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    Post SM-N976N unlock bootloader

    Already solved the problem, You just have to go to download mode and long press the volume up button and volume up to again to confirm bootloader unlock after you've ticked the OEM unlock option in developer options
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    Thread SM-N976N unlock bootloader

    How do I fully unlock the bootloader for SM-N976N? I already ticked OEM Unlocking option in Developer options, but when I tried to go to download mode, it has message "OEM LOCK: ON(U)" and I can't flash twrp. Below it has a message "custom binary blocked by oem" after trying to flash twrp.
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    Post [ROM] [Android 11] DotOS SamsungGalaxy S9 [OFFICIAL][starqltechn][star2qltechn]

    any ways to turn off vibration when unlocking the device? I couldn't find it in settings Am I missing something?
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    Post Root and Warranty

    My carrier does really have good insurance tho, I tried exchanging my rooted phone for the same model for just a small fee. They would even replace your heavily damaged phone with a new one even when purposely hit it with a baseball bat. :laugh: They would eventually replace your phone whatever...
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    Thread Google play service beta not updating to latest version

    I signed up for google play services beta to enable nearby sharing feature on my phone but my phone can't seem to update to the latest beta version of the google play services. I had updated to the latest version of google play services beta(20.30.19(120400-326531024)) just fine on my S9+ but my...
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    Post region lock

    check with your carrier website if they do offer unlocking the device by yourself. my carrier in my country offers unlocking the device by yourself for free in their website, however they charge a small fee if you unlock it through their shops
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    Post [INQUIRY] Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G / SNAPDRAGON 855 / MODEL: SM-N976Q ROOTING

    My note 10+'s bootloader can be unlocked and probably most of japanese samsung phones, they come with snapdragon processors. I had my s9+ bootloader unlocked and rooted on the latest firmware :)
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    Post Changing SM-N975J firmware to SM-N975U?

    It's not possible to change the firmware into international version as they have different model number, you can only change the rom into it's docomo counterpart, although they have different model number, it is possible but docomo's rom is kinda crappy with their emojis
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    Post Is there a way to root a Snapdragon S9+ (G9650)?

    Have you already unlocked your bootloader? Sent from my SCV45 using Tapatalk
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    Post Is there a way to root a Snapdragon S9+ (G9650)?

    download latest magisk, klabit87's kernel and twrp with SAR support 1.flash twrp with SAR support 2. reboot to recovery and DO NOT swipe allow system modification and select "keep read only" 3. format data and reboot again to recovery, do not install twrp 4. install kernel and magisk and...
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    Thread Enabling bixby

    I have Japan version of Galaxy S9+ which bixby voice isn't available, everytime I try to start it with activity launcher is says "bixby voice isn't available in your country or region". anyone knows how to make it work? I'm rooted and I already tried replacing bixby related apps in system but I...
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    Post [ROM] [10.0] HAVOC OS 3.7 for Galaxy S9 /S9+/Note9 -Unlocked Bootloader

    Where did you find PE rom? Sent from my SCV45 using Tapatalk
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    Post [ROM] [10.0] HAVOC OS 3.7 for Galaxy S9 /S9+/Note9 -Unlocked Bootloader

    Yes, I am using all resources as what is on the thread and I am on SCV39KDU1CTB3 as I was flashing this rom
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    Post [ROM] [10.0] HAVOC OS 3.7 for Galaxy S9 /S9+/Note9 -Unlocked Bootloader

    I can't boot up into the system, I had a bootloop after installing and forced restart it but after it restarted it went to download mode Edit: I manage to pass the samsung boot logo but I'm only seeing white circle loading for about 45 mins. I did these steps 1.I unlocked bootloader and...
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    Post Rejected by build type

    It won't install, I get "application not installed" everytime
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    Thread Rejected by build type

    I tried installing samsung messages on my Galaxy Note 10+ SCV45 thru adb but it failed to install on my device, I got error message Failure [-3001: INSTALL_FAILED_REJECTED_BY_BUILDTYPE] Is there any other way to install apps without rooting? I hate the crappy messaging app installed by...
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    Post BLU unlock allowed Xperia XZ AU vs Docomo so-01j

    try this https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=78396811&postcount=29
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    Post Help me please! Sony Xperia XZ SO-01j

    it's in C:\ > Users > *user* > .flashtool > devices > F83XX copy everything except 39.fsc to the folder to be created as bundle
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    Post Help me please! Sony Xperia XZ SO-01j

    I don't have video tutorial about that, you can download the bundles on Xperifirm Sent from my SM-G965J using Tapatalk
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    Post How to convert XPERIA XZ 601SO (Softbank) to International F8331?

    this should probably help https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=78396811&postcount=29
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    Post BLU unlock allowed Xperia XZ AU vs Docomo so-01j

    I can confirm that NFC doesn't work anymore on 601SO after flashing global rom. Not a big deal though as I doesn't use NFC often.
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    Post How to convert XPERIA XZ 601SO (Softbank) to International F8331?

