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  1. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] LineageOS 17.1 [T713][T719][T813][T819]

    I'd like to know too, however I'm on LOS 16.1 for the T819. What are the main compatibility differences (i know the differences between LOS 16.1 and 17.1 but not how it affects the Tab S2), can someone help me? Thanks
  2. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] dotOS v5.2 [UNOFFICIAL] [begonia/begoniain] [MIUI-A11-fw] [2021.09.15]

    you might need a magisk module and a specific camera for that, if you want 64MP it's best to stay on MIUI
  3. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [ROM][CFW][10] crDroid 6.x [begonia/begoniain][OFFICIAL][ANTIBRICK]

    I've tried a ton of ROMs, and this is my favourite. Specifically crDroid 6.16. This might change when the RN8P A11 kernel is eventually released but this works so well. Great for GCAM, smooth, snappy and it works well out of the box.
  4. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [ROM][11][begonia] Pixel Experience [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    Personally I use Burial 12 (ported version on Telegram), and my own xml but yeah have you found one yet?
  5. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [ROM][11][begonia] Pixel Experience [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    Nope, that's the only one I've heard of.
  6. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] dotOS v5.2 [UNOFFICIAL] [begonia/begoniain] [MIUI-A11-fw] [2021.09.15]

    Really good, how do I fix cts basic and fp fail? fingerprint is already set to redfin... do i use props
  7. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post Which phone do you use right now?

    Redmi Note 8 Pro (ex. Huawei Mate 10 Pro user)
  8. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [ROM][11.0.0_r39] POSP DumAloo (v4.1.2+18) - begonia [OFFICIAL]

    When you try and use gestures in a landscape app they don't work. You can only pull down the notification shade.
  9. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][T819][9] LineageOS 16.0

    I believe LineageOS 16 recognises mobile data (at least 3G, not sure about 4G), but I'm not sure about calling and texting.
  10. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post PS Remote Play version 4.1.0 detects root (ver 3.0 & 4.0 ok)

    same but on Android 11. Tried all the above methods and all failed.
  11. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post None of the rooting guides work?

    Oh, I forgot to say but you can't fix that on MIUI latest. Only on custom rom 😂
  12. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][T819][9] LineageOS 16.0

    Hi @pitrus-! I talked to a ROM Dev that I know and apparently December patch might take a while because of the Pixel Feature Drop, will that affect the December LOS 16 update? Thanks for all of your hard work for the Tab S2 :) I really appreciate it. You've breathed new life into my Tab S2...
  13. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post None of the rooting guides work?

    No I didn't sorry, but nice to know you're successfully rooted 😁
  14. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post None of the rooting guides work?

    Put your phone at homescreen adb reboot bootloader Then continue.
  15. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post None of the rooting guides work?

    It's not hard, you just need to flash LRTWRP. Adding magisk to the software files isn't how it works. Rooting isn't hard, it's just slightly different and there is only 1 way.
  16. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post None of the rooting guides work?

    TWRP doesn't really do customised root things anymore. You have to flash custom LR TWRP. There is a video tutorial that I followed under Alltricks.
  17. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post None of the rooting guides work?

    No, that's unsafe with our device.
  18. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post None of the rooting guides work?

    There's a few extra steps on MIUI A10 that makes it slightly harder. Unlock bootloader Flash LR TWRP for MIUI ANDROID 10 Download the magisk file Mount system Turn off recovery_from_boot.p Flash magisk file I think that's it but please double check, Miui A10 is the riskiest version to do it on.
  19. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [ROM][AOSP][11.0]RevengeOS 4.0 | DEVICE (begonia) [UNOFFICIAL]

    QK N is a kernel. If you want a widevine L1 fix, I believe there is a file to flash for that. It is in @redminote8proofficial in Telegram.
  20. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post Bootloader Unlock Change

    To add: can also be 0 second unlock time ;)
  21. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [ROM][AOSP][11.0]RevengeOS 4.0 | DEVICE (begonia) [UNOFFICIAL]

    Works very well, especially the A11 version. Excited for future releases! Edit: One problem, play protect is uncertified. Edit 2: Flashing QK N fixed it.
  22. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    Teracube Teracube One Teracube 2e Both are made by Teracube which focuses on 4 year support and a good worldwide warranty. Environment focused and is open to development I believe.
  23. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post Welcome to XDA 2021!

    Not many bugs now at least on my end, and posts are still transferring have patience lol
  24. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post Welcome to XDA 2021!

    I believe they're still trying to port over all the messages
  25. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread XDA Redesigned for 2020+

    I know ETAs are heavily looked down upon, but I am extremely excited to see and feel the new version of XDA Forums but geared for the future. Don't like the suggested XDA 2020 name, as 2020 hasn't been a good year for us. Here are some suggestions... - XDA X2 - XDA 20 - XDA X20 - XDA 20 Pro Max...
  26. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [GUIDE][INFO][PSA] Redmi Note 8 Pro - Megathread + CFW

    Thanks to the devs for A11, new CFW and everything else :)
  27. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread Does dex work on custom rom?

