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    Post Can't Update AT&T via OTA

    Seems like it runs through script fine until the end Script seems to run fine until the end. Phone wont boot and flashes at logo screen and then goes to bootloader logs saying your device didn't start up successfully. Need help. Can anyone help with this? I think the problem might be with the...
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    Post LG H820 KDZ - TOT file

    Anyone find anything newer then this tot file? I bought a used H820 on amazon a few weeks ago and can't find anything accept this that works. Its newer then what i had on the phone i got but wanted to find a marshmallow tot. I'm using the phone on Cricket which is owned by At&t, won't pick up...
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    Post D855 [5.1.1] [Development] [PitchBlack] Resurrection Remix LP v5.5.5 [15/09/06]

    I'm having trouble with my dialer? When I get a call I can't answer the call. Dialer never pops up and I get a not responding error from my dialer. Can anyone help me out with this issue? I am using the latest version of this rom.
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    Post [Q] HTC Evo Design *BRICKED*

    Hey there is a link where you can download the stock ruu, just do a google search for htc evo design ruu and you should be able to dl it, it took me a while to dl but it works. Its the second one down on the google search.
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    Post HOW TO:(Coming Soon) Flash A HTC Droid Incredible 2 To Cricket

    Data should be easy. Its the same for all HTC phones that you flash over to cricket. Just use Ryan Mogul's Cricket pst settings on the link I provided here. Dial ##778 and hit send and enter in your spc to access your epst settings, you should know what to do by following instructions on Ryan's...
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    Post Official Huawei Ascend Thread

    Awesome a thread for the m860. I've been messing around with this phone for past couple days. I have mine rooted and all the bloatware removed. I wish someone would come out with some custom roms already for this phone. This is only my 2nd Android phone ever. The first one was the htc hero...