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    Post Android 11 Beta

    [emoji108][emoji106] Wysłane z mojego IN2020 przy użyciu Tapatalka
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    Post Android 11 Beta

    Android doesn't need root by any means, unless you're a prickly teen who's bored with life?
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    Post Forcing always on HDR in the camera app

    AI turn on hdr when is necessary.
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    Post Naked or case

    Oryginal clear case from Samsung is preaty Good!
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    Post Mate 20 Pro crashing randomly after update 9.1

    I have the same problem. Ota update
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    Post Huawei P30 Pro Updates

    I put in an old card from the United States yesterday and an update to 140 came immediately after translating my Polish card :) What's the best this card from the USA did not even catch the range :)
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    Post Choppy performance..?

    [emoji6] Wysłane z mojego VOG-L29 przy użyciu Tapatalka
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    Post Choppy performance..?

    A comparison of the result in AnTuTu in a flagship with how Facebook or chrome works is at least childish and a few years late;) Probably from here my question ?? Wysłane z mojego VOG-L29 przy użyciu Tapatalka
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    Post Choppy performance..?

    Do you think that Facebook or chrome browser requires 300,000 points in AnTuTu for smooth operation? How old are you?
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    Post Photo quality

    Photo quality in my opinion is terrible!!
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    Post Hydrogen OS 5.1.10 for Oneplus 6

    Android security patch may???
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    Post Best cases for OnePlus 6

    My carbon bumper is in delivery?
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    Post show us your op6 homescreen

    That's mine
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    Post Antutu Benchmark

    And that's mine
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    Post Quiet sound on headphones after upgrading to oreo

    I updated over LG bridge and after updated i make full wipe.
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    Thread Quiet sound on headphones after upgrading to oreo

    Hello. also you have that after the upgrade to oreo the music on the headphones quieter game? I have headphones above 50ohm and before the upgrade could not be heard above level 65. Now turn up the volume to the max and it is still not as loud as it was before the upgrade on level 65. I did a...
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    Post DAC vs. Dolby Atmos

    Do not tell me stupid about some ports because they are hopeless. I had s9 plus and dolby atmos in s9 is not the same as in the ports for other devices. There is not the smallest comparison. Even on wired headphones with s9 sounds great, there is nothing missing from it. And do not say that the...
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    Post DAC vs. Dolby Atmos

    Because V30 is not the best for me in this respect and in s9 dolby atmos also works by bluetooth and really gives a great effect.
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    Post DAC vs. Dolby Atmos

    when playing music through the bluetooth Galaxy s9 will be a much better choice. Even on the headphones with the dolby atmos activated is really very good.
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    Post [AT&T] LG V30's are getting the oreo update today!

    With me in Poland it does not matter what you pay, you always have the same very good speed. The difference in price comes down to the amount of transfer. So it is very expensive for you, as you would have discovered the internet recently.
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    Post [AT&T] LG V30's are getting the oreo update today!

    45$ for 6gb???I have 20Gb for just 11usd;)you have hopeless tariffs.
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    Post Budget earbuds for DAC

    I bought soundmagic headphones e50 51ohm and tidal hi-fi. This duo is phenomenal!
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    Post Android Pay says I'm rooted but I'm not

    Yes,over the air. I back to android 7.0 android still no certyfikacion.
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    Post Android Pay says I'm rooted but I'm not

    Have the same problem.oficial Oreo is CRAP!
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    Post Is there possibility to change Oreo round icons?

    Use theme editor and Oreo icon pack Wysłane z mojego BLA-L09 przy użyciu Tapatalka
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    Post 8.1 Dev preview is out.

    When ota come?
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    Post Dust under screen

    This look really bad.
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    Post Is this normal (Display issues)

    My is the same. I dont care.
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    Post Vulkan API

    Yes. Every model
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    Post Show us your Home screens!

    Xwidget,Elegance UI icon pack.
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    Post Show us your Home screens!

    "Road" Zedge app.
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    Post Show us your Home screens!

    Nova luncher
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    Post Did HUAWEI cheat on the storage type on P10/P10+?

    I'm in europe and i have 700mb+ and ram 170read 145 write.
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    Post Korean G600L LTE bands

    Where i can buy korean version in europe?
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    Post Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    I threw the glass into the trash immediately after insertion. very aggravated colors and displayed black. For this blank screen with the glass looks like a Chinese fakes.
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    Post Installing apps speed?

    Try on htc 10...this is slow.
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    Post Screen tint?

    I got a Perfect screen this time;)
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    Post case suggestion

    Carbon case from OnePlus is great!
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    Post Free Invite!!!!!!! Only for 3 days!!!!!!?

    Pick me please;)
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    Post Battery Life Discussion

    much better than a regular version
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    Post (Update)(france)(COH2)

    Very poor signal on this rom. Wysłane z mojego SM-G920F przy użyciu Tapatalka
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    Post Xperia™ Z3 - Post Your Home Screen Here

    Full stock Wysłane z mojego D6603 przy użyciu Tapatalka