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    Thread Stuck on Fastboot and any commands returns to fastboot mode

    Screwed up my Realme Pro 6 by upgrading to V11 and 2UI, and then trying to downgrade by flashing an earlier version of TWRP with the idea of restoring a backup of an earlier version of the V10. The phone loops back to fastboot mode after any command that is given from my PC with "fastboot flash...
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    Thread Return to Stock ROM from Custom

    Had a TWRP backup of my 2063 ROM (Russian), tested it by restoring and all was well. Installed and tried out 2 custom ROMS ( Bliss, MSM Extended ), wanted to return to original Realme 6 Pro ROM; after wiping cache, formating data, tried to restore with my good TWRP backup and the dreaded...
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    Thread Scheduled Power on and Power Off

    Does Realme 6 Pro have scheduled Power on and Power Off? Handy feature not available on most phones. Thanks.
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    Thread Autostart Power On and Power Off

    Does RM6P have scheduled Power On and scheduled Power Off?
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    Thread RN8P unknown baseband version

    Love (how the hell can you love a machine??? - sorry, I guess I have NO imagination, maybe you can ...) this phone. BUT!! After backing up and restoring using LR TWRP a number of times, then using fastboot to flash_all the original ROM a number of times when I got into flashing problems, my...
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    Thread App unable to switch WiFi status

    Only way to turn WiFi on/off is through settings. Can't find app nor widget that works. Any answer for this RN8P?
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    Thread TWRP Backup/Restore??

    On Global ROM with Global Phone, TWRP successfully installed and rooted. Updated Magisk in apk and zip. Loaded and ran well many rooted apps over several days. Now, after backing up, then testing for a successful restore by formating the data partition and wiping other partitions as I have...
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    Thread Custom ROM with schedule Power On/Power Off

    Seems most custom 5 Plus ROMS do not have auto power on/power off schedule similar to official versions. If anyone has knowledge of a custom ROM with this feature, I would be very pleased to receive a reply. Thanks.:cowboy:
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    Thread Moto G5 Scheduled Power On Off

    Can anything be done to have this phone schedule a time to Power On and Power Off?