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  1. brisseau

    Thread Can't update HOSTS file

    I'm sure I'm missing something but don't know what it is. I have a T-Mo OP6t, converted to International OOS Beta 8 TRWP installed Magisk installed Solid Explorer installed (paid version) I'm trying to edit/update my HOSTS file for ad blocking but I can't. I've tried to edit the properties of...
  2. brisseau

    Thread Educate me on Android

    OK, so I've had Android since the G1, then the Vibrant and now the SGS2 so I'm familiar with flashing and rooting and all that good stuff but some of the basics elude me... I'm not a coder, programmer or modder in any way, shape or form. Nor do I claim to be. Here's my question. Google writes...
  3. brisseau

    Thread [Q] GPS Differences (Vibrant vs. Nexus S)

    My question is this: What is the difference between the GPS hardware on the T-Mobile Vibrant 3G and the (original) Nexus S? If the hardware is the same, would the drivers for the Nexus S (which is running 2.3.5) work on a rooted Vibrant (also running a 2.3.5)? I'm assuming that someone has...