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  1. EpicSurvivor

    Thread (Galaxy s10+)Will someone please help me run ADB command on Windows 10 to enable GSam More stats? Trying to detect Wakelocks

    SOLVED: 8/10/21 I have a Galaxy s10+ I am trying to detect Wakelocks. I searched the internet a lot but found no clear answers or instructions. I was wondering if someone can teach me how to run ADB Command on Windows 10 to enable the "More Stats" Option on GSam battery monitor. I am looking...
  2. EpicSurvivor

    Thread How to disable Forced Android 11 update on Galaxy s10 plus?

    I recently bought a used Galaxy s10 Plus and it came with Android 10. But it suddenly started forcing a bunch of updates that I could only postpone with the message saying it would automatically install them on a certain date. This happened several times all the way up to the device Forcing me...
  3. EpicSurvivor

    Thread Android 11 decreased my SOT by close to 2 or 2.5 hours. Wanting to flash back to Android 10 (HELP)

    So I just bought a used Galaxy s10 Plus on eBay. I was getting amazing battery life and great SOT but I was forced to download Android 11 by force update and now my SOT has gone down almost 2.5 hours from when it was previously running on Android 10. I despise having to deal with these issues...
  4. EpicSurvivor

    Thread Galaxy s10 Plus Snapdragon. Any possible way to not be forced to update?

    So I just got a Galaxy s10 plus from eBay. The phone was amazing the first 3 days then It started forcing me to install a bunch of updates. All the way to installing Android 11 if I postponed it it would tell me it would automatically install the update at a certain date, I don't want this to...
  5. EpicSurvivor

    Thread Noob Please be Kind. Would like to ROOT "VERIZON" Galaxy s6 and Install custom ROM.

    Noob Please be Kind. Would like to ROOT "VERIZON" Galaxy s6 and Install custom ROM. I am new to this, Flashing is very easy, I've done it several times and its worked flawless using Odin and stock firmware. However I would like to know how to ROOT my VERIZON Galaxy s6 and install a Custom ROM...
  6. EpicSurvivor

    Thread Galaxy s4 Horrible Battery Drain 1% Per Minute! How to Fix?

    So I am new to Smartphones. I have owned maybe 3 or 4 smartphones up to date. I just got a US Cellular Galaxy s4 in Mint Condition. However the Battery is draining 1% Per Minute. I have no clue what to do! I really like this phone but the battery drain is terrible! I've read countless Forums...