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    Post poco m3 does not turn on anymore

    Xiaomi finally replied to my email And yes i didnt check my mail coz it took months i reported this on may
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    Post poco m3 does not turn on anymore

    Poco m3 drains battery by itself. General rule of the thumb 1-10% - 0 to 1 day 11-20% - 2 days Basically 1 day is around 10% of battery I think the motherboard is on but for some odd reason the display board and basically the whole thing doesnt turn on on. But it still is draining battery...
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    Thread Xiaomi officially disables faulty update 12.0.8 and beyond

    I saw this morning and it seems they finally recognized the firmware bug for poco m3 really funny. Most likely all poco updates are disabled now. Can we see a future patch fix ? Nope. Probably not. Gl to those who bought this ****ty phone. Hopefully this is not your everyday phone.
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    Post Any way to unlock bootloader without waiting?

    Nope.. theres no workaround there
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    Post Has anyone succeeded in repairing a bricked Poco M3?

    do not try to update it... i tried 3 times their own ota update broke the phone os which makes it unable to go to recovery or fastboot. i will try and see if i can update firmware and fix itself
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    Post poco m3 does not turn on anymore

    i did a factory reset.... but the phone didnt turned back on. i did do the ota update three times prior to this one which failed three times. .. the first one prolly broke the recovery and fastboot mode ... im not sure what to do after this. since i cant go to recovery or fastboot mode. this...
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    Post poco m3 does not turn on anymore

    Hopefully this doesnt happen to anyone.. saw this vid on youtube. Basically poco m3 doesnt turn on even when battery connectors removed.
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    Post poco m3 does not turn on anymore

    Biggest problem with this phone is , there's no way to force reset the phone. I literally tried everything from vol up + power and volume down + power and everything else Buying this phone is prolly one of the biggest regret of my life. And the youtuber xiaomi slaves didnt help. But my real...
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    Post Bootloader not unlocking (Asus Zenfone Go ZB452KG)

    this thread has continued to be unaswered for several years now. only tested 2 phones... and it seems they both have bootloader status is unknown. i can do fastboot and recovery mode on the 2 phones but on fastboot mode.. only shows blank screen... idk why it's like that. i downgraded both...
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    Post Can't register to 4pda.ru, russian captcha!

    godishere? Could you help me register too....
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    Thread 4pda.ru captcha registration

    this is not a question but an answer on registering for 4pda.ru on the russian captcha it tells us to ADD THE TWO SET OF NUMBERS. THATS THE ANSWER TO THE CAPTCHA ITSELF. GOD I HATE MY STUPIDITY.
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    Post [4.0+] Guardian - Process Watcher

    Ah. Yeah it does make apps seems run faster etc. I tested this to ****ty phone and well it does work wonders. Ram management on xperia 2012 seems the culprit. I suggest installing this to 1gb ram phones and tablet to maximize the effects
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    Post [4.0+] Guardian - Process Watcher

    Unexpectedly it made my phone stable Is it weird that my xperia sola ****ty phone works well with guardian. No launcher redraws anymore and I can multitask now. Does it have memory optimization or something.? Also how can I enable root functions? Does it need exposed framework in root? The root...
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    Post (Q) otg problem xperia sola custom ics

    same problem same solution = waiting for forever I guess i should've bought cheap local phone for cheap otg cables to work. It says speedy sola supports otg but device not detected. I will try to use the phone with the original kernel etc hoping that it will not restart
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    Post after connecting OTG xperia sola screen freezes and then reboots

    otg for sola sucks Only my freaking mouse works. I lost all my hope I'm using otg cables I suggest you do the same. Of somebody figured out a way to use otg then I will praise you forever
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    Post [ROM][10/08][LB][JB][X-Reality][PureXAudio][S-Force][Socialife]Fidelity JB 2.0

    I don't really know also I flashed this on xperia sola ics and its still the same no boot screen no social life x reality etc. I think this is not compatible to sola or I think 1.9 Is for jb only
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    Post [ICS Dev Complete]ULTIMATE ROM V4Z[Special Developer's Edition]{BUG FREE}RELEASED

    it seems its one of those defective units I suggest buying a new phone . Lol I got tired of buggy custom roms. In order to test whether or not the rom is good I suggest playing blockheads and using the trade portal there. If the trade portal lags then the tweaks is not good. Blockheads game is...
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    Post [MOD][P][U][SOLA][GO][ICS/JB] Increase Gaming Performance

    can somebody. post where this mod shines with combination of. I'm using speedy 5.5 Kernel and experience z1 by marifil its not a rom but a combination of z1 apps and framework launchers and white settings with. A built in buildprop but this makes games force close. Ex. Dead trigger
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    Post List of HD games working on Xperia P/U/Sola

    gta games ALL GTA games working on xperia sola. Stock or not sometimes laggy or force close But put down the settings such as view distance to medium or even lower and enjoy great experience plus cheats also works
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    Post [ICS Dev Complete]ULTIMATE ROM V4Z[Special Developer's Edition]{BUG FREE}RELEASED

