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    Thread Testpoint for bricked p9

    Hi, Can somebody tell me where are testpoint on p9 ?
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    Thread Adress Boot.img

    Hi, i would like to know what is the adresse (like 0x80202020) of boot.img. The reason is i have a bricked p9 and i want to use python hisi-idt.py program (for honor 4c) and modify it for p9.
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    Thread P9 Hard Bricked - No recovery, no fastboot

    Hi, First i'm sorry for my bad english. I've a P9, and i tried to update to Nougat. But something went wrong, and now, i can't boot my phone, no recovery no fastboot. When i plug it on my pc, my phone is recognize as "USB SER". How to unbricked ?
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    Thread Can't install ROM

    Hi, I recently received my new moto x. I unlocked the bootloader and I rooted it, and I also installed TWRP But every time I try to install a ROM (cm11, slimkat) I get an error with updater script do you have a solution? Sent from my XT1052 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread Google now ROM PAC

    Hello everybody ! I'm french ans i search how to launch google now with a command like "google". But there isn't option to do this Sent from my Xperia S using xda app-developers app
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    Thread [Q] Mods CM10

    hello all! I recently installed CM10 on my xperia s and I would like to install many mods and more with the help of Pimp My Rom apk. But when I restart my xs, I get stuck on the boot animation. I installed it with PMR: -init.d support -gps configuration -optimize sqlite3 Databases -ext4 file...
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    Thread [Q] Big PROBLEM !!!

    Today i wanted to flash CM10 148 so i extracted the boot.img and i flashed it on my xs. But i get a failed with fastboot and my phone doesn't restart and i don't have led red blue or green ! Have you got any idea to fix it ?
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    Thread KA 19 installation

    Hi everybody, i want to install KA 19 xperia sspeed but when i finished to reboot, i have many errors like "select app to usb connection" and i can't use my phone because the error stays on the screen. So i reboot with power+vol up but the error stays. Anny idea ?
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    Thread Boot manager

    Hello everybody, i recently installed boot manager v0.4 but i want to change and i want to uninstall it to remplace it with ka xperia
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    Thread [Q] Play store doesn't work

    The play store doesn't work in my phone, after flashing FXP138.. He shows "Server errors" Any idea ?
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    Thread [Q] Problem FXP137

    Hi all, I have a problem after installing FXP137. When I LOCK my phone, it hangs and I have to force a restart. An idea?
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    Thread Stock Rom for XS ?

    Hello, i search stock rom ics for xperia s
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    Thread Statusbar installation ?

    Hello,and sorry for my bad english.. I have a question maybe stupid to ask ... I have a Sony Xperia S with ICS 4.0 and I would like to know if it is possible to install one of these status bar (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1583288) without CWM. I don't want to unlock my...
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    Thread [Q] Problem with KA09 Xperia SSpeed !

    I have a problem. I follow all the instructions that are described as a new user, but when I finished to install KA09 Xperia SSpeed​​, I haven't got notification bar :(. Could anyone help me please ?