    Main question: Does Samsung Dex work on custom ROMs. If it doesn't, Does Samsung Dex work on a rooted Samsung phone with Knox failed?
  28. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [APP][ALL ROOT SOLUTIONS][6.0+]ViPER4Android FX 2.7

    New Viper4Android bootloops my Redmi Note 8 Pro (Android 11) when I try and install the kernel via the app.
  29. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [APP][ALL ROOT SOLUTIONS][6.0+]ViPER4Android FX 2.7

    Will there be an update for this to support Android 11? When I try and use the kernel/flash this magisk module, my device bootloops. Never happened on A10. Redmi Note 8 Pro + Android 11
  30. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] LineageOS 17.1 [T713][T719][T813][T819]

    That would absolutely be amazing! If you could get it to work, I would definitely try LOS 17.1. Hope he gives you permission hehe.
  31. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [Guide][Assistant 2.0][All Android 10 ROMs] How to get the new Google Assistant 2.0 !

    It works kind of for me, but the colourful stuff doesn't show up.
  32. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread S20 vs S20 FE 4/5G Rootability

    Hey! I heard that some S20 models (even snapdragon ones) are bootloader unlockable ones. However, it seems like it's only the USA Snapdragon S20 models that can't... If it is applied to the S20 FE, does that mean every S20 FE model (exynos/sd) outside of the USA that is not locked to a carrier...
  33. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread About TWRP, Magisk and Custom ROMs

    Do you think any of these 3 will come to the S20 FE, if so which one? I assume TWRP/Magisk and maybe custom ROMs might make it to the Exynos 990 variant, but will it come to the SD 865 version too?
  34. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post Why bother with unlocking and custom ROMs since MIUI 12?

    I'll try and directly answer + add my own stuff. 1. Endless technical difficulties with the process of unlocking, installing custom recoveries and ROMs, downgrading and bricking. With CFW (Custom Firmware) you can be even safer on custom ROMs, as unbricking will no longer need a Mi Authorised...
  35. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post Recommend a T819Y rom newer than Android 7?

    Small update, on ROMs newer than Android 7, you can't use mobile data or anything of the sort at all. :(
  36. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post Recommend a T819Y rom newer than Android 7?

    LineageOS 16 by LuK1337. You can find it in Tab S2 Original Android Development, despite the fact that our T819Ys are the second version Tab S2. Also, it's made for T819, I'm not sure what the exact differences are yet, but I feel like it's band support maybe... Make sure to download the exact...
  37. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post Google Camera RN8Pro Edition by Wyroczen [WIP]

    3.2 should only be used for 64MP shots, otherwise trCamera V5 is better.
  38. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][T819][9] LineageOS 16.0

    LuK1337 hello, reading through the comments I saw you replied to something about T819Y, can you tell me what might be the differences between T819 and T819Y and whether you can combine the 2 into one? I'm using a T819Y right now and I assume the carrier bands are what separates T819 and T819Y...
  39. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post WIFIXER - Fix wifi issue on MIUI or Custom Rom

    I've been using it too and it's great!
  40. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [ROM][11.0][UNOFFICIAL] Evolution X 5.7 [begonia][15/05/2021]

    Evolution X 4.7 is out. I was wrong, Evolution X 4.7 is out on their Source Forge page.
  41. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][T819][9] LineageOS 16.0

    I have a SM-T819Y. Uses gts210veltexx like T819, but what's the extra Y for? Should I be worried? Also, headphone jack and speakers work fine on LOS 16 right? They're both very important as I'm planning to use Viper4android with it.
  42. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post What can I do with my SM-T819Y

    Thanks. I found out this is a gts210velte, so if you need TWRP 3.4, download this. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yb9NE_DQam5-De1qYUXTAWcGSkMu1EO8
  43. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [RECOVERY][OFFICIAL] TWRP 3.5.2_9-0 [T710][T715][T715Y][T810][T815][T815Y]

    I am using a SM-1815Y with Android 7/8, I've downloaded Odin and TWRP, but do I need to flash bootloader?
  44. SirSeanM10Pro

    Thread What can I do with my SM-T819Y

    Hey! I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and it's on the latest untouched firmware, however, I haven't found a thread with exactly SM-T819Y. Can someone tell me what exactly can I do with it TWRP and ROM wise and how the bootloader situation is? I've recently rooted/custom rommed my Redmi Note 8...
  45. SirSeanM10Pro

    Post [OFFICIAL][AOSP][VoLTE] BlissRom 14.2 [Begonia/Begoniain]

    Any issues I should consider before switching?