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    Thread Stock AT&T rom

    I searched but was not able to find what I was looking for so sorry if this is a double post. I bought my s9+ straight from samsung and would like to install the latest AT&T rom would someone be able to point me in the right direction to get the latest stock AT&T rom? TIA
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    Thread Loading a rom on my phone

    I have tried several different roms and all of them are giving me the same issue. When I try to load the rom via Odin I get Auth(fail!). I believe I have bootloader V3 but I even tried an oreo rom with no luck. Is there anyone that can provide me help on this? TIA
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    Thread Google play music

    I have the sony smartwatch 3 and I was trying to sync play music from my phone to my watch but everything time I tap the "Turn on music sync" button its says "Google play services needs updating" I have checked and I am on the latest version already. Someone also suggested uninstalling play...
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    Thread Using wifi with no phone

    So I have wifi enabled and its connected but whenever I try to load any app that requires internet it has the cloud with a line through it but it doesn't have that symbol when your on the clock screen (main screen) unless I turn off wifi. Does anyone know how to actually get apps to load data...
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    Thread Sending a text using "OK Google"

    If I say "Ok Google.. Send text to bob... blah blah blah" it will send it using my carrier number not my google voice number but if I go into hangouts and send a text it sends it using my google voice number. Is there anyway to fix that? Also the default sms app in settings is hangouts and I am...
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    Thread splash screen only

    Sorry if this has already been posted but I put the battery in my phone and it automatically starts but only goes to the first splash screen then stop. I made a video of whaty phone does http://youtu.be/s5RWoP2gapk any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Thread Location App

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knew of a good app to track the number of times I have been to a certain location. Preferably I would be able to look at say last month or the month before and say I went to the gym 9 times that month or something like that. TIA
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    Thread sms app for Google Voice

    Does anyone know of an sms app that can use google voice correctly as in it does not show a random number when I get a text from someone in my contact list? TIA
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    Thread stock 4.3

    Can someone point me to the 100% at&t stock rom without root?
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    Thread default sms app

    I know in settings you can pick the default sms app as something other than hangouts but there is no option to use google voice as the default. Does anyone know how to use just google voice?
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    Thread meenova

    I tried this on my galaxy S4 and it worked perfectly without any extra software but I can't get it to work on my nexus 5 with stock rom and rooted. Has anyone got this working? Thanks in advance.
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    Thread record phone calls

    Does anyone know of a phone call recording app that will record both sides of the conversation without a custom kernel? TIA
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    Thread facebook notification

    Does anyone else have issues getting Facebook or Facebook messenger notifications? They were all working fine on my galaxy S4 but I don't get either on the Facebook app or Facebook messenger app. TIA
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    Thread cyanogenmod options

    Is there a way to get cyanogenmod options like having the extra settings options or swiping in the right corner to bring up quick settings screen instead of notifications without installing the cyanogenmod rom?
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    Thread latest Google Now

    Does anyone have the latest Google Now working for ICS?
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    Thread Stuck on white HTC screen

    Hey guys, so I really need some help. I woke up this morning and my phone was off. So I put in another battery and turned my phone on and it was stuck on the white htc screen. I do have the BL unlocked from htc and I was running the 605.22 stock ICS leak, which I put on my phone almost two weeks...
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    Thread Phone talks while in browser

    So I just upgraded to the stock rom and when I go to the browser it starts talking to me for everything I click. It does not do this any other time and I believe I check the correct setting to ensure this was disabled but it still happens. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Is this a barometer

    I tested on the androSensor app and it confirms that there is no barometer on our phone but I was switching batteries and I saw what looked like a barometer. Can confirm or tell me what that is? Thanks
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    Thread Root without unlocked bootloader

    I have stock OTA Gingerbread. Is there a way to root without unlocking the bootloader? Thanks in advance
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    Thread Gtalk 1.3 video?

    I have install stock 2.3.4 ATT 4.5.91 rom and after I installed the rom I used Titanium Backup to restore my apps. However video and voice do not work over wifi for gtalk. I have confirmed using the video camera app that my front facing camera is working and I have uninstalled and installed...
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    Thread music player question

    Does anyone know if there is an music player app the will look in folders even if the .nomedia file is in the folder? I have tried btunes and playerpro neither one worked :\
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    Thread ? about NDA

    If the update is live and is already going out, why can no one post the update.zip for those who don't have it yet?
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    Thread Convert using VLC player?

    Does anyone know what the settings would be to convert hd video file to the proper H.264 format using VLC player. I heard there was a how to but i can not find it. does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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    Thread Blocked apps in market

    Just wondering of the procedure is the same as the captivate to view app that at&t normally blocks in the android market
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    Thread Good Place For Batteries

    Just wondering if anyone has found 3rd party batteries for the atrix yet?
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    Thread Any suggestions about my battery life

    I know that there are lots of these battery life threads and i have read most of them and I've tried closing processes that i don't need and i have tried setcpu to keep the cpu low when the device is off, which seemed to help some but my phone would shutoff randomly. So last night i had a full...
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    Thread Aftermarket Battery

    So I bought this and so far it seems to work just as well as the oem battery so i thought i would share. You get 2 batteries, battery charger, microusb. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150475644255&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT
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    Thread Bluetooth Device Problem

    I have noticed a couple of times not that i will sync a BT device but a little later its removed from the list. Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Thread individual ringtones

    Ok so i know you can use ringo but I was hoping there was a way i can set individual ringtones with out using 3rd party app. I have all my ringtones in ogg and mp3 format but I can't find a way to pick a ringtone based on contact. Anyone know of a way? Thanks
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    Thread prevent touchwiz from starting???