    You can try this one https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=78396811&postcount=29 P.S. if you still want to use fingerprint unlock, do not choose US. And also NFC won't work after changing your firmware
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    Thread Flashing CSC from different model

    Is it possible to flash a different CSC from another model(SM-G965F) to SM-G965U/SM-G9650/SC-03K/SCV39?
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    Post SCV39 root (snapdragon)

    this isn't ios. LOL
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    Post How do i update this device to PIE

    Use the latest version 3.13.1
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    Post How do i update this device to PIE

    You can go over to updato.com as it has faster download speed and SM-N950U1 as your model to have the XAA firmware Ps. Sort it to date to download the latest one Sent from my SM-G965J using Tapatalk
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    Post How do i update this device to PIE

    Download the firmware from samfirm, just google it for the links. there's no need to choose which one to download as it shows you the latest firmware available for your region Sent from my SCV39 using Tapatalk
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    Post How do i update this device to PIE

    Download the latest firmware and manually flash it through odin if the software update menu doesn't show latest updates Sent from my SCV39 using Tapatalk
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    Thread SCV39 root (snapdragon)

    anyone using this device found a way to root this on android pie? or a custom rom maybe? The stock firmware really sucks (full of carrier apps, no bixby voice) it would really be nice flashing a custom rom for this device so it wouldn't feel like a mid-range samsung phone. LOL
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    Post N950f Google Pay

    try downloading it from apkmirror or maybe flashing the XTC firmware
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    Post CSC problem No Id

    I haven't found any solutions for this but I really don't mind it at all right now, so far it doesn't affect the phone in any ways
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    Post Is it possible to odin Note8 N950U newest Global CRK1 rom on N950D ( Note8 NTTDocomo)

    Yes, they do have the same hardware and so as the Chinese version, but keep that in mind they have very different model numbers and they are not compatible with each other. I did have the SC-02H and like you, I did hate all those Japanese carrier apps. They managed to changed it to global rom...
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    Post Is it possible to odin Note8 N950U newest Global CRK1 rom on N950D ( Note8 NTTDocomo)

    It is not possible to flash any other firmware on the Japanese model phones because of the different model number
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    Post [DSB2] Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F) OFFICIAL OneUI/Pie beta (NO ROOT/CUSTOM ROM TALK!!!)

    can please tell me how did you do this? I'm running custom rom and I want to try this beta without losing any data
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    Post Help me please! Sony Xperia XZ SO-01j

    Have you tried flashing a clean stock FW from SO-01J and repeating the process?
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    Post Help me please! Sony Xperia XZ SO-01j

    You should create a bundle for F8331 with the desired customization files BUT SELECT SO-01J WHEN CREATING A BUNDLE AS THE DEVICE IN THE DEVICE FIELD so it should match your current model
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    Post Help me please! Sony Xperia XZ SO-01j

    I think you can change the ROM to an international one. I'm on the same situation but on mine was from Softbank but I managed to change the cust to UK :) Here's what I did 1. Download the latest flashtool 2. Download both rom for 601SO/SO-01J and F8331 (do not let the automatic bundle...
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    Post SM-N950F/DS and WiFi Calling with AT&T

    Rooting your phone and flashing ATT CSC would help :)
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    Post Can i change the firmware location?

    Maybe you could try this [https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s8/samsung-galaxy-s8--s8-cross-device-development/n8-s8x-s9x-oreo-t-mobile-efs-csc-t3772374] Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Post changing VoLTE icon

    I don't know how I did changed it but as I mentioned that I just updated the rom and the icon just changed automatically, still trying to figure it out how to get that back
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    Thread changing VoLTE icon

    is there any way to change the volte icon? cause the stock one looks ugly by any chance I did actually changed it by accident but I don't know how to get back the icon that has been changed (I actually liked how the way it look to the changed one) I'm using LightROM (not sure if it's v18 or...
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    Post [Note 8][Oreo][01-Jan-2020][v40] LightROM

    which one should i flash? with the nfs one?
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    Post [Note 8][Oreo][01-Jan-2020][v40] LightROM

    yes, mine is messed up too,"Service Provider info is gone "/ / " i tried to replace the whole odm files with the old whole omc files and its back but volte can't seem to work
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    Post [Note 8][Oreo][01-Jan-2020][v40] LightROM

    I dirty flashed the latest zip file without selecting any camera mods but it get stuck on Galaxy note8 boot logo but when I dirty flashed it with selecting the A750F camera mod, it will not get stuck but the camera app is just black and keeps stopping :confused: [UPDATE: I get passed the camera...
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    Post [TeamExyKings][MOD][8.0]A750F Camera(S9+ UI) & S9+ Bixby Vision[16/Dec/2018]

    flashed the zip file and the camera app is gone :confused:
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    Post Unpacking ext4 file

    I'm not using a VM, it's a windows application
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    Post Unpacking ext4 file

    doesn't open up with 7-zip :(
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    Thread Unpacking ext4 file

    any ways to unpack an ext4 file other thean ext4unpack software? it freezes and stops responding everytime I try to open large file like the system.img.ext4 which is around 4gb. I don't have any problems opening smaller files
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    Post Help/Request to extract and decrypt .img file for csc

    Thanks, I already figured out how to unpack the lz4 file using Ubuntu and got the files that I needed, but thanks anyway :) Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk