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  1. TheDarkKnight

    Thread [GUIDE][MULTIBOOT] Multiboot ROMs on Lenovo K3 Note

    I'm NOT the developer/creator of this app/method. Chenxiaolong is. Here's the link to the official thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2447534 Credits: chenxiaolong - This guy is just great. Our device required many additional hacks and changes to work because of its crappy...
  2. TheDarkKnight

    Thread [Q][Sola, P, U] MultiROM? Is it possible?

    I searched but didn't find any questions regarding MultiROM in our forum I'm big fan of it and I know there are many others like me.. So yeah, plainly, isn't it possible?:confused: I know the internal storage is just 4GB (or 2GB rather) but if MultiROM is successfully ported it can be used to...