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    Thread Todo Widget in a minimal style?

    Hi, is there any widget out there that does not look so box-like? I love Simple Calendar and i can customize it so perfectly so its fully integrated in my homescreen, with alpha background, small font and a minimal look. Anything like that out there for todo? google sync would be cool but...
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    Thread Iphone Folder Style-App?

    Im looking for the iphone folder style. Important is the possiblity to show the apps inside as a preview (filling the place) and if possible, to disable the label. im aware that in the market are 2 versions called "iphone style folder" and "iphone style folders. Both dont look like in the...
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    Thread [Q] Google Warning in Apps? (GoodToKnow?)

    Hey, in some apps i got ads. But not normal ads for a product or service: They are "google ads" by Google. They tell me to be careful with apps and download-files that dont come from good sites When i click on them i land on the google site: www.google.de/goodtoknow Or is this used by...
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    Thread [Q] Connection to Mac (Windows before) ?

    Hey guys, im using my smartphone normally on windows 7 at home. I need to plug it here at work into the mac to get some files copied. I remember when doing this kinda stuff there are problems with the SD-card which is a different partition system than the mac. I had that with an usb stick i...
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    Thread Typo-Like Apps (Calendar & More) ?

    Hey there, im using typoclock and im loving this way of showing things. Are there more Widgets / Apps like this ? Im STILL searching for a nice looking calendar typo widget to use it with my typoclock, but all look pretty awful in comparison. If only typoclock creator could make a...
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    Thread Typo Widgets ? Got TypoClock need Cal & ToDo

    Im currently having a black home-screen with typoclock and BaStatt. Looks nice so far. When it comes to a calendar i currently use smooth calender with icon disabled and transparent background .. well looks "OK" i can live with it... but i want something maybe better and especially i need a...
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    Thread HELP - Fastboot 1 and Wiped

    Im running ARHD 3.0 and the recommended Kernel. I somehow get low scores on Quadrant now and want to flash back to arhd 2.1 I went to ClowckWork Recovery and wiped. Then i remembered: I didnt set fastboot to 0 ! What to do now ???!
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    Thread Too many programs running ? Fix?

    I just installes arhd 2.1 rom and evrrything works fine. I got most things installed.i need like twitter, fb, adv. task killer, even auto startup killer, titanium, juice, setcpu and some more. I disabled all notifications. I prevent all startup apps i didnt want (all but 2,or 3) I set sync to...
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    Thread Is flashing a custom rom a good deal ?

    Hey there, im pretty happy with my phone, but sometime i feel like its some kinda bad to get apps for evey setting that htc did not provide in 2.2 (2.2.1 not available to me yet). Although i think enough "****" is running systemwise that noone needs. So flashing to a custom rom seems to be an...
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    Thread [Q] Auto Rotate takes 2-3 seconds ?

    Hey there, Auto rotation in the basic apps (sms, mail, internet) is feeling slow. well - it works - but i compared to my mate with his desire (no hd) and he is like 1 seconds. im like at least twice the time. using froyo 2.2 with most updates but not all - i rooted it with visionary. using...