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  1. LINJEinc

    Thread Serious problems after flashing TWRP

    Hi all, Flashed TWRP on my phone with adb. After successfull flash, restarted phone with power + vol up. Phone enters TWRP, but there all fun stops, can't do anything there. It looks like it want's me to enter a password or something, but keyboard not working. And on top of that, can't enter...
  2. LINJEinc

    Thread Safe to use Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot tools to lock bootloader

    Hi, Is it safe to use Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot tools to lock bootloader and install original global rom with same program? Just asking of curiosity after I saw it in the program today. Best regards LINJEinc
  3. LINJEinc

    Thread Restore my FRD-L09

    Hi, I have installed TWRP and OpenKirin RROS rom, but not satisfied, so I'm looking for how to relock bootloader, and return to stock EMUI. My google skills seems to be lost today, as I cant find anything on how to restor the phone. Anyone here that maybe can help me ? EDIT: cant pass "your...
  4. LINJEinc

    Thread The signal Doorbell for notifications

    Hi, I was woundering if anyone of you know how to find the signal Doorbell for notifications on our phone. I would like to have the signal as and audio file, as my friend would like to have it. So if anyone have it, I would like to have it.
  5. LINJEinc

    Thread [Q] Lockscreen

    Hi everyone, I was woundering if there is any third party lockscreen that works on 5C. Why I'm woundering is because I'm so tiered of not be able to have widgets on lockscreen, like Dashclock and so on. So, I's there any third party lockscreen that works out there ? Best regards LINJEinc
  6. LINJEinc

    Thread Stock ROM for the NEM-L21

    Hi wveryone. Any one that can help me find the stock rom for my NEM-L21 C432B100 ? Tried google, but my google skills don't look good today.