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  1. eChinz

    Thread [Q] Changing Language every restart

    Hi, Everytime I turn off this computer in 5pm, and open it in 8am it's changing the Language. please see attached picture. please help.
  2. eChinz

    Thread Kakao

    free free free Kakao theme (: how to change the picture: 1. holding the picture & configure 2. go to Layout and locate “profile pic” 3. locate “bitmap” and select your picture! how to change the name: 1. holding the picture & configure 2. go to Layout and locate the text with “elino chin jr”...
  3. eChinz

    Thread [Q] Themer Zooper Music Player

    Hi. It is possible to make music player in Themer Zooper? so I will not use another application. can you teach me how? PS: if possible the song seek bar? please help. thank you Nexus 4
  4. eChinz

    Thread [Q] Control your Android

    Hi, do you have idea what app can control my android like adding widget, open app, text, transfer file & etc..? so i can create theme on my PC. i'm using Mac pc. thanks!
  5. eChinz

    Thread [Q] Time Screensaver BUG

    hi guys! i need help, i just buy a 2nd hand (slightly used) lumia 920 to a person, but i just encountered a problem or bug, maybe i dont know if this is a phone problem or maybe the phone is already damage, i need your help if you encountered also this bug in lockscreen / screensaver. please...
  6. eChinz

    Thread [Q]

    i'm planning to buy nexus 4, but i'm confused if there's a nexus 4 2nd generation like nexus 7 and nexus 7 2nd gen? and can you give best reason why did you buy nexus 4? thanks
  7. eChinz

    Thread Db Homescreen

    hope you like it (: link: http://mycolorscreen.com/2013/10/26/db-2/ Gmail https://plus.google.com/111435879893959248072
  8. eChinz

    Thread [Q] How to change the default lockscreen wallpaper?

    please help, i want to change the default wallpaper of lockscreen to be different from homescreen wallpaper. thank you very much
  9. eChinz

    Thread [THEME] Ec Spongebob

    Spongebob Theme has been released (9-7-13) link for Files here: http://mycolorscreen.com/2013/09/07/ec-spongebob-2/ press Thanks if you like this Thank you :D ----- (9-10-13) Update with #GoToucherPro Spongebob will be in your screen all the time (: Click here to download for free...
  10. eChinz

    Thread [Q] [HELP] Lockscreen Wallpaper

    can anyone help me how to change the "default Lockscreen wallpaper"? the default lockscreen is transparent black, i want to change it into wallpaper im using Karbonn A9+ (Cherry Mobile Flare [Jelly Bean] ) pls help :confused: link for my framework-res.apk...
  11. eChinz

    Thread [Help] Status bar

    it is posible to get this status bar to my cherry mobile flare? please help. i want this style thank you Sent from my A9+(Flare S100) using xda premium