    Im pretty sure your phone is ****ed up. my phone doesnt have this issue. First of all. Try to open the phone. If it boots up then go to lockscreen ur phone is safe. If the sdcard error scanner runs then your phone restarts. Remove the ext sdcard First then reboot again If it runs your ext SD is...
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4][All BLs] SXDXPepperZ1 ROM v3.1 *Final* (Almost Z1 Style) [12/18]

    god i hate the word FINAL friendly reminder.: for safe flashing use the recommended kernel and flashing the rom do a nandroid backup before using any other kernel. I will do a complete assessment of this rom after flashing it again this time. I don't know whether or not the ram problem I...
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    Post [ICS Dev Complete]ULTIMATE ROM V4Z[Special Developer's Edition]{BUG FREE}RELEASED

    friendly comment my charging led does work. It turns red when not full and green when full. I think you didn't flash correctly. Do evrything what the dev said in the instructions . Before flashing make a nandroidbackup of the stock ics rom. Wipe data . Wipe cache partition and wipe dalvik...
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4][All BLs] SXDXPepperZ1 ROM v3.1 *Final* (Almost Z1 Style) [12/18]

    FLASH IT PROPERLY DUDE. I dont have THIS problems. And for those with problems with xloud or sound not being loud via built speaker it Is a bug of the Acid Sound Mod if you dont wait to have a better sound on speaker download the xloud app on xda forums I found it but I forgot the link. I only...
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    Post [ROM] [Sola] [Aroma]◄● White Pepper ●► [v2.0][Jb 4.1]

    Tried another busy box which is the official version still doesn't work so I give up using privacy app. Your rom is still the best jb rom out there. Thanks for replying. Lets not focus on that anymore as far as I can see this rom lacks nothing there is no major bugs etc. Keep up the goodwork...
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    Post [ROM] [Sola] [Aroma]◄● White Pepper ●► [v2.0][Jb 4.1]

    There is no keyboard redraws in mine only had a problem with aller font and the letter z other than that its okay. Okay after doing some research miui stock based rom in xperia sola isn't compatible with xprivacy as seen on munjeni's miui stock based rom. Any sort of privacy and security app...
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    Post [ROM] [Sola] [Aroma]◄● White Pepper ●► [v2.0][Jb 4.1]

    I posted this on xprivacy github it was closed because the problem didn't come from xprivacy itself but the components of this rom is the problem. it's missing android.os.userhandle or the app itself can't find it. i tried this on jb stock rom by munjeni xprivacy runs fine I also tried it on...
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    Post [ROM] [Sola] [Aroma]◄● White Pepper ●► [v2.0][Jb 4.1]

    xprivacy force close Ok here is the logcat for all the techie out there please help me Edit: Ok I think ill have to wait for v3 if Its fixed by then. I really like this rom so im sticking with it. For those having trouble with xprivacy here is my solution : I think xprivacy works but you cant...
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    Thread [Q] xprivacy error with white pepper v2 jellybean

    Xprivacy closes it can restrict an app but not open the xprivacy app itself here is the name of the rom [ROM] [Sola] [Aroma]◄● White Pepper ●► Eye Candy + Blaze [v2.0][Jb 4.1] the logcat is attached somebody please help me.
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    Thread [Q] [ROM][4.0.4][All BLs] SXDXPepperZ1 ROM v3.1 *Final* (Almost Z1 Style) [12/18]

    Ok.. First of all I'm posting it here because I can't comment or pm the developer of this rom. I've been using this rom for about 2 and a half months and I've been experiencing some strange memory leaks. Used up all 300 mb of ram while the start ups are exactly minimal. Is it the problem of this...
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    Post [GUIDE] Setting Up Project GX 4.1 [Xperia Sola]

    HELP!!!! PLS!!! its also stuck on mine.,.. please help... i can't really do anything right now.. i tried flashing another rom .... no work its still stuck.. is it possible to flash stock rom on cwm recovery???
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    Post List of HD games working on Xperia P/U/Sola

    Thanks! thank you. I will try that.
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    Post List of HD games working on Xperia P/U/Sola

    Ravensword shadowlands does not work Ravensword shadowlands does not work with my xperia sola... im using Project Gx 4.1 rom and oc. to 1.15 ghz is this game even compatible with xperia sola?? it works at the start but after the cinematics after you defeat the troll it force closes.
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    Post MOD Xperia U improved performance (updated April 15, 2013 issue)

    Project Gx 4.1 Occasionally crashes. Will this fix help it? Xperia Sola sir hello,, can i ask if this fix really lessens or dismisses the occasional hangs and crashes with comes with project gx 4.1 cpu governors..
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    Thread [Q] Ravensword Shadowlands on Project Gx 4.1 (Xperia Sola)

    hello there guys..........im running on project gx 4.1 rom on my xperia sola., i was able to play ravensword shadowlands until the part where there is a cinematics after defeating the troll in the tutorial level.. after the cinematics it force closes. is the game even compatible with xperia sola...
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    Post [GUIDE] Setting Up Project GX 4.1 [Xperia Sola]

    "Thanks Devs!" THANKS FOR YOUR HARDWORK!... I have just one question to ask. ....... you version of google play store is 4. is there a way to downgrade it by flashing it through cw recovery>?