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  1. broad_st_bully

    Thread Sprint Note 4 Will Not Turn On At All

    Can someone *please* help me fix this Note 4?? A while back I flashed Emotion Kernel to gain root and the phone worked fine for a few months then just died on me completely. It doesn't turn on at all, I can not get into safe mode, bootloader, etc. I pulled the battery & held the power button...
  2. broad_st_bully

    Thread How To Decrypt Sprint Note 5

    I encrypted my Note 5 a few months back and I am going to sell it and I need to decrypt it....it's running 6.0.1. All of the "decrypt your Android" posts I could find are roughly 2-5 years old. Most say just factory reset the device and the phone will be decrypted....is that correct? Just...
  3. broad_st_bully

    Thread How To Unroot When Odin Fails Immediately?

    Long story short my rooted Note 4 died, most likely from a hardware failure from what I've gathered on here, and I need to flash an unrooted/stock file/tar/zip so I can go through Sprint to get a replacement. Odin fails as soon as I click "start" so that won't work. I can, for some odd reason...
  4. broad_st_bully

    Thread Different Software, Baseband, Bootloader After Flashing ROM

    I just checked my phone with Galaxy Tools and it's showing a different version for the software, baseband, and bootloader. The ROM is the Sprint Hybrid-X 3.0 COG5...could this cause a problem with the phone not running right? Software version is COG5 Baseband version is COK1 Bootloader version...
  5. broad_st_bully

    Thread Can Only Boot CyanogenMod after Being Bricked

    So my Note 4 dies last week out of nowhere, haven't had one problem with it then it just died...Tried all the usual flashes, resets, etc. but kept getting the "MMC Failed" error so I let it be for a few days then tried to flash CM13, which worked to my amazement because every other ROM I tried...
  6. broad_st_bully

    Thread Screen says There is no PIT partition after Firmware Install Failure

    So I've been at this for a total of 9 hours now...here's the story: Yesterday I have my trusty Note 4 on the charger, it charges fully and I unplug from the cord. I hit the home button and the screen stays black like it was frozen. I hit the power button, nothing happens. I pull the battery...
  7. broad_st_bully

    Thread Note 4 Bricked, Need Help

    So my Sprint Note 4 running the latest 5.1.1 stock rooted was charging today and when I took it off the charger and hit the home button it froze on the black/off screen. I rebooted and it went directly to Odin/DL mode... tried to re-flash the same firmware with no luck, tried to flash the...
  8. broad_st_bully

    Thread Height Of Status Bar

    This question could probably be answered by someone who makes CM12/12.1 themes.... I'm making custom wallpapers with drop-shadows and I want to slice the top of the wallpaper, create an overlay and add a drop-shadow so it has a 3D-ish look when it sits under the WiFi icon, clock and...
  9. broad_st_bully

    Thread Sudden Battery Drain From Voicemail & Android OS

    I'm running a Note 4 rooted stock with Emotion Kernel and have been getting at least 12-15hrs battery time for as long as I can remember. Suddenly my battery is draining crazy fast, a full charge doesn't even last 8hrs with very minimal use. I checked in Settings>Battery and see that Voicemail...
  10. broad_st_bully

    Thread "OK Google Microphone Icon Pack

    here's some "OK Google" microphone icons I made to use with Zooper...feel free to use em for your setups. p.s.- the one that looks blank is flat white.
  11. broad_st_bully

    Thread Looking For App That Cleans Entire Device (Rooted)

    I am curious to see what others are using to clean junk files, cache, dalvik, etc on their rooted devices (best rooted cleaning app) because I feel like alot of the apps out there are BS...for instance one particular app I used to use (I won't name it out of respect for the dev) showed the exact...
  12. broad_st_bully

    Thread Weird Popup Ad On Lock Screen All Of A Sudden

    I haven't used PowerAmp in over a month and just used it today and all of a sudden I'm getting these weird popup ads for pet food with chinese letters on it....anyone else getting these? Also using CM Locker for the lock screen but this hasn't happened until I started using PowerAmp again...the...
  13. broad_st_bully

