I was on lates xiaomi.eu weekly and did a factory reset with twrp and installed the rom again. But now I can't install apps threw playstore. I get the message "app needs external space". Also I cannot download anything or do pictures. It says "please install sd card". Something...
  3. J

    Thread Share Now App and Xiaomi.eu rom - Problem

    Hey there, I use always the latest xiaomo.eu weekly and I have problems with share now app. I can only uses smart fortwo cars and thats all. All the other cars cause error like "this car is not compatible to your phone system". I think the problem is, that the app somehow sees that the phone is...
  4. J

    Thread Amazfit GTS - Automate weather update

    Hey guys, the GTS is quiet nice, but the need of updating weather manually threw the app is just stupid. I would like to have an automatically way to update weather for example every hour. Do you have an idea how to do this? Somehow it doesn't work yet with tasker, but i just started with tasker.
  5. J

    Thread xiaomi.eu weekly - google pay

    I'm waiting since a few weeks for a rom update on which google pay works. Today i installed xiaomi.eu weekly 9.10.17 and i'm using magisk and get ctsProfile: true basicIntegrity: true but still can't add paypal to google pay. Is there a way to get it work?
  6. J

    Thread Bad performance

    Hello there, i upgraded from Redmi Note 4X (xiaomi.eu weekly rom) and got 2 new RN7 Global (global stable 10.2.3) for me and my girlfriend and now I'm quiet disappointed. In comparison to RN4X there is all over worse performance and weird touch behavior. RN4X is often even faster. For...
  7. J

    Thread Slow Wifi

    Hi, i have Redmi 3S international version (with LTE 800 Mhz) and slow wifi connection about 800 kbs download. Does someone has same problems? Is there a solution? Other devices work well. Tried to change router kanals without improvement. Thanks!
  8. J

    Thread Youtube android app without root

    Is there a solution to run youtube android app on Fire TV (without root)? I tried this https://www.androidsage.com/2016/04/05/how-to-install-google-play-store-on-the-amazon-fire-devices-without-root/ and sideloaded latest youtube apk but i get rh-01 connection problem with playstore.
  9. J

    Thread Play 4k content in 4k on Fire TV (2) from USB stick

    Hi! Does anybody knows how to play 4k files from usb in 4k? Cannot find anything in the web, just 1 year old posts that it doesn't work. Thanks!