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  1. huedrant

    Thread LineageOS for P10 Plus?

    Hi, I have a VKY-L29 and it's not recieved any software updates since 2019 (the may 2020 update didn't apply for the DualSIM model obviously). I've been diggin' around to find if there is a lineageOS ROM for the P10 series, but obviously there is no upgrade path yet. Does anybody know why and...
  2. huedrant

    Thread [A510] Can't mount /data on any recovery

    Hi, I wanted to reset my 510 to a fresh 4.4.4 install. So I decided to "restore to factory settings" within the android system settings menu. kitkat CM12 4.4.4 by shreps was working fine before, I just wanted to get rid of the data in order to give the tablet away. now I'm stuck with a soft...
  3. huedrant

    Thread [Q] Ehndroix V Bugs on 9003

    Hi, unfortunately, I can't post to the original EHNDROIX V dev thread yet. I really love this piece of work and it helped me a lot to keep my 9003 smooth and running. Thanks a lot to the Devs! Here's my problem with the ROM: Audio just doesn't work completely. Most MP3 can be played, but...
  4. huedrant

    Thread Sailfish OS for iPhone 2G / 3G / 3GS

    Hi, I was excited to hear about an Phone OS that target specifically at older devices. As I still consider the old iPhones great hardware and would love to see the iDroid efforts that have been made to merge into this new OS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46NJB5AtUqw I'm still excited about...
  5. huedrant

    Thread [Q][HELP]Bootloop on Froyo

    Hi I just made an Error when recovering a softbricked i9003 Got the phone from eBay, ROM-Version was unknown. Made a flash to DDLF2, could boot, but had no Network. It was very instable and ended up in a Bootloop. Then this happened: - Flash to Froyo XXKB3 -> worked flawlessly, including...