    Thread Note 4 Phone Image For Adding Screenshots (Need It)

    I am looking for the image of the Note 4 with a blank screen to add my screenshots to...I'm guessing it might be a PSD or AI file? Can someone point me in the direction to download please? I used to use MyColorScreen.com but it doesn't support the Note 4 and I've been searching/Googling but I...
  14. broad_st_bully

    Thread Gamma/RGB Screen Colors/Settings With Emotion Kernel & Synapse

    I have the Emotion Kernel along with Synapse on my Note 4 (stock rooted) and I'm trying to find the best RGB settings for crispy white, true black and everything in between (as close as possible)...the colors are good now but you can make them way better with the settings option.....can anyone...
  15. broad_st_bully

    Thread WORKING ROOT | T-Mobile LG Leon 5.1.1 Lollipop

    {WORKING ROOT FOR T-MOBILE LG LEON LTE 5.1.1 LOLLIPOP} .....so after a week & some change of endless searching for a working root method, following tons of half-assed directions, trying about 4-5 "1-click root scripts" and installing a bunch of different root APK's with absolutely no luck I...
  16. broad_st_bully

    Thread Custom Kernel For trltespr 5.1.1

    Does anyone have a link for a custom kernel for the Sprint Note 4? the only one I can find was 5.0.x (and one for every phone except the Sprint N4)..... running stock rooted but a kernel always makes everything better.
  17. broad_st_bully

    Thread OTA Update To CSC:eek:A3 Broke Wifi Today

    abyone else get an OTA update today to CSCOA3? I installed it & broke my wifi...anyone else with this issue find a fix? I was running a rooted s4, no custom rom or kernel...
  18. broad_st_bully

    Thread Which ROM To Flash On Unlocked 720T (Now GSM)

    I recently unlocked my Sprint Galaxy S4 720T and I'm using a T-Mobile sim card... now since the phone is now GSM would I need to flash a different ROM than a Sprint/CDMA ROM? would I have to use a ROM made for T-Mobile S4's or do I stick with the ROMs in these threads?
  19. broad_st_bully

    Thread Question About Adding A Line To Sprint

    I was wondering if I recently had my Galaxy S4 service turned off by Sprint & gave it to someone else to use & get turned on (added to their current account) would they have to pay my old balance before Sprint turned the phone on? Or would Sprint turn the device on for them & just let them pay...
  20. broad_st_bully

    Thread How To Set Zooper Widget To 12 Hour Clock

    Can someone please tell me how to switch the time in Zooper Widget Pro to 12 hours instead of 24 hours? I can't find it anywhere...
  21. broad_st_bully

    Thread Can I Recover An App File From A Nandroid Containing Titanium Backup ZIP???

    I flashed the Eclipse 2.1 ToroPlus ROM last night coming from a stock AOSP 4.2....did the usual Titanium Backup before the flash. Did the factory reset 3 times as well as format system 3 times like I do EVERY time I change ROMs (using latest TWRP)... However once I booted this ROM everything...
  22. broad_st_bully

    Thread Do You Know Where This Icon Is From??

    I've been having this same battery icon just appear out of nowhere and it's driving me crazy... I recently (2 days ago) un-rooted, re-locked my gnex so there should be no misc. stuff anywhere on the device... I re-rooted/unlocked it again yesterday and last night this battery icon just popped up...
  23. broad_st_bully

    Thread Possible Un-Root On tf201 w/ JB Bootloader?

    I searched and searched and searched and couldn't find an updated clear answer to my question.... and that question is: I have a rooted, unlocked tf201 running a custom ROM with the JellyBean bootloader...nvFlash NOT installed...can/how do I return to stock? I don't want to return the tablet...
  24. broad_st_bully

    Thread CWM For JB Bootloader? TWRP Not Working

    does anyone know if there is a CWM recovery for JB devices? I keep trying to flash ROMs with the TWRP but it freezes at the Asus boot screen...TWRP worked for me when I originally flashed the Unofficial CM10 ROM but any ROM I try to flash afterwards won't boot. I installed TWRP again...
  25. broad_st_bully

    Thread How To Set Up UCCW Folder?

    I couldn't find a clear answer for setting up UCCW so I'm hoping someone can explain exactly how the widgets created should be inside the UCCW directory... some of the new clocks, battery bars, etc. I downloaded come with just a "UZIP" file, some come with a UZIP file & an image and some come...
  26. broad_st_bully

    Thread Where Does MetaMorph Store It's Files

    Can someone please tell me where MetaMorph stores it's files/images once it loads a theme/etc.? I'm not talking about "/AndroidThemes",..I'm talking about where it stores everything once it unzips a theme or lock-ring or whatever... I installed a battery zip a while back and now they battery...
  27. broad_st_bully

    Thread How To Revert To Stock ICS With JB Bootloader

    I searched for a clear answer for this question but found none, hence my post... I recently flashed the CM10 Unnofficial ROM on my tf201 and although it's a pretty decent ROM there are quite a few things that need some work... it has TWRP JellyBean bootloader as the recovery... my...
  28. broad_st_bully

    Thread How To Flash CWM With TWRP Already Installed??

    I recently installed the CM10 Unofficial ROM on my tf201 and the SU keeps denying Titanium BU and any other (su)app I try to use...this CM10 ROM came with TWRP as the recovery and I want to revert to CWM and flash a different ROM because I've had nothing but problems with this one... how can I...
  29. broad_st_bully

    Thread UCCW Images Question

    I downloaded a bunch of skins for the UCCW widget and while most work a few of them, when applied to one of my screens, shows most of the skin then a small icon of the gallery icon....like it's a placeholder or something. the thing is I have all the correct images/fonts/files for each...
  30. broad_st_bully

    Thread Good Kernel For Baked BlackBean ROM?

    Any suggestions for a good kernel for the TF201 with Baked BlackBean ROM on it?
  31. broad_st_bully

    Thread [Q] How Do You Add New Fonts On Stock Rooted .28?

    How can I add more fonts to my TF Prime?? I'm currently making a "hub" on my stock/rooted.28 and I need some better fonts... I tried to use an app (forget the name) but it just caused my Prime to get stuck at the Asus boot screen... would ROM Toolbox work?
  32. broad_st_bully

    Thread The Most-Stable Version Of AOKP Is...??

    opinions on the most-stable version of AOKP anyone?? flashed almost every ROM for the Prime but keep going back to AOKP because of the customization it allows... I recently flashed Milestone 6 but it wasn't as smooth as .40 was...at least on my Prime... any recommendations for an AOKP version...
  33. broad_st_bully

    Thread MMS Not Working In AOKP Milestone 6 (or previous)

    My MMS has not been working for the past 3 updates of AOKP...anyone else having MMS issues with this ROM? if so do you know of a fix? thanks.
  34. broad_st_bully

    Thread Recommend Kernel For AOKP Milestone 6?

    Can someone recommend a OC kernel for AOKP Milestone 6? Actually any kernel that runs well with AOKP Milestone 4 & up...
  35. broad_st_bully

    Thread Jellybean For the Prime??

    Just saw a few tblets are running Jellybean (made from source) and was wondering if anyone has come across any info or anything for any dev(s) making a Jellybean ROM for the TF201.... got it on my GNex and it's pretty sick....
  36. broad_st_bully

    Thread Suggest a Kernel To Run With BlackIce .40?

    Can anyone recommend a decent kernel to run with BlackIce .40? I tried the stock kernel and Trinity kernel and while both ran decent the battery life wasn't as good as I expected... I'm guessing I'll probably try Franco Kernel next. Also, since this ROM allows for kernel settings should I use...
  37. broad_st_bully

    Thread Goo.Manager Issue-Not Flashing ROMs

    has anyone had any issues with Goo.Manager not flashing a ROM that you downloaded? this is the 2nd time it happened to me... I download the latest AOKP nightly build and gapps through Goo.Manager on my Prime, set them up to flash [through Goo.Manager] and click "flash" then I'm taken to the CWM...
  38. broad_st_bully

    Thread Jellybean 4.1 For Sprint GNex?

