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  1. mic141414

    Thread Nore More Notification when screen is off

    Hello Guys, Since Sunday night i got no more notifications when the screen is off. I did not install anything new and did not mess up my settings. (wifi still set to never sleep when screen is off). For 7 months I had no problem and suddenly nothing since Sunday. When the screen is on, the...
  2. mic141414

    Thread which region is the best to get monthly updates?

    Hello, I am on BTU and still on April security patch. I bought an unlocked phone to get updates faster and everyone is getting the patches faster than me. Even the carriers (tmobile, att) are releasing the patches faster. Which version should I flash to get the patches in a regular way? BTU...
  3. mic141414

    Thread Still on Feb 1st 2017 Security Patch?????

    Hi, I have read that some S7 users have April Security patch and May is coming soon. I am on BTU firmware and i am still on Feb 1st. i am not rooted I am on Build #NRD90M. G935FXXU1DQC4 I don't understand. Can someone tell me please?
  4. mic141414

    Thread What's "Security Policy Update"?

    Hi, Got that notification today. I have an update for Security Policy. What's that? My wife has the same S7 edge same firmware and no message for her. My phone is not rooted. Should I update it? What's that? I guess it is not the patch for April ?!!! Thanks
  5. mic141414

    Thread LTE or not on D855

    Hello, I was going to buy one but i keep reading that with Android 5 and higher we cannot access the "secret" menu to activate LTE. I am confused. Even if this version does not have the US lte bands, it has some European bands so lte should be enabled. What am I missing please? Thanks.
  6. mic141414

    Thread Anyone having delayed push notification on S7?

    Hi, I have a S6 and like others see thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s6/help/getting-delayed-push-notifications-t3086668 i have sometimes delay notifications. And no .. it is not doze or smart battery optimization as they have been turned off for gmail, typeapp, etc The app...
  7. mic141414

    Thread Anyone got the OTA for MM S6-920i?

    Hi, I read that Samsung released the update for MM for our S6 on Feb 15th I got a i version and so far nothing. Anyone got it via ota? Thanks
  8. mic141414

    Thread Galaxy S6 SM-G920i or Galaxy S6 SM-G920F

    Hi, Have a LG G4 unlocked (H815) and i am looking to buy a S6 unlocked. I have seen those 2 models G920i and SM-G920F and I have no idea which one is the best for the US. I am on cricket and have no idea which one would be the best. Seems that both have the good LTE bands but i am not...
  9. mic141414

    Thread S5 At&t on Kitkat no lollipop available

    Hi, I bought a S5 (at&t unlocked) for my son from ebay for Christmas. It is on Kitkat. When i check via At&t software update I got this each time "Software Update Interrupted" and i have to try again in 24h. I factory-reset the phone several time and got same message. I tried with Kies and it...
  10. mic141414

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Prime Cash - Easy way to make extra cash by downloading app, games

    Free download at the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chris.primecash Features: Download New App Download New Games Answer short Surveys Get paid for each task.
  11. mic141414

    Thread ambient display not working?

    Hello, My son has the moto e. We recently updated it to lolippop While going through the setting, i saw ambient display. I enabled it but it never works. Never wakes up the device to show the notifications. Can anyone please let me know if working for you? Non rooted moto e Thanks
  12. mic141414

    Thread any wireless charging solution?

    Hey, I had a nexus 7 and i bought a wireless charging receiver for my S4 so i am really used to wireless charging. I saw that today http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HI8JYFE/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1PU58TIO4246Z but i am guessing the cord is too short to work with the Tab...
  13. mic141414

    Thread [Q] urgent phone won't start ..double vibration and thats it

    Hey Guys, I am in a big mess and i am no expert I was on 4.2 if i remember correctly (i missed 2 OTA) and rooted. I followed this guide http://gs4.wonderhowto.com/how-to/unlock-galaxy-s5-notification-panel-quick-settings-your-galaxy-s4-0156972/ to get on my S4 the settings panel from the S5...
  14. mic141414

    Thread no email widget available ???

    Hi, Just got my Tab S 8.4 two days ago :) I was trying to arrange my home screen and i discovered that i cannot add the email widget on home screen because there is no email widget . There is gmail widget but not email. I have also a S4 phone and the email widget is available. Anyone else ...
  15. mic141414

    Thread [Q] Sound has been very low for the past days ..despite volume being at the max

    Hi, I have noticed that my motorola X has now a low sound (for everthing .. notification and calls) Rang this afternoon and i did not even hear it I checked the volume level and everything is at the maximum Had no problem like 1 week ago. I did not install anything related to sound. I didn't...