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    Thread I'm stuck badly help please

    My Android phone's display is broken and somehow I managed to unlock it and start using TeamViewer to view the display on my another Android device(I was able to do it because touch was fully functional and display was slightly visible if I focus) but after some days(exactly Today) I am not able...
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    Thread Mic problem

    Mic not working on calls when ok google detection enabled
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    Thread Google Camera

    Hello everyone, I tried many versions of google camera on our phone, Every version gets force close I even tried the camera given in open gapps stock package of x86 device. I'm using RR 5.8.4 by tank0412 which runs a stable 7.1.2 Please I really love the google camera somebody port it to our...
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    Thread Porting help!

    Hello everyone My phone karbonn titanium s5 plus which has a mtk processor i.e mtk6582 And its kernel versions 3.4.5 means no chance of lollipop here.....[emoji20] And I want smoooooth experience like lollipop and up and I was very happy when I found unofficial cm13.0 port for mtk6582 but for...