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    Thread New AOD?

    While sitting here, waiting for my European EMUI 10 to pop in my notifications, I thought about... any chance we are getting the new Always On Display skins? Like with an app or something? I would really love to have them. :(
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    Post GCAM

    It doesnt work for me. Black screen, and it automatically closes. I am on EMUI 9.1.
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    Post Poor performance after update to EMUI 9.1

    Lucky you. I bought my phone when they already disabled the ability to get the bootloader unlock code.
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    Post Poor performance after update to EMUI 9.1

    Oh, I must've misunderstood you then. ? I thought they changed their mind and they're going to give us the ability to unlock our bootloaders.
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    Post Poor performance after update to EMUI 9.1

    Huawei's bootloader? Should that be allowed again by Huawei or....?
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    Post (Q) EMUI 10, August 9th apparently. Anyone seen any leaks?

    Indeed. Not much of a difference between the previous EMUI versions. The Q's has by far the most changes.
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    Post (Q) EMUI 10, August 9th apparently. Anyone seen any leaks?

    To me, Android Q will look DOPE! :) Also, the Settings screen is much, much better. The customizable Always On Display looks good as well. https://www.******************/emui-10-colorful-always-on-display-aod-with-clocks-styles-and-more/
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    Thread P20 Pro Selfie Night mode?

    I just read a post that P30 and P30 Pro are receiving an update that has selfie night mode... does anyone knows if we're going to receive that kind update in the future too? Here is a link of the post...
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    Post Poor performance after update to EMUI 9.1

    I am on .311 and the battery for me is so far ok...haven't noticed battery drainage, even though I think its performance is better. And I havent done any reset after installing the update.
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    Post Screen Protector

    Hi! Have you noticed any decrease of touch sensitivity or it is the same as before, like there isnt a screen protector? I had a screen protector before, and removed it after a day because the touch was so irresponsible, it was hard to use the keyboard and etc.
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    Thread P20 pro camera issue

    Hello, I have noticed that when I set the timer to 30s in Pro, the counter stops at 15 seconds and its kinda lagged out for another 15 seconds and after the 30 seconds it takes the photo, I hear the shutter sound. Do you have this problem as well or its happening just to me?
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    Post Could the p20 lite sim tray possibly allow a micro sd card in the p20 pro?

    You cant put micro usb to type C port. Its the same with this, the port is for a sim, not for a microSD card. :))
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    Post Will I be able to get Pie on my P20 Pro?

    I dont know either brother, but thanks for your replies!
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    Post Will I be able to get Pie on my P20 Pro?

    Same. The store here is called Neptune, which is tech-store for everything. Bought it off there, and the phone was free of bloatware. Who knows what carrier it belongs to. :confused:
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    Post Will I be able to get Pie on my P20 Pro?

    I dont think so. Because there are a lot of updates for my phone to firmware finder, which I think they're from Huawei's servers, right? And since I boight my phone like a month ago, this is my first update. I was kinda stuck at 152 with July's security patches, and a while ago I received 159...
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    Post Will I be able to get Pie on my P20 Pro?

    My phone isnt branded, so I dont know what carrier it is... because I bought it off a tech-store. And for network, I am from Macedonia and I use VIP-MK sim card, which, as you said VIP wouldnt push the updates because the phone isnt from there, I don't know from where they're getting the phones...
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    Post Will I be able to get Pie on my P20 Pro?

    So receiving the updates to the phone varies by the carrier? The carrier is the one that has to push the updates, like T-Mobile...?
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    Post does this method works for forcing update manually ???

    I see new updates every month for security patches but I am receiving none of them! Stuck on L29B152C432, July's security patches, Any idea how to update the phone to the latest version of android, because firmware finder doesn't work anymore...
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    Thread Problem with the Gallery app

    I've copied a couple of folders with photos in them, and the gallery app showed them as it should, but after I restarted the phone the albums were gone from there, nor I can see them in "All photos". Еverything is ok when I use another gallery app, but I love the stock one! Does anyone faces...
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    Post 4D predictive focus not working on .157 update

    How am I supposed to install an update through firmware finder? Is there any way? I am on B152, and there are many new updates on firmware finder but I'm not getting any of them, neither the security patches, ffs. I am unrooted and I have locked bootloader. :))
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    Post Huawei P20 Pro Sim Free - CLT-L09 (C782) - Slow at receiving updates (still on 110)

    I am on c432, and 152 update. I see that there is 159 update on firmware finder, but I am not receiving it via system updater. :( Why is it delayed...
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    Thread P20 Pro slow file transfer??

    Hi! I switched from P9 Lite to P20 Pro, and I am copying a lot of photos from my old phone to the p20 pro, but the transfer is sooo slow for me. Any suggestions on how to somehow fix this? Do you face this issue too? 35 mins plus for like 400ish photos is I think too much. :( Thanks!
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    Post [MOD][UNOFFICIAL] WakeBlock for the V20!

    Ok bro, thanks for your reply!?
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    Post [MOD][UNOFFICIAL] WakeBlock for the V20!

    Would this work for other devices like huawei p9 lite or ita just for the LG? Thanks!
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    Post [GUIDE] [ROOT] Enable RAW capture in the stock EMUI camera app

    Ok, thanks! Last time when I tried to open raw photos in snapseed it didnt work, and yeah...that was after they added the support for editing raw photos, but I tried now and it works!?
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    Post [Telegram] group of Huawei P9 Lite

    Feel free to join our telegram group guys!??
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    Post [GUIDE] [ROOT] Enable RAW capture in the stock EMUI camera app

    Can you recommend me good raw viewer if you use one?
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    Post [GUIDE] [ROOT] Enable RAW capture in the stock EMUI camera app

    I had it disabled for the transparent notification panel, bit yeah...I needed this so much! Thanks!
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    Post Problem with recording in loud places

    I guess its not anything software related, its because of the built-in microphone in our phone.
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    Post P9 Lite Nougat Battery Life Thread

    I dont know why most you guys have a problem with the battery... I had high battery drain but somehow I solved the problem. The only thing I did was disabling the 4G option and my battery life is awesome on N. At least for now... Now I have 0-2% battery drain overnight.
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    Post S8_theme_V2_for_emui 5

    Love it!? Can you please the whole notification and quick settings panel transparent?
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    Post S8_theme_V2_for_emui 5

    Sorry, you've changed the notification icon in the navigation bar but it wasn't there when I applied the theme. So I restarted my phone and now it's there!?
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    Post Share your homescreens

    When it comes to a phone homescreen, desktop...I always prefer clean and simple look, so... here's mine.?
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    Post S8_theme_V2_for_emui 5

    Maybe change the notification icon thats in the navigation bar?^^ And it would be awesome if you can add cyrillic font from the S8 too! Love this theme.?
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    Post HIGH battery drain

    Umm... I dont know... mine problem has disappeared since I've done that what I've told you above. And I was rooted. I still had the problem but it changed overnight. Yesterday I updated it from MM to N B371 and the problem has appeared again, when the android was the top consumer and I was like...
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    Post B380, new builds in Firmware Finder

    Does B381 FULL OTA working with FF?
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    Post HIGH battery drain

    I fixed my issue by changing the mobile network to 2G/3G, not using the 4G and for some reason that was causing some problems with the battery drainage. I rooted the phone and installed Better Battery Stats (which is working with non-rooted phones but using adb) but I couldn't make it work so I...
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    Post "New patch" prompt after finishing​ the download of update

    For now the solution is to wait and be patient. :D
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    Post Problem updating to B381

    Go into "B380, new builds in Firmware Finder" topic and read that almost no one can install that update because of that error. So its not only you, its nothing we can do except to wait.
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    Post B370 First Impressions

    Maybe ignore the battery optimizations for those apps? I didnt had problem with push notifications while i was on b371.
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    Post HIGH battery drain

    Installed MM again yesterday, rooted the phone and installed Better Battery Stats and here are the results after the night. I had a battery drain of 30% over night. Here are the results of the BBS. A solution? http://imgur.com/a/OcdE7 (Scroll down for more screenshots)
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    Post HIGH battery drain

    I didnt had something like that while I was using b371. When I turned the Wi-Fi off it was off. In my case I think that there is something screwed up with the mobile network and causing battery drain and warming up the phone... Maybe I will try a new rom, to see if the problem will be still there.
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    Post HIGH battery drain

    Went to sleep at 4:00am and my phone had 90% od battery and woke up at 11:45am and I had 43% battery. Thats 47% battery drain over night. HELP? :( I also installed gsam battery monitor and combined app cpu was the highest battery drainer with 76%... Maybe to try deleting EVERYTHING from TWRP...
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    Post HIGH battery drain

    Ummm... in my phone Google Backup Transport is already enabled...
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    Post HIGH battery drain

    Disabling Google app is just like a default thing I am doing after factory reset, hahah. And I also unchecked the apps before, its like a normal thing to me after installing all the apps I need after a factory reset. The thing is the android is draining too much battery and I was asking for a...
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    Post HIGH battery drain

    Before I had 4G symbol, now I have H+. And sometime it changes to 3G but thats rare. I dont mind the H+, but it annoys me that it disconnects all the time and reconnects after few seconds...
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    Post EMUI 5.0 to LineageOS 14.1 ?

    For rolling your phone back to EMUI 4.1 follow these instructions here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/huawei-p9lite/how-to/tutorial-rollback-n-to-mm-c432-devices-t3563955 And if you are on c432 localization just download the correct files for your phone. If you are on other localization...
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    Thread HIGH battery drain

    Hello guys, yesterday I rolled back from N to MM in order to install a fresh MM and install the N again and I still have high battery drain where Android System and AndroidOS are top battery consumers. I have high drainage when I am not using the phone too, and its not even connected to...