    I just bought the captivate and I am using adw launcher and i was just trying to figure out how to prevent touchwiz from starting up. I downloaded startup audit but i don't see it in there. Any thoughts?? Thanks
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    Thread Accessing SQL server Database

    So I am trying to access a data an sql database hosted by godaddy.com i am easily able to write to and read from the database from a desktop app the i wrote but i was trying to write an app for my windows moible phone that would write to the database but its not working. I don't get any errors...
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    Thread Connecting to an sql database

    I am trying to write data to a data base from my phone but for some reason it does not write to the data base but i don't get any errors so im not sure what to do next. any help would be great. Thanks string connectionstring = "Data Source=irus99.db.5497838.hostedresource.com;Initial...
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    Thread Looking for a new UI

    Ok so i have searched a little but i know there are so many UIs out there and i am looking for a new one. Right now i have UltimateLaunch and i have used this forever so i would like something that is similar to this but that may also have more features. Does any one have any thoughts? Thanks
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    Thread enable standard WM6.5 top bar

    I am using agent_47's 28005 rom and im trying to enable the standard wm6.5 top bar more particulate the magnify glass at the top in the picture below. I have disabled HTC's notification manager but i can't seem to enable the standard top bar. Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Thread Get Your Zip Code (UPDATE 11-27-09) Ver 2.0(final)

    Ok, so i wrote this little program and before i go any further i wanted to see how accurate it is. So if you willing to test just download the cab and run the cab. You will see a file called LatLon.exe in my documents just click the app and your lat & long should pop up click ok and wait about...
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    Thread convert CellId to zipcode

    I am trying to write a little app and i need to convert cellId to zipcode does anyone know how to do that or a website that does it. Thanks
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    Thread Enable Proximity Sensor When using BT (dot fred Task Manager Fix)

    Ok so i was using shadowline's rom and i noticed that in his rom if i was using my bluetooth headset the proximity sensor was still active. His rom was the only one that had this out of all the roms i tried. So i wrote a little app to enable this is every rom. I have only tested it on EnergyRom...
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    Thread Rotate to portrait when you close keyboard FIXED

    This is a fix for the rotation problem where you close your keyboard and it does not rotate back. In order to fix this problem you can not rotate the screen with the keyboard in but since i never do it that way its a great fix for me so i thought i would post for others who feel the same way. If...
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    Thread Charging really slow when powered off

    Is anyone have the issue where the phone charges really slow when the device is powered off. Thanks
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    Thread nbsplit & nbmerge

    does anyone know the data value for using nbsplit and nbmerge for Rhodium. Thanks in advance
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    Thread HTC Camera Settings Issue

    I have searched but could not find the answer so here it goes. when im in the camera app and click on settings then click on Advanced, i can not change any of the settings i can't even click on them its like it does not recognize the taps i can however hit back and go through the 5 pages of...
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    Thread get gps working in standby

    ok so about 6 months ago i find a website, not here, it was just a small website and some guy had a fix for the standby issue for touch pro2 I did not have it then so i let it go but now i can't find it. I was hoping someone knows what im talking about. Thanks
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    Thread A really annoying problem for frequent ROM flashers

    every time i do a hardreset i have to renter my username and password for Social Networks(youtube, facebook), skymarket, myphone i have looked but i cant find where its stored. Does anyone know the answer to this problem. Thanks
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    Thread Enable with HTC Sense Disabled????

    ok so the 1st pic is with htc sense disabled and the second is with htc sense enabled. So i was hoping someone would know how to enable those options on the dialer without enabling htc sense? Thanks in advance...
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    Thread HTC wifi router -Comm Manager

    ok so i put this all in one cab sorry if its a double post and sorry for no screen shots. It works well... at least for me it does :) someone please mirror if too many people download. EDIT: Removed due to problems.... not going to repost right now as i dont have to to fix it.... wifi router...
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    Thread Create Your Own WM6.5 Themes...... Officially

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    Thread Marketplace open

    just thought i would let everyone know :D
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    Thread More Icons per row

    So i have searched and have found some info like the m9editor but im still not sure how to add more rows to the programs tab in manila. I would like to have 5 or 6 with smaller icons if possible. Would anyone like to point me in the right direction? Thanks
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    Thread wm6.5 start menu

    so i have searched up and down and can not find a solution. When i open the start menu and scroll down it seems to just scroll down one page is there a fix for this. Thanks
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    Thread Titanium Weather

    Im using Titanium Weather 4.2 and I have searched for a fix but i can't get the links working anyone else having this problem. thanks