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  1. smjunaid

    Thread I want to go back to stock CN to be able to get OTA's (TENCENT)

    HI. I am currently using the Tencent verions 8/128gb rog phone 2. My bootloader is unlocked and i am running the latest WW rom with WW fingerprint. I want to go back to the original factory state so that i may be able to get the Updates via OTA. I want to go back to the original CN version...
  2. smjunaid

    Thread [Q] LG g2 looses time settings after restart

    hi everyone i own an international LG G2. its on stock rom. i dropped the phone once and got it assembled back everything works fine but when ever i restart the phone it looses time and language settings. any one has any solution to this problem? my phone is not rooted. everything is at...
  3. smjunaid

    Thread clock unfortunately stopped working

    I am facing a strange issue with my opponent find 7a.updated it to officially 4.4.2 few days back and today it's clock stopped working. I tried factory reset, reinstalling Rom nothing helps. Please help me
  4. smjunaid

    Thread Need a stable rom for f240l

    HI I am looking for a clean english rom for my F240L. its currently at a korean rom with alot of useless anoying korean apps.. also have 80 chars sms issue.. need help please... thanks in advance
  5. smjunaid

    Thread Stock Rom custom kernel. Help needed

    Hi.. after flashing dozens of roms on my evo 3d.. I decided to live with stock ics one.. but I want to overclock my EVO 3d gsm a bit. For that I have to change kernel from stock.. tried a few but didn't worked out ... Please recommend me a kernel that works with stock ics. Am at s off and...
  6. smjunaid

    Thread [Q] flashing official rom (stock )

    hi.. i need help flashing official galaxy nexus rom..am using codename android currently.. but i want to go back to stock official original rom... i tried searching out alot.. the best way i found is this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1827685 but its a bit complicated for...
  7. smjunaid

    Thread Bricked hd2 urgently help needed!!!!

    i flashed a wrong stock ROM on my T mobile hd2.. its bricked so badly that not even booting.. nothing happens when i press the power button.. no tri color mode at all .. its not being detected in my win7.. any help will be highly appreciable