    SO I saw that the GSM and Verizon GNex has a flashable Jellybean 4.1...anyone happen to find one for the Sprint GNex?
  39. broad_st_bully

    Thread [Q] Wallpaper Settings Anywhere On Prime?

    Is there a setting somewhere, anywhere that would allow the actual wallpaper to be used instead of cropping it or automatically zooming in on the image?? This is driving me crazy...:silly: I tried Wallpaper Wizardrii, QuickPics, PicSpeed and they all seem to enlarge the wallpaper to an either...
  40. broad_st_bully

    Thread [Q] Mobile Sites By Default Question

    Is there a way to set the browser (stock or any other one(s)) so they go to mobile sites by default instead of the regular "desktop" ones? or a mod? or would I have to just bookmark the mobile sites?
  41. broad_st_bully

    Thread [Q] Wallpaper Keeps Resetting-WHY??!!

    searched for an answer but found no exact answers...anyway... every time I set a new wallpaper on the good 'ol Prime it will stay up for a while then after a while it changes back to an older one that is no longer even on my tablet...this is driving me crazy... anyone have this problem?? or...
  42. broad_st_bully

    Thread Weird Issues With AOKP .39

    I flashed AOKP .39 through goo.manager and although the ROM did boot I noticed some strange "things" like the a small ICS-blue-colored line/dot at the bottom of my screen sliding across from the right to left constantly... also the notifications where the battery, wifi, etc. is doesn't open for...
  43. broad_st_bully

    Thread [Q] Wallpaper Issue

    I have a freshly-rooted & unlocked Prime running AOKP and for some reason no matter what wallpaper I set it somehow reverts back to the first one (wallpaper) I was using when I unlocked & rooted the tablet... damn gremlins.... anyone have this issue? or better yet does anyone know why this...
  44. broad_st_bully

    Thread Can I Install ROM Based On .21 on .15??

    I rooted my Prime about a week ago and I wanna flash one of the ROMs but I saw in the OP of the ROM(s) that they are based on the .21 firmware...does that mean I need to have .21 installed on my Prime? because I had to downgrade to .15 to root it and that's what I have right now (.15)...so would...
  45. broad_st_bully

    Thread CWM Install Question

    I just downgraded my Prime from .21 to .15 using the ViperMod Tool. I chose to install CWM once I rooted the Prime but I wanted to know if I can install ROM Manager through the market...will that cause any problems if I already have CWM recovery installed?
  46. broad_st_bully

    Thread @ Quich Questions About Updates & Haptic Feedback

    Can you raise the haptic feedback on the TF Prime? I originally bought the tf300t but it didn't have the haptic feedback plus I didn't really like the plastic back so I returned it and got the TF201(gorilla glass!)...I saw in a thread somewhere that the Prime does have haptic feedback and while...
  47. broad_st_bully

    Thread Help Deciding On One Of These Tablets

    Ok so I just bought an Acer a200 Iconia Tablet because I wanted to see what they're all about...while I'm not amazed and now know it's only a larger smartphone minus the actual phone I think they're kinda cool when you don't wanna grab the heavier laptop and all that mess with the battery...
  48. broad_st_bully

    Thread Softkey Mod For Stock Root Gnex

    Looking for a softkey mod for my rooted GNex...it's only rooted with the Samurai kernel...no ROMs... I did find 2 threads with softkey mods but they were for ROMs...AOKP I believe...one did say "some users" had success flashing but knowing my luck I'd be one of the users who didn't have luck...
  49. broad_st_bully

    Thread Baseband & Build NUmber Question...

    Just noticed that my baseband is: L700.05 V.FD02/L700.FD02 and my build number is: IMM76D.L700FD01 should the build number end in FD02? or is everything okay? not too knowledgeable when it comes to this here...
  50. broad_st_bully

    Thread [Q] E-Mail Issues

    Anyone having any issues with Yahoo mail or the stock e-mail app on the Galaxy Nexus?? Both the stock app and Yahoo from the market never receive any e-mails? No notifications or anything...I updated the radios to FD02 and still nothing... am I missing something here?