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    Thread Fully worked chococooky font?

    Hi, does it have way to port chococooky with worked clock, bold and etc. I try ttf with font changer...but don't work...
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    Thread [Q]S3 on - click sound

    Hi guys, I like on - click sound (ripple) on S3. Can i replace PA on - click sound with S3's sound?
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    Thread [Q] Per - core overclock

    Hi guys i have question for overclock i use William's kernel v8 and PA 4.6 beta v2 My question is: Does it have way to overclock core 0 (first core) to 1.7 ghz - 281 ghz, and core 1 (second core) maximum clock to be 1/1.2 ghz, like S4's octa core? first core maximum clock to be 1.7 ghz, and...
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    Thread Please help me

    Guys please give me Stock bootanimation 207...I delete mine bootanimation Sent from my C5303 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread MC5 Free from Xperia Lounge

    Someone download gamre from lounge? I don't see :( Sent from my C5303 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread [DISCUSSION]Share your undervolt settings and battery

    Hi guys After 2 days i undervolt my processor with trickster mod and see difference. Now with stamina and undervolt i have 2x battery life. Before undervolt with 2 hours asphalt 8 and 1 hour facebook my battery death. Now i play asphalt 8 2 hours daily, 3hours facebook, messenger and browsing...
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    Thread Undervolt

    Somebody undervolt your cpu...I search good undervolt settings for my SP....ExistenZ v4.0.0 and Williams v8 Sent from my C5303 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread Problem after installing Pure Performance

    HI. i install PPX golden edition and now when i try to enter in power menu my phone reboot. When I delete all PPX's lines in Build.prop don't have problem, but i want to use this :)
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    Thread [Q]Knock ON

    Hi, does it have a way to wake my phone with knock knock (2tap)
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    Thread Z3 ui on PA?

    Hi devs. Does it have way to make my PA look like z3's kk. I like Sony's interface, but 4.3 is slowly for my. Thank's and srry for my bad english :)
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    Thread Please Help me

    Hi, my friends delete home.apk from my phone. Please give me original .207 home.apk :) Thank you :)
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    Thread Can someone port Lewa OS Xperia SP?

    Hi. I got a one question. Can someone port Lewa OS for XSP. I like Lewa/Miui interface and functionally. Does it have way to port? Sorry for my bad english! :(
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    Thread CM11 snapshot camera quality

    Hi, I have Xperia SP with official CM11 M10 (snapshot) and CM11's kernel. The rom is very good, but camera quality is very, very, very, very pooooor! Does it have fix flash Xperia M camera v2, but camera again is POOOR. Please help me i like CM11, but camera is *****!! Sorry for my bad english
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    Thread Does it have way to make TW Based ROM

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    Thread [Q] [Xperia E] Miui v5 ROM ?

    Please make Miui based rom for Xperia E :)
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    Thread Root 4.3 Locked BL

    Does it have a way for root Xperia M 4.3 with Locked BL
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    Thread Odex or Deodex is better for gaming?

    Stock ICS odexed with Posiedon Kernel and cf3d or Xboost Deodexed with Posiedon kernel an cf3d? Sent from my C1605 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread [XE][Q]ICS Xboost ROM Supercharger v6 and Hypercola

    Does it works this script on XE
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    Thread [Q][XE]Carbon ROM or TamsuiCM11

    Who's ROM is better and stable.....And does it have alpha 2 with 4.4.3 in carbon.
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    Thread [Q][XE]vold.fstab trick on CM11 (CarbonROM)

    Hi, Does somebody try vold.fstab trick on CM11 ? Sent from my Xperia E using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread [XE] GPU optimization.

    Who is the best tweaks for optimization adreno 200 and does it - http://rk00064.blogspot.in/2012/04/new-libs-for-adreno-200-to-increase-3d.html - working on Xperia E with Xboost Rom
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    Thread [XE]Hard Brick HELP ME PLEASE

    Do you have a way to recover from hard brick..My phone does not want to enter Flash Mode :( Help me PLEASE :)
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    Thread Honami widgets

    Hi guys. Please share honami widgets for Xperia E Termin ROM Sent from my C1505 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread Delete THIS

    Delete THIS
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    Thread [Tutorial][XE]How to make CM10/11 look like SGS 3/4/5/Note

    How to make CM10 look like SGS 3/4/5/Note Sony Xperia E Cyanogen MOD 10/11 Tested from me and work on Ultimate CM10 Note: these applications are not mine. Requirements: Sony Xperia E CM10 with Theme Changer Root Xpoosed Time :) Now follow steps: 1.Install these apps: Lockscreen -...
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    Thread [XE]Serious problem with display in ULTIMATE CM10 Zeus Kernel

    Hi devs. I absolutely love this rom, but have serious problem with this ROM. Do a full wipe, reflash rom and etc., but have problem (see in screenshot) problem is this under statusbar. BTW: Flash other ROM and don't have problem and flash this ROM and have problem again Sent from my C1605...
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    Thread RR 3 and fifa 14 problem.

    I have a force close in this game. Sony Xperia Single sim Ultimate CM10 Sent from my Xperia E dual using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread [Q][XE]Install supercharger v6

    Hi guys :) Pls help me. How to install SuperCharger v6 on Xperia E (SS) (Ultimate cm10)
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    Thread All from my phone from unlock Boatloader to put CM 10

    Hey :) Please give me a link 4 all 4 my XPERIA E ( C1505) I don't hve time for search Sorry. Thank U 4 Help :) GoodBye...Sorry for my very poor english Sent from my C1505 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread [Q][XE]Custom Recovery and Rom (Locked Boatloader)

    Hi :) Sent from my C1505 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Apk for

    Mod Edit: Judgment is Near.....