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    Thread Stock persist image for realme xt

    Hey, can someone provide me stock persist image for realme xt because my twrp currupted my persist partition and my sensors aren't working.
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    Thread Broken fp sensor

    Hi,can anybody help me to restore back my FP sensor.I was trying to update from havoc os on android 10 to evolution os android 11 ,I found it unstable to I tried to revert it back to android 10 by flashing havoc is again.in this process idk smthing happened and I broke my FP sensor.I have tried...
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    Thread "Best homescreen setup of 2020"

    Came up with this really amazing and beautiful looking home screen setup. With OnePlus theme for realme xt. I'll share the pics .if you like it I'll give a guide as to what and all ull require inorder to meet the setup requirements...
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    Thread Want to get rid of "#5 mins trail" while installing 3rd party themes??here's a guide.

    Mod edit: if it's a paid software/theme, pay for it. Anything else is warez and that's not something we take kindly to on XDA.
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    Thread New Nokia 7 plus home screen setup

    I have made effort in making this new home screen! 1-Use nova prime (purchase from playstore). If you can't purchase cracked version link is given Link- Mod edit: Link removed 2-Kwgt (got a cracked version from Google). Link- Mod edit: Link removed 3-used border light app(from playstore). Link-...
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    Thread Nokia 7 plus edge highlights and carbon fibre skin

    Hey while I was finding something new for Nokia 7 plus,I found a carbon fibre skin which looks great on my Nokia 7 plus.and also an app that highlights the edges of my Nokia 7 plus. link https:// bit.ly/2SJZWVv dont forget to remove the space between "https://b" while copying url as i cant...