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    Thread Run PUBG mobile on a Touch Windows device

    I have an HP x360 and i have no intentions of cheating by using a mouse and a keyboard and 3rd party apps like octopus something something to make the game easier. I just wanna play PUBGmobile on my 13inch device with the highest possible graphic settings as if i were playing on a tablet. Is...
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    Thread [Q] ROM+Kernel with Best Battery Life

    So, whats the best ROM+kernel with an unbeatable battery life. Performance, lag,quality - no, they just dont matter.. All I want is my phone to make it out through the day with mins of charging on intervals. Unfortunately, it only survives 5 hrs (calling and texting) with the CM11+F4k latest...
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    Thread [REQUEST] S4 mini i9192 MIUI Rom

    I've been using CM for years now, and it now feels boring having the same UI for so long. Can anyone please port any ROM with some new UI like the MiUi and the HuaweiOs, or anything like that. Plus, there is a MIUI for the other models of Mini then why not i9192? Performance really doesnt...
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    Thread [Q] GT-I9192 Overheating on 5.1.1

    Is it only me or my gt-i9192 overheats to upto 70C while charging and 50C in normal usage? I cant make sure its the battery or the system itself, but my guesses are, its the battery however underclocking lowers the temperature a bit.So it could be the system itself too. PS. Its only on 5.1.x ...
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    Thread [Q] How long does your battery last?

    So, How long does you S2 Mini's battery last? And is it a *92,*95 or *90.
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    Thread [Q] Please Help. I9192 Overly Overheating

    My phone used to reach 70 Degrees earlier after heavy gaming. But nowadays, it reaches upto 75 Degrees even on mild games like Clash Of Clans and whatsapp. And the battery reaches 55 Degrees. I do have Apps hogging the ram but that shall not cause Overheating. P.S. Unit is Celcius. Dont get...
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    Thread [Q] Micromax A1? Or Asus Zenfone?

    All of the members here must have used the amazing A1. All I want to know, is the overall performance good? I am planning to flash CM12 on it. Is it good in perf. without any custom kernel? And, if no, then what about some custom kernels, does it improves the perf. significantly? And the main...
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    Thread [Q] What If I install I9190/9195 Rom on I9192

    So, as the title suggests. What happens if I flash the Roms built for I9190 or I9195 on my I9192? Cuzz I really want to use PA on my I9192. Thanks :laugh::laugh:
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    Thread [ROM Request] KitKat

    The phone's performance on the KitKat Rom. Simply incredible. But the looks are not at all good. Can someone mod and customize the looks of the Stable version of the KitKat Rom? :good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good:
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    Thread [Completed] [Q] Need help Theming recents menu

    Hi. I am kind of a noob to cooking custom roms. I have customized the stock rom for my device with launchers and apks but I want to change the recents menu (multitasking menu). How am I supposed to do that? I tried decompiling systemUI.apk and framework-res.apk but found nothing regarding...