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  1. Gsmdeta

    Thread Lumia 830 camera driver error (8.1 & 10=Orginal&Insider fast R3)

    its 2 month have this problem HAVE NOW IDEA anymore :crying::crying: Fall creators 1-Registry change 2-Soft reset 3-Hard reset 4-ruling back 8.1 5-10 Original 6-hardware change 7-Hardware components check 0#Lumia test app result *********************************************** ]]>Result...
  2. Gsmdeta

    Thread OTG can be possible need the Lumia 950 values !!!

    Hey guys i founded the some values for the USB role port mode But they are for my Lumia 830 i need to put the Lumia 950 values for test it also need software values ************************************************** **** [SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\USB] Name: RoleSwitchMode Type: VALUE...