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    Thread Adds on top of keyboard (no pop up)

    Hello Recently i have a problem when my keyboard opens on my HTC10. It almost always shows an add. I checked my device for recently installed apps but i didnt install some in over a month. Also it is the default keyboard and i never installed another one before. Pictures added
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    Thread Supersu binary update brick

    Hello Supersu notifies me after updating it that the binary needs an update, it gave the option to do it on twrp lvl. Which I did after the normal option just rebooted me. HTC d820n got" soft bricked"bacause of this .( it had unlocked standard rom s-on and was "soft bricked" into a recovery...
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    Thread Unlocked Recovery boot Problem HTC d820n

    Hello I have an HTC d820n that is unlocked, It has stock rom. I updated my HTC 820n 's SU binary( Because SuperSU told me to :) * Afterwards my phone always restarted to the recovery. I tried: -Clearing cache(From wipe tab) -Restore -Factory reset(from Wipe tab) -Force restarting using ADB on...
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    Thread HTC Desire 820 irremovable apk.(MUSICFX)

    Hello, I had a long search for getting a good EQ on my HTC 820, as the integrated "Boomsound" gave me a cracking noise. Even with good headphones. I tried to get Snapdragon audio+(MUSICFX) working on the phone but after a long time of reboots and uninstalls I concluded the effort wasn't worth...
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    Thread Reboot after copy to System/app

    Hello I rooted my HTC Desire 820. But something must have gone wrong, because whenever i use" es explorer" to copy musicfx.apk to the system/app folder the phone just reboots. The app has root explorer on so as an un-experienced user I am running into a dead end. Can someone please help me to...