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    Thread [EOL] [G96XF] Rooted Stock Rom BRF8

    THIS ROM IS NO LONGER UPDATED!! ____________________________ Welcome to Rooted Stock Rom! ABOUT THE ROM The goal of this rom is to provide a very close to stock experience, but with root, and fast updates. Because of that, the rom is perfect for people that want stock rom with root...
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    Thread [EOL] [i8190] Modwiz rom v3.1 264MB w/ Aroma addon

    This rom is made for the i8190, it MIGHT not work on a i8190N or i8190L, but you could try. ROM FEATURES Based on I8190XXAOE2 Extreme debloat (264MB size!) Odexed for speed Prerooted w/ latest SuperSU Aroma Addon Font Mod S5 Bootanimation Black status bar instead of dark grey AROMA ADDON With...
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    Thread Offtopic Telegram Group

    This is an offtopic group with no rules, its fine as long as you dont spam too much!! Link : t.me/OfftopicTelegram
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    Thread Delete pls

    Pls delete
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    Thread Wifi issue CM13 Sultan (20151204)

    Sultanxda I have a issue with my OnePlus One on Sultan's CM13 which only seems to happen when I'm upstairs. I runned CM12.1 Sultan before CM13 and I always had WiFi connection upstairs. Now, sometimes it seems like the WiFi driver stops working since I cant turn WiFi on and I cant turn it off...